Saturday, February 28, 2009

Meet Richard Martin

While we're waiting to be given the conformation that what is planned to happen has happened, we thought that we would post a very quick update.

Meet Richard Martin:

Richard is a friend of Andrew Benson. We received the following from one of our readers:

Have you seen the new photos of Richard Martin, Andrew Benson and two disgusting WP girls railing something that looks like crushed Wake Ups, giving Hitler salutes and rolling around in a communal Nazi ball with swazis drawn on their foreheads? Too funny.

We would post the pictures in question (FYI, someone speculated that the drugs being consumed were ecstasy) but we aren't sure if the young "ladies" are of age, but suffice it that the photos don't create a favorable impression. However, we were sent this picture from the set that our reader is referring too:

Here we have Richard Martin and Andrew Benson Seig Heiling, a photo that resulted in some comments regarding the two that Mr. Martin didn't care for:

Not a great idea to make threats towards the leader of a foreign nation, Richard. This screen shot has been sent to the proper authorities, though given the threat is a bit vague we don't know if it will be acted upon. However, the police will be watching you Mr. Martin.

Well, Richard Martin of Toronto looks as if he's planning on moving to Calgary soon:

As a result of learning this we thought we'd let our friends over in Calgary know what is coming their way. Interestingly, Paul Fromm already seems to know Richard Martin:

We have to wonder why Paul Fromm, who last week was in Calgary speaking to Aryan Guard members and on the West Coast speaking to members of Volksfront, seems to find himself posing with so many neo-Nazis?

UPDATE: Well we received some more pictures today. Looks like Mr. Richard Martin is a bit of a firebug:

If anyone knows where this vandalism happened (we suspect that it was somewhere in the GTO) around the end of January (the photos were uploaded to facebook on January 31, 2009) let the owners of the building know about these pictures. Others present appear to have been Andrew Benson and perhaps Mike Gaio and L.M.


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hes wearing a forward area tshirt, luftwaffe hat..with an nsdap flag...this kids a fucking moron.

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