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Monday, October 08, 2012

Tomasz Winnicki: A Very, Very, Needy Man

Tom has taken to including us in the online media publications he has decided to spam with is.... shall we say unique?.... take on the world. And, if we're to be honest, we do sometimes like to bait him a little.

We knew our last post on Rushton would result in a response, though we've been unable to check on the comments until mere moments ago because, unlike Tomasz apparently, we have families that we like spending time with on Thanksgiving. But boy, oh boy, is Tommy insistent this time!

Post the comment I submitted before you commie coward.

It's like he's not getting enough attention at home. It's sort of sad that he is, unconsciously, seeking validation and acceptance from us. Perhaps he's a candidate for Big Brothers Big Sisters?

Tommy, baby, a few things you should know about us.

First, trying to order us to do something? That's sort of a non starter, but it is sort of funny to us how insistent you are. Again, maybe you just need a puppy?

Second, we're less inclined to post your comments when you fail to address our rebuttals. That's right Tommy, we have posted some of your comments, but it would seem to us that you aren't interested in, or capable of, any sort of meaningful dialogue.

Finally, why would we want to give you any sort of a platform? Arguing with you means taking time out of our busy schedule and preventing us from our real passions. Like stamp collecting. And knitting.

That being said, and in response to your most recent missives, this writer decided to spend as much time as you are worth doing a little digging.

Took a few seconds.


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