Sunday, June 22, 2008

Winnipeg Neo-Nazi May Get Back Children

We've already written about "Nazi Mom", the Winnipeg neo-Nazi mother who lost her children to Child and Family Services as a result of her husband "Nazi Dad" drawing Swastika and other racist symbols on her daughter and sent her off to school.

Well, it looks like she has now left "Nazi Dad" for a second time, a gesture that has convinced Child and Family Services that, perhaps, they could start re-integrating the children into her home with the goal of returning them for good.

While we will not take a position on whether or not the children should be returned to their mother, we are struck by her, "inconsistencies." You see, "Nazi Mom" also has an online identity. So, as "Nazi Mom", she'll say to the reporter interviewing her, "he's [her now estranged husband] a bigot. And I have no tolerance for bigotry or ignorance," she says the following as aryanprincess1488 on the Resistance Records forums (spelling errors are hers):

May 9, 2005: Hey all, I don't post much (I haven't an awful lot of time) but I showed my 12 year old niece this site and although I don't think she's logged on here she has informed me that she visits this forum regularly, and since I haven't been able to see or talk to her too much it's good to know that there is a place of rational and intellectual disscussion where she can come to learn more about the movement.
Winnpeg is infested with indians and other such inferiors, she's being taught in school that we're all equal and that not one race is better than another, but she is learning and I thank you for the intellegent conversation that takes place in this forum.

Seems pretty bigoted and intolerant to us. Why don't we look at a few other comments that "Nazi Mom" has said when interviewed regarding the loss of her children from the "Winnipeg Free Press":

"I've never forced my beliefs on my children."

She also says she doesn't believe in violence against racial or religious minority groups, though she states her European heritage sets her apart from other racial groups.

"I am tolerant of all people."

Awwwww, ain't that nice. Well, perhaps D.G. should have a work with her online persona, Aryanprincess1488. The following are from the Resistance Records forums:

January 8 2005: These are some pictures of my fiancee's tats, I like 'em, and so does he. I can't see either of us abandoning our beliefs and ever regretting the tats, I have a couple but nothing too hardcore just a celtic cross on my leg and family tat on my shoulder.

January 9 2005: I love Skrewdriver, they have got to be one of my all time favorite bands.

Blood and Honor was the first album I had by them so I think it's definately one of my faves, my daughter (she's 4) loves Hail the New Dawn- her fave song? Free My Land.

May 9, 2005: Hey all, I don't post much (I haven't an awful lot of time) but I showed my 12 year old niece this site and although I don't think she's logged on here she has informed me that she visits this forum regularly, and since I haven't been able to see or talk to her too much it's good to know that there is a place of rational and intellectual disscussion where she can come to learn more about the movement.

Winnpeg is infested with indians and other such inferiors, she's being taught in school that we're all equal and that not one race is better than another, but she is learning and I thank you for the intellegent conversation that takes place in this forum.
May 9, 2005: Yes, out of control is an understatement. I live in Manitoba, there are ways of getting around many of the "anti-hate" laws you just have to know how to word things properly and not use any known "Aryan-Nations" symbols. I called the human rights commision and got a detailed list of what you can and cannot say. They have yet to actually put a ban on any of the so called "hate-symbols" but it's not too far off.

July 18, 2007: It's being investigated by the B'nai Brith and they are also investigating Stormfront as well. They came to our house about a year and a half ago my lawyer told me to stop making posts forever but I just can't I've stayed away and we really haven't heard too much about any charges so I figure it's safe enough now.

July 18, 2007: Here's my BIG DYKE story my friend Jen and I were at a bar screaming the lyrics to No Remorse's Bloodsucker and eventually got kicked out and while outside she tried to kiss me and then I punched her in the face and told her that my mum would have no problem helping me bury her dead body. And that was the last I heard from her... No I didn't actually kill her.

July 18, 2007: TRUE WHITE POWER!!!!!!!

July 21, 2007: I was wondering I haven't been making posts for a while due to the B'nai Brith investigating us but I was wondering if "sbrocker??" still made posts?

July 22, 2007: I've saved the messages on our answering machine. My husband is up on weapons offences though, so I don't think it's worth it to risk being caught for any other weapons not mention that it's almost impossible to own a hand gun in Canada we've got some friends who know what's going on and this guy is still on parole, it's been a week and nothing has happened yet so we'll give it another week and by then I think we can assume that it's all just empty threats. I really can't see anyone running the risk of being brought up on murder charges and sacrifice their entire grow op for some psycho fantasy of a perverted relationship. Anyway that's where were at right now, thanks to everyone for your concern!

July 24, 2007: There should be a thread where people can go to find out why they or their frineds got banned and maybe even a poll to get them back in. I've seen it on other forums and it's worked quite well.

The hardest thing that we have to deal with is fighting amongst eachother, believe me I know all about that, it's also the worst thing we could do. We have so many enemies and so few of us anyone ever heard the saying "UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL" ? We really need to stop this , no one can even remember what they did that was so bad. We'd have a world wide organization here if we could all just pass ourselves on the small things and just focus on the big picture here.
With everything that has happened here in Winnipeg with the death threats and dishonour, it really makes me realize why we aren't winning this war .

July 24, 2007: Owning a hand gun legally in Canada is next to impossible, my husband came close but right after he recieved a 100% on his restricted test he deciced to get our asian neighbors deported...long story...can't own a hand gun... and we'd like to not have anymore crimminal charges laid against the sole provider of a family of four. Douche bag is still on about the threats, sending viruses through our friend's computer but now thanks to all of you guys I'm not as worried, he's just the "butt" of all our jokes (he had an illeostomy, look it up, you'll get it)
And for the guys who are too lazy to look it up POO BAG!!!

July 24, 2007: (Started a thread called, ‘A song sung by 2 drunk Skinhead’s (who hate cripples)’) christopher reeves

walking through walmart half past three
saw this crippled bastard looking at me
not really crippled just lazy
you make me sick you crippled prick because you live for free
hahaha your a cripple, ha f***ing ha you're a cripple x2
i find that it's a f***ing gas that you crippled bastards cant wipe your own @$$
you pay someone else to do it for you
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you wheel around feeling sorry for your self
i think its f***ing funny that you can't reach the top shelp
hahaha your a cripple ha f***ing ha your a cripple x2
well i'll just be the bigger man and WALK away

sung to the playing style of dayglo abortions
I thought it was a hilarious song and JOE and Stage play it at all our get togethers

July 31, 2007: I know that in Canada, The US and England have some of the highest crime rates in the world also a huge problem with illegal immigrants and non-white refugees. Unfortunately for us it's them who are creating the violence.

Winnipeg, is the "MURDER CAPITOL OF CANADA" and as much as I don't mind these parasites killing eachother off, I have to wonder why? 
We have alot of street gangs here "native syndycate", "indian posse", etc... but the most dangerous are "the mad cowz" and their rivals "the african mafia" both were started by refugees from somalia, and are violently present in the West End of the city (78camaro if you wanna through in your two cents too that'd be appreciated) we've had an innocent White kid (17) get shot by stray bullets and the public outrage was little to none. The human rights commision cried out because if these apes were to be deported than they would suffer at the hands of their "oppresive government" WHAT ABOUT THAT YOUNG MAN'S FAMILY???? And then came the judge's ruling that the leader was to be deported... funny how they're still killing eachother and they're still killing innocent Whites, funny how no one realizes that the onset of crime of this magnitude is non-white immigration to begin with.
It'd be appreciated if everyone would share their city's struggles...

July 31, 2007: The Canadian government offers instant welfare and housing to refugees, and also when they do find illegals here they still offer them a chance to state their case, as to why they should be granted refugee status and even though they came here illegally alot of them do get in, and of course we've got the bleeding human rights commission preaching "equal rights for everyone" (except of course for Ernst Zundel and other like minded Whites) go figure a load of liberal nonsense... RADICAL SOLUTIONS REQUIRED!!!!!

As for the Iraqi situation; I don't even know what to say to that, we've got enough of those damned sand niggers here and they're probably already sneaking over the borders planning their next suicide attacks. The word refugee has been so over played that it now has little to no meaning whatsoever, these horrid creatures bring all their animosities over to our countries and for what to change our national anthems, to change our history lessons, to distroy the White race??? I said it before and I'll keep on saying it RADICAL SOLUTIONS REQUIRED!!!!!

July 31, 2007: 88!
Here in Winnipeg we've been doing some mad poster campaigns if anyone has a good poster or flyer that we can use please post it here, that would be awesome, don't worry about it not being "Canadian" we can usually fix that.

July 31, 2007: And the gold medal will go to the nig that gets 'em all in the next drive by.
And they wonder why we hate them!?

August 5, 2007: (in a thread entitled, ‘If you could turn back time?’) Ditto.
I'd like to have enough power to warn Hitler about the consequences of being allies with the japs though maybe it'd be a different world (wishful thinking)

August 8, 2007: (Started a thread called, ‘What would you do?’) If it were up to you, would you sacrifice yourself and your children to save our entire race?
There would be a 100% guarantee that all jews would be destroyed.
Would you? Honestly?

August 16, 2007: (In thread she started a thread called, ‘What would you do?’) This question was asked in another forum (not by me) I wanted to see everyone's reaction.

I hate jews, really I do, alot. They control our government and at least in Canada what we are permitted to say and wear and pretty much think. True there are problems with all other races, but I often wonder how much of a different place the world as a whole would be without the jewish population.
Anyway it was just a question.

August 8, 2007: (Started a thread called, 'Fulfilling Israel’s dream’)
We went to this tonight, it was really quite pathetic I was fortunate enough to see a whole crap load of jews who wished me shalom lmwao! 
I couldn't believe the nonsense they were trying to feed me I almost wished I had been at a "holocaust viewing" this was horrible. They were using born again christian types to promote they're anti message. 
there will be another one we'll be going to that one too.
PS we were followed out by security after I stood up and unable to contain my rage said " this is freaking nonsense".

August 8, 2007: (In response to ‘I think I would have thrown up in the theater!!’) We almost did, but that was when 3 niggers came and sat down next to us.

I really hadn't heard that many lies since the holocaust, which they didn't even mention by the way.
They went from just after the crucifiction, to 1878, to 1948, and that's when we left (30 minutes in).

August 10, 2007: (In a thread entitled, Out of Africa theorie re-buked and the link, F***ing bull s**t!!!!
More lies propogated by the jews.

August 10, 2007: A jew is a jew is a jew is a jew.
Doesn't matter how much or how little it has in it it's still a kike!

August 19, 2007: It's dissapointing to hear stuff like that, but that's what happens under ZOG dictatorship.

I'm not sure about an annual amount that Canada sends there but I do know that we recently sent 50 million of our tax dollars to israel in "aid", I assume it's going to pay for their German passports and "survivor" fund.

October 16, 2007: (Started a thread called, ‘Aryan Charity Drive’) Here's a link to our site it's not a finished page, so I will update when it IS finished but I urge all who are able to, please help in anyway you can.
Thanks everyone!
For those unaware of the numerological symbolism, '88' means 'Heil Hitler' and '14' stands for the '14 Words' as expressed by the late David Lane, member of the 80s racist/terrorist group "The Order" which carried out armed robberies and at least one murder.

Great mom, eh?


Anonymous said...

You would prefer that she be a mulattress, lesbian jewess perhaps?

noonespecial200 said...

If the woman's a good mother, sure. No doubt she'd do a hell of a lot better raising the children than a Neo-Nazi transparently lying about her beliefs now (despite her own words on the record) married to an unemployed Neo-Nazi and former (perhaps current) smack user. Oh, and the fact that neither can be bothered to take their daughter to school because they like to sleep in. And when they actually do get around to being responsible, draw offensive symbols on the little girl. Yep, we'd have to say that your mulattress, besbian jewess would do a MUCH better job being a parent.

noonespecial200 said...

Damn. We wrote 'besbian' instead of 'lesbian.' Well, perhaps a besbian is a lesbian from Belgium. lol

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I wrote a comment here a few weeks ago. Just letting you know a few of things:

1) CTV talked about it briefly

2) I actually live in the same building as her. I'm pretty sure I know who she is. She's a petite young woman whom I've seen around with a baby (boy?). She hangs out with two guys, one your typical neo-nazi skinhead, and the other some skinny long-haired Cradle of Filth fan. I use to see the skinhead everyday very early as we both went to the bus stop in the morning, but he stopped showing for some reason.

3) This is the building where she lives: