Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Us!

It has been exactly one year since we started this blog on Blooger, after having originally started up on LiveJournal. Between November 30, 2007 and November 30, 2008, we've had almost 30,000 visitors to our website.

We thank everyone who has contributed to the relative success of this website.

Now, if you're in the mood to give us a birthday gift on our birthday, we would like to make a request:

Bill Noble should be back in jail for his contemptuous violation of the terms of his parole. As regular readers of this website are well aware of, Noble was convicted of violating Section 319(2) of the Criminal Code and was sentenced to 4 months in prison. He was released two months later with strict conditions that he not access the Internet for a period of no less than 3 years. Almost immediately upon his release, Noble violated the terms of his parole by participating on Facebook, Stormfront, and running the hate website and forum for the Aryan Guard.

We think our readers are as outraged as we are that Noble has been able to thumb his nose at the law for as long as he has and would like to do something about this miscarriage of justice. As such, we at Anti-Racist Canada are beginning our second year of activism with a campaign to pressure the authorities to arrest Bill Noble for violating the terms of his release.

We encourage our readers to contact the following individuals and demand the Bill Noble be held to account for repeatedly and daily breaking the law with impunity.

Honourable Alison Redford
Minister of Justice and Attorney General

Justice Glen Parrett
BC Supreme Court

Phone number: 250-614-2750
Fax number: 250-614-2791
Courthouse address: 250 George Street, Prince George, V2L 5S2
(Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says, "Contact Us" and fill out the form)

Cst. Lynn MacDonald

Lets see if we, working together, can make sure that Bill Noble faces the justice that he deserves.


Anonymous said...

Noble reminds me of a drunk who's had his license revoked for DUI but insists on tossing empty beer cans out the driver's side window while he cruises past the cop shop in his Hummer. He's just that subtle.

I know that boneheads aren't smart. I know that Noble isn't smart (even though he's one of the few boneheads I've encountered who can actually spell and use proper grammar for the most part), but just how "not-smart" is he? Astoundingly so, apparently.

With any luck he'll soon be jumping out of someone's birthday cake in the hoosegow. Hopefully he'll also be wearing more than the average cake-jumper, because I shudder to think of Noble in a G-string and pasties. Ew! I just got a little sick.

Sorry to ruin your birthday with visions of a scantily clad Noble dancing through your head. I really do want to send better 1st birthday thoughts to the folks behind your blog. To make it up to you, I'll write to the folks on your list and let them know that someone's been a very, very bad boy and needs to go back to the clink. Here's to hoping the justice system does its job.

Happy 1st Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Wishing to have a person or persons jailed who has alternative political thoughts, seems rather immature, with a playground mentality.

As a taxpaying Canadian, would you personally pay the $78 a day it costs to house an inmate, such as Mr. Noble? A six month jail term works out to be roughly $14,000.

Couldn't that 14K be used on better agendas, IE: housing for the homeless,foodbanks,out-reach programmes?

Sometimes it's better to think without a personal vendetta.

Anonymous said...

I see that liberal Canadian is volunteering their wages in order to foot the bill that will be paid by Canadian taxpayers every time the aryan guard puts someone in the hospital. I'm proud that average taxpaying Canadians are willing to put their money where their mouth is.

It might be too much to ask them to get another job and further work towards the legal costs associated with prosecuting those assaults, and jailing the assailants. And it would be beyond the pale to ask liberal Canadian to get yet another job to work on compensating the victims of hate attacks in the Calgary area. I know I'm not up to it.

I'm thinking that it's perhaps a little bit more a strain on our legal system and Calgary's economy than $14,000 dollars. I assume that's what the first lawyer will walk away with after a lengthy criminal court case.

Oh, and let's not get into any potential civil damages that are awarded, because that would be yet another job for liberal Canadian to work at to help pay those costs, I'm figuring the tally could be somewhat higher than $78 dollars a day.

I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing that liberal Canadian has all the business sense of a garden gnome.

Anonymous said...

I thank you for your input. I simply mean the courts are already over-crowded to be giving stiff jail terms to person who simply commits a violation of probation, when not warranted. Perhaps imposing a hefty fine will do.

Also, please leave your personal insults for the playground.