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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Anti-Immigration Rally Featuring Soldiers of Odin, PEGIDA, and Atalante Québec Yesterday

Yesterday an anti-immigrant rally took place in Quebec City featuring some groups we are well aware of and a few that are knew to us (yes, our Quebec intel still sucks):
Anti-immigration groups are heard in Quebec  
PUBLISHED  Saturday, October 15, 2016 13 H 38 
About 75 protesters marched in Old Quebec, Saturday lunch, to denounce the immigration policies of the governments of Quebec and Canada and what they called "radical Islam." 
"Uncontrolled immigration, assured invasion," chanted some demonstrators gathered under the banner of several groups such as Pegida Quebec, Justiciers the People, Soldiers of Odin, and different factions of the group The Pack. 
Some protesters repeated to reporters that they did not belong to "a racist movement." 
"It is not against a race, but against a religion and an ideology that has," said Christian Desrochers, the Avengers group of people. 
The event was framed by the Quebec City police, who had to intervene when antifascists were invited to the event. "We, we want to denounce their hate speech, homophobic and Islamophobic, launched a protester who would not be named. There are enough of [today]. That's still afraid. " 
Among the group of anti-fascists, Cora Lemoine, a veiled woman, had come to denounce the event. She said the protesters would benefit by learning more. 
"We we are here to say" you are afraid for nothing. " [What you have before you], this is not an Islamist. this is a working woman, raising a family and many friends, she said. So I should not be so detestable as that! "
The rally organizers plan more demonstrations "against radical Islam in Québec" in the coming months.

Now there are a few groups that we aren't familiar with (and if anyone wants to help, we are always open to assistance), but there are a few that we are quite familiar with.

Pictured here is Soldiers of Odin Quebec President (and if the patch is to be believed, still National Vice-President) David Tregg, though we aren't certain if "Tregg" is really his last name or if it is a shortened version. In any case we've noted that the Quebec chapter of the Soldiers of Odin had a membership with significant links to the far right and racist movement, including Blood & Honour (a number of members also seemed to have an affinity for Légitime Violence, a Quebec-based band that will again make an appearance later in this article). "Tregg" also has connections to Canadians United 4 Canada, as the founder of that Facebook group, Charlene O'Farrell, is also a proud member of the Quebec chapter of the SoO (at least as of the last time we checked).

Behind Tregg and to the left is another SoO member (wearing a baseball cap). He Colin Oleary, the president of the New Brunswick chapter of the Soldiers of Odin who apparently decided to make the trip to participate in the anti-immigrant/anti-Muslim rally as well:

Considering the efforts by the Soldiers of Odin's national president Joel Angott as well as other members of the SoO leadership to dismiss suggestions that the group is anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim in nature, it doesn't appear that the leader of the New Brunswick chapter is helping their case too much:

Colin has nice friends it seems.

The second group that will be familiar to our readers is PEGIDA, in this case the Quebec chapter:

The administration of PEGIDA Quebec also saw fit to provide the link to a Muslim woman who was involved in the counter protest. We're sure the inclusion was merely to foster a dialogue:

Or, you know, to harass and sexually demean her. Either way, right?

PEGIDA Quebec makes reference to another group that attended the rally who's presence was made known to us yesterday. This group is especially interesting:

Atalante Québec, unlike the Soldiers of Odin, doesn't really even deny (perhaps half-heartedly) that it is a neo-facsict group:
The size of the group is unknown, but at least a few dozen people associate it during filmed events. Its emblem floated 10 days ago on the stage of the skinhead group Legitimate Violence, who says he attracted "more than 500 people." Poster of the concert took up the slogan of Atalante. 
Videos show that the militants - dressed in black and carrying black flags with silver lightning - marched on at least two occasions in the streets of the national capital in the last month. 
They have also invited an Italian neo-fascist theoretician for a conference in Limoilou and held a public prayer on the Plains of Abraham with a priest of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X, ultratraditionalists in schism with the Catholic Church. 
A video shows the distributing food to the needy, "ours," not "foreigners", they said. The group also had a noose around the neck of a bust of Gandhi, on Grande Allée, with a poster claiming that "a country of many cultures is a sick country," according to a published photograph.
The last part in which Atalante provides food to people who are, "not foreigners" is similar to the activities of Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn.

Atalante Québec is also allied with other groups:
Atalanta Quebec has a close relationship with a Montreal group called The Black Banner, too far right, with which it organizes torchlight for Victoria Day. 
On the website of the Montreal group, we can see a thumbnail showing a man armed with a shotgun above the slogan "No, you're not welcome" in the midst of anti-refugee and anti-immigrant comments . The knuckles are omnipresent, as are references to Italian fascism. The group also boasts its proximity Legitimate Violence. 
The nebula extends to the stock Quebecers Federation (FQS) with which the Black Banner held a conference with young Italian fascists militants. Then there two weeks ago, it was the turn of Atalanta to cooperate with the FQS to introduce Gabriele Adinolfi, who reports on its official website as "a key figure in the Italian neo-fascism." 
"As a nationalist organization, we work with all the movements and associations that share, at least in part, outline the stock Quebecers Federation defends opposition to immigration, identity, nationalism, etc., especially when they are ready to invest in a concrete way, "wrote the FQS in a message to La Presse. 
We found more information about the lecture by Gabriele Adinolfi, an Italian fascist who was involved in violent political group which was declared illegal, on the FQS website:

Here are some relevant excerpts:

Also of interest is their association with the ultratraditionalist Roman Catholic sect, the Society of St. Pius X:
All these groups were meeting on May 1 on the Plains of Abraham for a religious ceremony in honor of St. Jeannne of Arc. 
The Society of St. Pius X, who provided the priest for the ceremony takes for his part distanced himself from these groups. "It was one of our priests, yes, the Society of St. Pius X," confirmed the upper Daniel Couture. "They are lay people who invited us for the occasion and one of our priests went. " 
"The priest spoke of St. Joan of Arc, he did not make the extreme right," he added, before admitting he had not heard the words of his colleague. He had not seen the video posted by Atalanta, where we see the audience dressed in black, carrying black flags crossed lightning. "It was open to all," he said. 
The Society of St. Pius X is an ultra-traditionalist religious society of Swiss origin, present in many Western countries and born in reaction to the modernization of the Second Vatican Council. Pope denies its presence within the Roman Catholic Church. The Brotherhood continues to say Mass in Latin and strongly defends the traditional family.

The Society of St. Pius X might be familiar to our readers because of Bishop Richard Williamson who has since been excommunicated from the Church again. Williamson is infamous for his denial of the Holocaust and his involvement with antisemitic groups and individuals.

So, as we wrote earlier, interesting.

We will certainly be keeping a closer eye on these Quebec groups. Please feel free to help us out.

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