Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ugh. So Here We Go Again.

After two years of public humiliation, it looks like McKee is taking another kick at the can based upon the image that was sent to us by a reader:

We did a bit of editing; we're sure that boneheads who want to
will find the contact information themselves, but we don't plan
on giving them any help to do so.

So, they plan on making this thing happen in several places across Canada, do they? Seems last year they claimed that the Calgary event would draw boneheads from across Canada and the United States and, well, we all remember how that went, right?

There's a chance though that they might be able to manage a joint rally in at least three cities (if for no other reason than some who have participated in the Calgary events in the past have either returned to where they came from or are going to try and run one at home and not travel to Calgary). The three cities we thin this event might take place are:

  • Calgary for obvious reasons
  • Edmonton due to the existence of a Blood & Honour chapter just itching to prove that they aren't all blithering idiots (already failed in that regard, folks)
  • London, Ontario since there appears to be a small movement tied to Blood & Honour located there (that, and "Max" who attended the rally in Calgary last year has returned to London).
We sort of take this all with a grain of salt if McKee is organizing things, but the reality is that this effort, even if it is successful, can't do much more than dilute their brand, so to speak. We think it's also an acknowledgement in their side that they really won't be able to get the numbers they did in 2009 so they are going to try to create the impression their movement is growing with this tactic.

This doesn't mean, however, that the boneheads shouldn't be met with an overwhelming counter protest though. We sort of like the idea of marshalling 500 Calgarians from all walks of life to oppose these groups.

One problem that the organizers of these events didn't seem to consider though was the quandary it puts poor Paulie in. Does he attend the rally with his Calgary friends:

Or will he decide to hang out with Max and the boys in London?


Anonymous said...

Hhahahah! Neo-Nazis are good for laughing at.

Anonymous said...

Who is the shitbird with the the glasses?

Kurt Phillips said...

Why, that's Paulie.

Anonymous said...

this is getting annoying fuck off neo-nazis you're not even real fucking nazis they been out for 70 years. If you wanna be a hard core right-wing douche move down south and run for the GOP. good job ARC like always.

Anonymous said...

my bad 67 years if you're dead on about it 2012 right.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this doesn't happen again alot of non nazi people got hurt by their violence.

Anonymous said...

"Does he attend the rally with his Calgary friends Or will he decide to hang out with Max and the boys in London?"

Guess that depends on who gathers enough money for his travel expenses and free red whine all night :)

Anonymous said...

Master race is a master disgrace!

one.two.four said...

Im looking forward to this! I love it... They crawl out from their holes once a year so we can know who we're dealing with!