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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Nosferatu200 Will Be Back Soon

While it has been fun being the regular writer for the blog, I always knew my tenure was to have been brief. Soon I will revert to merely providing the occasional article which might be a welcome relief to some of the regular readers.

It seems that Nosferatu200 has complete her final leg of retracing the Silk Road from Xiang to Kashgar and will be returning in the next few days.

Things I've learned as a regular writer?

1. I'm not as funny as I thought I was.
2. Writing regularly is hard, especially when one has the attention span of a fruit fly (what I'm saying it I occasionally become detracted by shiny objects and multi-colored lights).

I've been told by Nos that despite her absence, she has been collecting information which will find it's way to the blog soon. 


Anonymous said...

You're a swell writer, Naberius200. I've enjoyed your contributions.

Unknown said...

I think you've been doing a fine job holding down the fort.

I detect a subtle sense of humor which I think is very important for any writer tackling the wacky material that lands — often uninvited — on your plate.

Tomasz Winnicki said...

I suggest you learn the difference between "its" and "it's".

English is a second language for me so I may be wrong on this, but this sentence "I always knew my tenure was to have been brief." sounds wrong to me. Like you're overdoing it on the past tense. "I always knew my tenure was to be brief." sounds better.

Anonymous said...

The strongest often aren't those who show strength we all can see, but those who've won incredible inner battles we know nothing about.

Thought I would share this. I think it's beautiful.