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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Something To Consider

One of the constant themes that Paul Fromm perpetuates is that the CHRT, Richard Warman and others target only those who are poor. Melissa Guille is a poor, working single mother. Marc Lemire is a poor family man. Jessica Beaumont is a poor young woman working in retail. Our personal favourite is Fromm's complaint about Tomasz Winnicki who is not only poor, but an immigrant who's command of the English language might not be proficient enough to understand that the rhetoric he uses might be offensive (given that Mr. Winnicki has been in Canada since the late 80s, we find this justification by Mr. Fromm for Winnicki's vile and hateful posts on VNN to be especially laughable and, considering Mr. Fromm's complaints about non-European immigrants who's command of English is not yet mastered, especially hypocritical). In Paul Fromm's mind, it is patently unfair for human rights activists or the CHRT to target such vulnerable and defenceless individuals.

Which sort of creates a problem for those, like Mr. Fromm, who use this particular argument.

If Mr. Fromm uses poverty (alleged) and ignorance of the official languages of this country to excuse like-minded individuals from appearing before the CHRT, then doesn't he think that the same rules should apply to ethnic minorities and non-European immigrants in Canada?

Human rights activists have often pointed out that minorities in Canada are over represented in the Canadian penal system. The sociological reasons for this, among other things, are that members of minority groups often suffer from greater rates of poverty, and related to poverty, members of minority groups in Canada might not have access to the same legal tools as more affluent Canadians. This might be why an African-Canadian might go to prison for possession of cocaine in any one of it's forms while a European-Canadian might be sentenced to community service and treatment.

Now, we wonder when Mr. Fromm plans on going after the Canadian justice system for their unequal treatment of ethnic minorities in Canada?

Should we hold our breath?


Anonymous said...

Fromm is a jobless yob preying on people for their money just like one of those faith healers you see on TV.

Anonymous said...

Much like Stalin.....