Thursday, January 12, 2017

Former SOO Moose Jaw President Jody Issel Throws Some Subtle Shade on National Leaders

That's right, former Soldiers of Odin Moose Jaw president.

More on that later.

It seems that our article on Jody Issel, who at the time of it's publication WAS the president of the Moose Jaw chapter of the Soldiers of Odin, resulted in quite of bit of interest:

It also resulted in some SoO members and leaders deciding to offer their $0.02, though some were a little confused by standard English:

Kazimir is referring to our brief article on Kevin Goudreau that preceded the Issel article. He evidently doesn't understand that this part meant that BEFORE we publish our SoO article we would FIRST publish an (implied unrelated) article on another subject:
We're currently working on collecting information for an article on the Soldiers of Odin in Saskatchewan, specifically the leadership in Moose Jaw and the connection to the neo-Nazi movement in this country and abroad, however we thought we'd share something that came across our desk and caused us to collectively giggle.
But then perhaps we shouldn't be unkind as even the best of us can miss certain nuances of language when reading online article, though we aren't sure what language this person is trying to communicate to us is:

And then there was this person who denied that Issel was even associated with the SoO:

Yeah! How dare we believe our lying eyes!

In any case, when the subject turned to Issel's involvement with the SoO, Mr. Kazimir (who was still confused by the Goudreau post) offered the following excuse which sort of flew in the face of some of his earlier claims:

Well, the truth will out, won't it?

The comments left on the actual article about Issel were especially interesting in that at least one person leaving comments doesn't understand that, "freedom of speech" doesn't apply to private institutions:

Another (perhaps the same) person couldn't comprehend why we would post images of the Aryan Guard, despite our explanation concerning Issel's long time association with the racist gang:

That actually reminds us. Since publishing our article connecting Jody Issel to the Aryan Guard in Calgary, we've received additional screenshots cementing that connection:

More on this group, which began in New Zealand, can be found here.

The once that are especially relevant involve the White Pride March organized by the Aryan Guard that took place in the spring of 2009. Some photos of the march featured Issel wearing a face covering:

In addition to Kazimir Nowlin, at least one other local chapter president jumped to Issel's defence by trying to impugn us:

In the meantime, between the publication of our article and today, Issel continued to act on social media in what might be regarded as arrogant and reckless abandon:


But much like Icarus, Jody Issel ultimately flew too close to the sun and today he felt compelled to resign from the Soldiers of Odin:

There are a couple of things we take from this announcement.

First, the national leadership of the SoO seemed to be well aware of Issel's views and that they contradicted their claims to be opposed to racism. However rather than booting him once they knew what Issel was all about, they merely asked him to clean up his profile so that he didn't appear to the public as a racist.

Second, though he claims he doesn't wish to insult the SoO, Issel stating that he is not, "willing to censor [himself] to match the level of Political Correctness of SOO Canada" is a pretty nasty burn considering the "alt-right" and groups such as the Soldiers of Odin view "political correctness" in the same way a person in prison views being called a goof.

Suffice it to say though, we're not entirely sure that this particular drama is at an end.


Odin Himself said...

It seems like the SOO leadership was smart enough to realize that Jodi Issel is the perfect case to prove that not only are white supremacists a part of SOO unlike what Regina President Ryen Ward claims, they also thrive and are elevated to positions of power. Of course, most of us already know that... but the evidence is nice, and irrefutable.

Anonymous said...

Just a small request. Would you mind using the acronym SoO instead of SOO or Soo. SOO or Soo usually refers to Sault Ste Marie, its people, and fans of its various sports teams (but especially Soo Greyhounds). I know SoO are bad people but I know a lot of good Soo people. People who would be horrified if SoO showed up in the Soo.