Monday, November 17, 2008

Folks on Stormfront Giddy With Excitement; Conservative Party Might Want to Take Notice of Who Their Supporters Are

A little over a week ago, the Conservative Party of Canada held a policy convention in Winnipeg. The convention marked a significant shift to the right and will no doubt be fodder for those who believe that Harper and the Conservatives have a secret agenda.

From our stand point, one of the most interesting motions was to remove power from the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Tribunal. Recently some prominent conservatives have found themselves in the cross hairs of the Tribunal for comments made about Muslims and Islam. We find it interesting it was only some of their own were targeted that conservatives started calling for more freedom of speech.

One of the biggest cheerleaders of this motion, which ultimately passed almost with unanimity, was Paul Fromm who called on his supporters to write Conservative MPs to push for defanging the Commission and Tribunal. Fromm is no stranger to the Tribunal, as he has advocated for a number of individuals who had been brought before the Tribunal based on complaints by Richard Warman. We will charitably state that Fromm's efforts before the Tribunal have met with limited success.

When news that the motion was adopted reached Stormfront, the faithful were ready to celebrate their great victory over the powers of ZOG. Here are some select comments:

No doubt are all noble proponents of free speech. We though that, just for kicks, we would post a few of their other more recent comments just to show our readers the views of some of those who are celebrating the Conservative Party faithful's effort to dismantle the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Tribunal:

Nice. And we conclude with Thomas Trenerry who posts on Stormfront as "I hate commies" and who's YouTube profile is "anticommunistwarrior." Here is a response on his YouTube page regarding the Holocaust:

With friends like this, well, you can finish the sentence yourself.

We hate to be killjoys, but we figure that we should let those bigots on Stormfront who are celebrating that the motions passed in Winnipeg are not binding.

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