Saturday, July 10, 2010

Paul Fromm Goes to Bat For.... Michelle Erstikaitis???: Part II

Hey, remember back in May when Paulie inexplicably decided that Michelle Erstikaitis was in prison not because of the assaults, arson, threats to murder a child and a number of other crimes she was involved in, but because of her political views?

Those views being of the, "White Nationalist" variety. In spite of the fact that in not a single news story has there ever been mention of her holding such views. Oh, and really nothing in the police record... unless he considers having a crush on Tim McVeigh is a valid, "White Nationalist" policy platform in which case we invite other, "White Nationalists" to run with that position.

And remember how even Paulie's fellow travelers decided that, well, no, Ms. Erstikaitis probably should be in prison and perhaps should be declared a dangerous offender based on an extensive criminal record.

Yeah, that was fun, wasn't it?

We thought that since so many people shot Paulie down that he would decide that maybe Ms. Erstikaitis wasn't worth spending whatever capital he possesses in the Canadian, "White Nationalist" on her case. She's clearly a damaged individual who needs to be kept in detention for the safety of the public and for her own safety. Even Bill Noble, not exactly someone with a firm rooting in reality himself, can see Ms. Erstikaitis for what she is. Paulie MUST have come to his senses, right?


Good god he's still on this... and he's made a Facebook group to try and drum up support for her:

Hey, looks like Billy Roper is a supporter. Interesting.

Again, we can't help but note that he glosses over some pretty significant portions of Ms. Erstikaitis' criminal curriculum vitae, characterizing her crimes as mere youthful tomfoolery:

Maybe this would be an appropriate time to reacquaint our readers with Michelle Erstikaitis?

Michelle Erstikaitis: Canadian Dangerous Offender

Michelle Erstikaitis has consented to being designated a Canadian dangerous offender. This is a very rare step for someone to take as that is Canada’s most serious criminal designation. Ms. Erstikaitis told Ontario
Superior Court Justice Todd Archibald that she was confident in her decision to agree to that designation when she appeared in court on Tuesday, January 5, 2010.

She plead guilty to charges of mischief, armed assault and threatening. The accused arsonist stated in court that she would not oppose the Crown’s request to declare her a dangerous offender. That decision could result in her being in prison indefinitely.

Erstikaitis is accused of assaulting her boyfriend with scissors and throwing a glass plat at his during an argument in Toronto last January. He was not gravely injured, however, she was was in the last six months of a six-year sentence as a long-term offender. In addition, she had served two years in prison after pleading guilty to a 1999 arson fire at a Hamilton apartment building. As a long-term offender, she is required under Canadian law to be closely monitored in the community. The next step beyond ‘long-term offender’ is to be declared a dangerous offender who is a risk to the public.

In the past, Erstikaitis has expressed her admiration for serial sex killer Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. In June 1999, she was convicted of threatening to kill the mother of Leslie Mahaffy, the mother of one of three girls Bernardo and Homolka murdered. She has also expressed admiration for Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh. She has been diagnosed as a psychopath.

In June 1999, Erstikaitis was convicted of threatening to kill the mother of Leslie Mahaffy. She is the mother of three girls who were murdered.

At her hearing on January 5th, Erstikaitis declined the judge’s advice to seek the advice of an attorney before entering her guilty plea. She stated she didn’t need a lawyer, that she was sick and tired of lawyers and knew more than they did. She told the court, ‘I have a bit more intelligence and education than the average criminal. I have read Martin’s Criminal Code twice.’ The judge appointed her an amicus curiae, otherwise known as a friend of the court, to assist her with her own defense.

Michelle Erstikaitis went on to tell the Ontario Superior Court that hers was a lost cause and she would write a book about being the only female Canadian dangerous offender. Of course, she went on to say she would write a lit of ‘nasty sh*t’ about those who had wronged her.

Female dangerous offenders in Canada are, indeed, rare. The first was Marlene Moore who committed suicide in 1988.

As a biography, Michelle Lyne Erstikaitis, 30-years-old, is the oldest of three daughters of a sex worker, drug addict mother. She lived with her mother until she was about 5-years-old. When she was 8-years-old she was adopted. Over the years, she was hospitalized at least five times with mental health issues including depression, hysteria, psychosis, borderline and anti-social personality disorders. She was a chronic drug abuser and cut herself.

She began writing Paul Bernardo in jail when she was just 13-years-old. When Bernado was on trial for the murders of Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French in 1995 she began threatening the life of Debbie Mahaffy, the mother of the murdered girl who was her own age. The messages she left on Debbie Mahaffy’s answering machine were sadistic and threatening. At times she pretended to be her murdered daughter. Other times she threatened to kill her and her son. She was convicted of making death threats in 1999.

She poured gasoline around her Hamilton apartment in the fall of 1999 and set it on fire. She was rescued by emergency workers. At that time she was hospitalized in the Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital, then charged with arson, endangering life and breaching her probation. She plead guilty and received a two-year sentence. She was diagnosed as a psychopath at the time, but since she was only 22-years-old, the judge ruled she was a ‘long-term offender’ and sentenced to a six-years of supervision after her release from prison. She was still on supervision when she is alleged to have slashed her boyfriend with scissors about a year ago. That is the incident that landed her in court in January 2010. She has been in custody since January 2009.

At this point, it appears that Michelle Erstikaitis will get her wish and be a rare female Canadian dangerous offender.

So, just to reiterate, Ms. Erstikaitis:
  • Became so obsessed with Paul Bernardo that she began contacting the mother of the victim and eventually threatened to kill her and her son.
  • Poured gasoline in her apartment and set it alight. Keep in mind that there were other tenants living in the apartment building who may have been harmed as a result of her, "tomfoolery."
  • She has been diagnosed as a psychopath.
  • She assaulted her then boyfriend.
  • She was involved in other unnamed violent behavior.
  • And finally, she has ASKED to be declared a dangerous offender.
This is the woman, a human being that is seriously ill and desperately needs to be treated in a secured facility, whom Paulie has decided is a political dissident who's only real crimes really aren't very serious to be concerned about.

But this time Paulie has managed to get a little more support for his latest cause... from people who will believe anything they're told by a prominent member of the, "White Nationalist" movement and who don't know how to use Google:


Anonymous said...

That Paul Fromm is an interesting fellow, I love his facebook profile image; the cat and the wine and the baggy sweater and whatnot, he looks like a retired bond villain.

I suppose it makes sense that these people eat up all of Fromm's...stretched facts about Erstikaitis, I mean they are all essentially conspiracy theorists if viewed via the whole "Jews have control of everything/we are the master-race" angle. Conspiracy theorists aren't known for their quest for the truth, but rather for saying that they are on one a lot. More like a quest for anything at all that they can jump on and milk for all it's worth--from the twin towers collapsing in a manner perhaps too perfect to be caused by the planes to a girl being jailed for her clear crimes who happens to be a white nationalist which clearly means that she is being jailed for her politics and that Canada is on the brink of totalitarianism which is obviously a bad thing when your a neonazi because we all know how much they want that awesome, free life reminiscent of Germany under Hitler.

Anonymous said...

This is classic Paul Fromm. He loves finding little "broken wing" girls online and flirting with them. That's the beginning, it goes from there. There's a reason that Paul's wife left him, this is it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it is funny whenever advocates of Nazism rail on against totalitarianism. I guess their argument would be that Nazi Germany was merely authoritarian rather than totalitarian as they wouldn't lock up people for their thoughts and beliefs. Unless said beliefs were a support for Communism or pacifism or faith in Judaism or being a Jehovah's Witness...

So yeah it's funny when they whine about totalitarianism. Their philosophy's track record on that front is less than exemplary.

One thing I've commented on before, why does Fromm continually mention her working for Elections Canada in '08? Is that meant to establish that she is clearly well-adjusted or something? Doing temp work for Elections Canada in an election year just demonstrates that you were available to do temp work for a month. Wow, that's clear proof of being a productive and contributing member of society.

Ah well at least these nut-jobs aren't carrying on about chemtrails or rainbows being proof of chemical poisoning in the ground.