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Calgary Firebombing: Update

Remember this guy?

We'll get back to him soon enough.

On the evening of February 12, 2008, the home of Bonnie Collins and Jason Devine was hit by a firebomb. The home of another anti-racist activist was hit by a firebomb the same evening indicating the very strong likelyhood that this attack was no coincidence. Though the damage to both homes was superficial, the clear message was one of intimidation.

Neither Collins or Devine have been intimidated however and have instead increased their efforts to fight the presence of neo-Nazis in their community. The individual, or individuals, responsible for the attack, remain at large.

We don't think it would be unreasonable to suspect that members of the Aryan Guard might have some knowledge of the attacks. Jason Devine is a well-known figure in circles related to the racist movement. A grudge against Devine goes as far back as the days of the short-lived Western Canada For Us when Devine managed to disrupt a meeting by the WCFU with Paul Fromm and was one of the reasons why WCFU founder Glenn Bahr lost his job in Red Deer. Any new group wanting to make and impression might consider targeting Devine.

The reaction to the firebombing by the Aryan Guard was predictable, but still interesting. When encourage to condemn the attacks by another poster on the hate website Stormfront, Kyle McKee responded (grammatical, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling errors have been left as is):

why should we condemn it we are responsible only for our selfs and have our own ideas serounding these types of things posted on our website! I personaly could care less that this has happend to some commie but only really feel bad that his kids safty was at risk. In my opinion it was probably done by them selfs but witch ever way it went I don't really care I will keep track of my own actions and only ask that others in the aryan guard do the same!

When responding to another poster, McKee said the following:

I suspect that the cops know what the score is and thats why we never heard about it untill now and that these commies just had to find some one that would listen to there BS and one way or the other the papers don't care and just know that "nazis" sell papers and that the police were only looking to give them what they wanted to hear so that they can keep face to the public!

What we find interesting is not that McKee dismissed the attack as something he didn't care about, but that when given the opportunity to state explicitly that the Aryan Guard had nothing to do with the firebombing and no knowledge who did do it, McKee declined to do so.

Does this on it's own implicate the Aryan Guard in the firebomb attack? No, it doesn't.

That brings us back to John Marleau

Marleau was one of between 40 to 45 Aryan Guard, W.E.B., B.O.K., and other racists who marched in Calgary on March 21, 2008. The march took place a little over a month after the firebomb attacks took place. Marleau, one of the most vocal of the Aryan Guard members, chose to mock both Collins and Devine specifically about the attack on their home:

How's your house, Bonnie? Is it nice and toasty in there? How's Jason and the kids?

Does this and other statements made by Marleau implicate the Aryan Guard in the firebomb attack? No, though it does make Marleau look like a jackass But then being a jackass isn't a crime.

Here's where things really get interesting.

John Marleau has an Internet identity as well. On Stormfront and Nexopia, he is known as bon89. On other websites, including that of the infamous Blood and Honour, he goes by jagermeister88. He's not as prolific a poster on any of these websites, but he has been fairly active on the Blood and Honour website over the last few weeks.

On July 4, 2008, Marleau was posting on the Blood and Honour forum. An American forum member posted a question on how he could get revenge on some non-Whites whom he claimed abused his girlfriend. Marleau offered the following suggestion (click on the picture for a larger view):

Refusal to to deny culpability in a criminal attack on two homes. The statements made by John Marleau to Collins and Devine during the Aryan Guard march a little over a month after the attack. Marleau suggesting using a firebomb as a means for revenge to a fellow racist. When you look at the whole picture, it raises some interesting questions.

Conjecture and supposition at this time, but if we were a police officer, we might consider speaking to John about what knowledge, if any, he has about the firebomb attacks of February 12, 2008.

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