Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More on Craig Cobb Firing: The Bill Noble Comedy Hour

"boom booom antifa, soon bullets will be flying "

The above message was left for us under the post regarding Craig Cobb concerning his firing from Xentel. We didn't allow the comment to pass moderation and hadn't initially intended to publish it, however given the recent posts by Bill Noble on Stormfront regarding the Cobb protests, we figured that it would serve as an interesting and telling counterpoint to the claims now being made by Bill Noble:

Here, Noble writes that the only reason why Cobb's residence would be published would be to harm him. He claims that anti-racists, "are well known for their firebombing and other forms of assault against their victims."

Look as we might, during the past decade we can't find a single instance of racists who's address has been who have been subject to any form of physical abuse or vandalism. When we look at the past 20 years, we find a single instance, that being the incident that occurred at Heritage Front member Gary Schipper's home. As for firebombing, we've yet to find a single case were that has occurred. You may try to claim the Zundel arson as having been committed by the ARA, however the only group to have ever claimed responsibility for that crime was an extremist and racist Jewish group with connections the JDL.

On the other hand, we can point to numerous examples in Canada alone during the last couple of years where anti-racists' residences' addresses have been published by racists, and those anti-racists were subject to assaults and firebombings. Jason and Bonnie Devine's home has been firebombed and vandalized on at least three occasions over the past two years. The apartment of the individual who organized the anti-racist rally in Vancouver on March 21 was attacked with some sort of incendiary device. Hell, racists are even attacking other racists, as the allegations concerning Kyle McKee suggest. And these are just a start.

During our research, we even came across an example of someone who's contact information YOU published was subject to harassment Billy:

It was only a matter of days before a Creator calling himself "Exterminance" took a trick out of Matt Hale's old playbook [we should mention that Noble, who not long ago was posting online as "Exterminance" was not a member of the Creativity Movement]. He posted an address, cell and telephone number for an Anthony Evola outside Chicago, "In Case Anyone Wants To Say Hi." Within hours, threatening messages had started to pop up on Anthony Evola's answering machine.

Just one problem: It was the wrong Anthony Evola.

Given this reality, we have to wonder what Billy means when he writes, "only if they taste their own medicine can they be made to leave decent human beings alone." What medicine did Mr. Evola have to taste, Billy?

And while we're at it, you're not saying that Cobb is a "decent" human being, are you? We admit that being decent can be somewhat subjective (one man's saint is another man's sinner), but were not sure how anyone who does this could be considered to be decent by most standards in civil society:

"Rosa Parks was a shitskin communist," he said. "I'm here to celebrate her death."

In another post, Billy addresses another Stormfront member who disputes the claims that Craig Cobb has ever advocated racial genocide on the website he created:

Well, there's a very easy way for our readers to determine the truth of Billy's claim here. While we will not provide the link to the site, we would invite our readers to type, "podblanc" into Google. There, you will find such charming videos as, "Skinhead beatings (best of)" which is a compilation of neo-Nazis attacking and beating minorities (you will also notice that these are often from behind and involve multiple neo-Nazis against a single, often much smaller, individual). You'll also find the video of Russian neo-Nazis who have kidnapped two people who appear to be from the Caucuses, cut off their heads and state that this is a warning of what will happen to other, "non-Russians" living in Russia. We managed to find videos supporting the mass murder of Jews. Of Muslims. Of homosexuals. And this is a site that was created and maintained by our friend, Craig Cobb.

But as we wrote, you needn't take our word for it. Check it out for yourself. You can also head on to VNN and take a look at what he posted there until he was banned (a bit of a spat with Alex Linder) including gems such as these:

Our favourite part of Billy's lament is that our criticism of people like Cobb, himself, the Aryan Guard and other groups is based on circular reasoning. The only reason why we think Billy is "evil" is because of his association with the Aryan Guard. The reason why the Aryan Guard is "evil" is because Bill Noble is a member.

Billy. Baby. That's simply not true.

While the links between the Aryan Guard and the National-Socialist Party of Canada are interesting, those links aren't the reason why we think you all are "evil" (a word used too much and often for the wrong reasons). That's more a case of like minded people coming together in their mutual douchebaggery. No, that we condemn the Aryan Guard has nothing to do with whom they associate with and everything to do with how they behave.

It was an Aryan Guard member who was convicted of assaulting a Japanese immigrant in 2008.

It was a member of the Aryan Guard who attempted to attack an city transit worker he lured into the compartment he was riding in, then attacking the police with the same knife.

It is the founder of the Aryan Guard who is currently behind bars on attempted murder charges.

It is a member of the Aryan Guard who has advocated murdering minorities, including children:

See. No need to invoke the NSPC to explain why you all are scum. You provide ample reasons yourselves why you should be loathed. We could provide more reasons, but I think you get the point.

Finally, and in a blow to Billy's claim that anti-racists represent some sort of great danger, even the boneheads don't believe that's true. On March 15, another well known Canadian bonehead posted a message on our blog. We'll go into more detail, and provide a context for her comment, at a later date, but for now we think the following excerpt should suffice:

Nobody thinks you are dangerous. You've had my email for years, and my last telephone number was in the phone book in Montreal.

We've been saying this for years, but maybe you'll believe one of your own. Who wrote this?

Why it's the lovely Tara Dribnenki, better known online as "love2hate" or "WindorForest" as has gone by for a few years on Stormfront.

Thanks Tara. How've you been? Still tone deaf? Can you still do that trick with the beer bottle?

Which brings us back to the message we were sent last week and which we began this post with.

Billy, you and we know who have carried out attacks, firebombings and in some cases murders. It isn't the anti-racists.

And to the person who left us the message, if you think for one moment you're going to intimidate us into silence, you've failed utterly.


soupCan man said...

Kind of funny. Bill noble still thinks people care what he says. How many little kids do you have at your house billie? Strange that you have not been charged for posting on the internet?

Anonymous said...

"What weighs 110 pounds and spends his jailtime in protective custody?"- boxcutter billie noble
Pretty obvious to anyone that he is a rat.

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Why does marleau even post? EVERYONE knows he is part indian.
ALSO john spent his time in PC.
probably a rat too.

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I like comedy, but, but, but, this is about as funny as a wedding.

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Well she is rather good looking rare for bonegirls