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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Aryan Guard Sex Scandal

The members of the Aryan Guard have tried to paint themselves as upstanding and moral members of the community. We've already proved that you are far more likely to be victimized by a member of this group than from any minority member you might come across. The numerous crimes and accusations of crimes if far above the national average. Now their leader is embroiled in a sex scandal that broke on Stormfront while his teenage girlfriend Jackie was giving birth to their child.

The story broke a month ago and is outlined on the One Peoples Project website under the story, O(MG), CANADA! The people who run this site managed to get most of the pertinent information and the people involved in the drama. However we would like to add additional information. What we have done is taken the posts from the thread on Stormfront that OPP has up on their site and combined it with two other threads that expand on the story. We've modified the story so that it flows more like a conversation so we've moved some of the postings so that the context of what is said makes more sense, including editting out non-relevant postings.

Here are the main players who are known:

rippler2k3: LC - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Pitbull-A.G.: Kyle McKee - Calgary, AB (formerly Kitchener, ON)
Canadian Caucasian: Thomas Trenerry - Lethbridge, AB
ARYAN BROTHER FOREVER: Tyler Lupkoski - Calgary, AB
14Forestman88: RN - Calgary, AB
wpcalgary: Dallas Price - Calgary, AB
hellacat: Tim Biscope's girlfriend/wife (not sure if they're still together) - Edmonton, AB
KillerTomato: B.H. - Calgary, AB
German Pride: Robert Reitmeier - Calgary, AB
Raghnall: Randal Linton - London, ON area
14Forestman88: Ryan Nordfylki - Calgary, AB

Other individuals not posting but involved include Jackie (mother of McKee's child) and Caila Ann Skiboff (the married woman with whom McKee had a relationship with during Jackie's pregnancy).

As for the others who were involved in the discussions that follow, they are not currently known.

rippler2k3: I'm realizing that perhaps I should have picked a better time than 8:00AM to drop this bomb. I say this because most of the folks in our so-called "white movement" today are probably still sleeping due to being up drinking until a few hours ago (and the quality ones are having a shower, breakfast, or getting ready for work) and it will probably only reach two or three eyes before it's firmly removed by a mod and I'm reprimanded for my actions but I'm going to try anyway...As some of you may already know, someone has been circulating a URL recently via PM that contains pornographic pictures. I'm guessing that I'm not the only one who received it. The pictures feature one of the founding members (Kyle McKee or 'Pitbull-AG') of the Calgary-based Aryan Guard and a woman who is rumoured to be of at least some non-white racial makeup. Kyle, although I'm not sure of their relationship status at present, has a girlfriend who is currently pregnant with his child. As for the woman, Caila was married recently, to a member of the WN movement no less. Whether or not he is/was aware of her non-white status is unbeknownst to me but I believe Kyle certainly was. The message is originating from a user account by the name of 'against-aryan-guard' and at the moment I'm not exactly sure what their motive is, or their political affiliations. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one to go out on a limb for some possibly ARA-motivated chump that wants to try to ruin the AG image (don't worry, a lot of them are doing a good job of that themselves) but rest assured, one thing I can attest to is the authenticity of the photographs.According to the user, mods won't let him/her post this information for some reason, but I'm going to let that particular dog lay. My brothers and sisters, I feel that our movement is quickly coming towards a transitional phase in which we will open one of two doors. The first door will involve the men and woman of the movement with morals and ideals standing up and casting off the shackles of sh*t that are the scum and vilany of our ranks and ousting such creeps as Kyle. Then we can start over and build something new, a better and more productive movement. This also includes the profit-driven white jews that run shadey online labels, sell low quality and over-priced merchandise and then stick the money in their pockets. Don't get me wrong folks, I have no problem with someone making a buck off of their stuff, but at least some portion of the profits should be put in a good place that is beneficial to our cause. The second door, well, that one's real easy: we do nothing at all and things continue as they do and our progress continues to ly somewhere between very little and none. I'm no angel, I don't flyer every day, and I like a drink or ten sometimes too, but what I'm seeing lately disgusts me. For too long (as old as my SF account or more) I've struggled to better the people and image of the movement while watching many of my peers go to jail for senseless violence and ridiculous statements they made online, sleep with much younger women, undermind their spouse and children (the one thing that should be of MOST value to a WN), do hard drugs, infight and otherwise degenerate our movement, effectively doing quite the opposite. Our movement doesn't have such a bad image because of the way the "jew media" portrays it like some people like to blabber about, or at least not entirely. It has a bad image due to the words and actions of many of the people involved in it and people need to wake up and realize that. It's time to clean up the filth of this movement and have a REAL movement. One movement, one goal, one leader (not me). What's it gonna be folks?

KillerTomato: Though I think your post is a bit misguided, I agree with the point you are getting across. I myself have come under fire for saying the same thing on a few occasions. Are you located in Calgary? I ask because me and some close friends are looking to streamline our movement and create a mainstream voice for WN ideals.I suggest you listen to segment number four of my weekly radio show because I outline some of the points you mentioned.

rippler2k3: No I'm not in Calgary at present though I'll be migrating that way fairly soon. Godspeed to you anyhow.

Canadian caucasian: Some of you are pretty quick to bash the A.G? Interesting how "new" people that just joined the movement are running their mouths off. Do you really think that because you show up at one demonstration you can tell people what to do? Hilarious! Just keep hiding behind your computers boys. And let the men keep doing the job for you.

After this you are moving here rippler2k3? Look forward to meeting you. I would like to discuss this drama that you started.? PM me when you get to Alberta! Be glad to meet you.

rippler2k3: Yes, quick to bash the AG for their non-white activities that are credibly backed up with AG-members' own testimony and photographs... I don't care how long someone has been a member of SF or the WN movement, it's your character that concerns me. Keep sporting your nazi flags and sieg-heiling your way to victory, I'm sure you're bound to win.The real men getting the job done, oh like these guys.... [YouTube link to video, “aryan guard confession”]

Canadian caucasian: The link on your video does not work. I do think that you and Your "Vegetable" friend are reds though. Trying to slander one of the ONLY groups in Western Canada doing anything.(NSPC and Volksfront are doing a GREAT job as well) Seeing as most of the members of these groups know each other. I will say this - Fellow Canadian Stormfronters! Lets let "The voice of our youth " be our own choice! I can think of a lot of better choices. That is not an insult to new WN's. But only common sense. There are alot of "veterans" in our youth ranks. I am not a youth. But I do have children. And my children respect the warriors not the keyboard commandos. Yep you know who this is geared towards.

KillerTomato: I still find it amazing how quickly my supposed brothers turn on me. You have no grounds to call me a "red". Simply because I do not agree with the conduct of certain people, does not mean I am any less committed to my cause.As much as you may dislike it. It is my cause just as much as it is yours. No matter how "new" you think I may be to it. I have said nothing to slander anyone. Nor have I spoken a single ill word towards a member of the AG or any WN anywhere. Grow up and point your hate and anger at the real enemy.

Canadian caucasian: I am not your brother! I am A national Socialist Skinhead.You are a troublemaking antifa troll!

Ever since you started posting you have bashed the NSPC and Aryan Guard.I could care les if you got a radio show. It does NOT give you any credibility here. You and your friend are trying to break apart the UNITY within Canadian WN and NS groups. We all see it and will pay you NO respect.

KillerTomato: My mistake then. I thought we were brothers in the same cause and brothers of race. I apologize for the mistake.When have I ever said that because I have a ten minute spot one evening of the week, that I have more credibility? I have never touted that as a medal of honor for our cause. I am but one man speaking his mind. You fight for freedom of speech yet foam at the mouth when someone does not see eye to eye with you? I know you are more of a man then to contradict yourself so blatantly. If you do indeed follow what I preach and type you will understand that I push unity of whites as much as possible. But I suppose you probably missed that recording, right? As I said before, I have never once spoken bad of any organization. I in fact told the Aryan Guard members that their cause is a noble one. And I have great respect for the NSPC, and have been in contact with their members to tell them the same thing. Why is all your anger being directed at me? We have common enemies and evils we must overcome together. These personal vendettas only help to further hurt our cause.

Canadian caucasian: No I heard your show bashing the AG. Seems you think you as a freshcut can insult veterans in this race war. You are not worthy to shine the boots of those you insult. You would be a wise boy to shut up.

rippler2k3: AG gets justifiably criticized = immediate throwing around of works like "antifa", "red", etc. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism and exposing downright filth. Truth is key. By the way, quit acting like me and "my friend" are old schoolyard chums or something, I've never really spoken to the guy, he just happens to agree with me because I am right. No doubt he's of quality character though (I think I'll be checking out your show next time it airs), but I just wanted to point that out. Like you, I once screamed for unity along side the masses and for a long time. Then I realized that not everyone in our movement was of value to our cause. So you can continue to bark "unity" until you turn blue but I'm going to continue finding somewhere in between, judging each member of the movement individualy, respecting unless given a reason not to, and if I have to I'll keep seperating and seperating and seperating some more and if in the end all I'm left with is 1 or 2 quality comrades then SO BE IT!

And yes [KillerTomato] can insult veterans in this race war, if he is right in doing so.

Canadian caucasian: That is why "left wing" WN never get anything done. THE KKK NSPC and ARYAN GUARD all get along just fine. This little group that you are talking about is laughable. Until you do a tenth of what the people that you are slandering have done you should Shutup. What have you done- Killer tomato or Rippler 2k3? Nothing and I guarantee as of this night., You will get no Western respect. And believe me I have spoken to ALOT of people.

[KillerTomato] CAN insult veteran of this race war? Yes I suppose you know all. LOL Maybe you can join killer tomatos group and magically move all the minorities back to their homelands? LOL Until then I will stick by the NSPC and Aryan Guard. After all they are the ones out in the streets. Not COWERING behind their keyboards. EHH Rippler and tomato? I think I will stick with my comrades! That would be the people getting the job done in the streets? Not like you internet cowards (Killer Tomato Rippler 2k) I would love to see you insult these people to their faces. But then again you wouldnt have the guts would you tomato?

rippler2k3: Left Wing WN? The two terms don't coincide in any way, shape or form. I'm talking about corruption here, something that afflicts ALL movements. I can't speak for Terry Termaine or the NSPC but I'm really sure that the Klan supports the AG's ethical ways and "traditional family values". [sarcasm] I'm not slandering anyone, again, I'm speaking the truth. Slander is the act of ignorantly (or knowingly) falsely accusing someone of certain deeds or characteristics. I have done no such thing.

KillerTomato: Since you have no idea what I have and have not done, Canadian caucasian, I suggest you reserve judgement as well.

Our Race Is Our Nation: I agree with what your [rippler2k3] saying on how we need to do something about the movement, but I think you need to let the person your accusing of these things give his side of the story before judging, I for one am in no position to judge a fellow WN since the most i have done for the cause is talk to a few people about White Nationalism. Maybe this person was unaware of the females age/Race which ever on your accusing him of lets not kid ourselves plenty of people lie about their age and theres no way to know unless you look at an I.D. and lets not forget this could be an anti photoshoping some pictures.

Vinlandwiseguy: I just a quick question.... This "Kyle" guy, did he live in Ontario before coming to AB?

rippler2k3: Yessum, somewhere around the Kitchener/Waterloo area I believe...

Yagsinamraw: If you [rippler2k3] do not like this Aryan Guard, any of its members or they way they do things then why don't you leave and start your own organization and run it the way you want? Why are you taking a cowardly swipe at them (over the internet none the less). You posted a video of some guys goofing around while having a few drinks. I'm not sure what that video is suppose to prove. Back in my young skinhead days I did similar things. A little hooliganism never hurt anything. Cowards on the internet have been a detriment to WN's around the world for quite sometime. Address this Aryan Guard group in person or do not address them at all. I've been in WN circles out east here for over 15 years. I have seen people and groups come and go. Do not fall into the same traps as them. We have all made mistakes in the past! Get over it. There are trouble makers and feds at all times trying to turn brother against brother. Beware! Not everyone has the same idea of how the WN movement should be run. Deal with your differences and do not do it over the internet. Do not go around acusing each other of being non-white - not white enough or mingling with non-whites. I once had someone accuse me of having a native girlfriend because she was italian and died her hair dark black. If this website has any sense at all this topic will be removed. Keep up the fight brothers. -Derek-

Canadian caucasian: Oh now you [rippler2k3] pulled your video from youtube? Whats a matter? Scared? I dont care what you think in your left wing mind. You start slandering my Comrades then It gets personal.

rippler2k3: First of all, the link works fine. Second of all, it's not my video. The video is posted by user 'freeexposure' and I found it during a search. The url to the website that contains the pictures was also a user called 'freeexposure". It is presumably the same user that has been circulating the link. Don't call me a red because I speak the truth sir, and don't bring other labels such as the NSPC or VF into something that is not of their matter. These groups remain in my high regards and I have nothing negative to say about them.

Megs: @ that video. Its the Margret st house from kitchner! LOL Actually, I don't think we had as much graffitti. LOL!But really, one of you AG ladies, get in there and help those boys clean up a little, looks like a squat! But all jokes aside... Do you have proof of said girls ethnic background? I havn't seen this pic, so I can't even verify if this isn't a good photoshop job or something either.. However, if you agree with AG or not, if Kyle did this said thing or not (and knowing him, not even LIKING him, I can say that he more then likely didn't.), this should be handled internally and not spread all over the most popular WN message board as easy fodder for the reds. Seriously, grow up.

rippler2k3: Well, no proof as in I don't have access to her [Caila's] birth certificate, a DNA/hair sample, nor do I have the money for a DNA test or the legal means to locate her and force her to submit to one, obviously. However, I was told by AG members themselves when I asked about that girl a long time ago and the answer I got was that she is apparently non-white. Soooo, if the AG guys at least believe that she is non-white and they're making a porno with her, how much does it really matter whether or not she really is to some degree non-white? And what of Kyle’s pregnant girlfriend, and the supposid family values of AG? Doesn't seem like the type of conduct of a white soon-to-be father with "family values" to me...even if he was getting PAID for the film and using the money to buy his kid food and bloody Christmas presents or something! Sheeesh people.

Megs: Do you know when this was made, [rippler2k3]? Where are you getting this info?? Who says this 'porn movie' wasn't made BEFORE he met his girlfriend, etc.I am highly suspicious of this whole thing. I really don't think Kyle would make a porn movie. I just couldnt see him doing it.

rippler2k3: I'm not sure when it was made. But because I talk/know a lot of the AG members and I have eyes and ears, when I put the chronological pieces together it couldn't possibly have been from before because she wasn't around for quite some time. This info stems from the message I received from user 'against-aryan-guard' recently, as well as my own personal research into the matter. And you saw the pics, so you know now that it was definitely him...

ARYAN BROTHER FOREVER: Hmmmmm I wonder if any of you people that are talking **** about the Aryan guard have actually met any of them in person probably not seeing how most of the people around are to afraid to or are to worried about being labeled as a nazi? And I wonder what it is that you guys have done to benafit the movement, I don't think sitting on your computers classifies as helping our struggle it tells me that you are just a bunch of internet warriors playing "johnny white power" on the weekends. I have seen the videos and getting drunk is not that big of a deal we all get drunk and do dumb things. these guys are real men and the real warriors of our struggle.

rippler2k3: I met the majority of the founding members of the AG and I have spoken to some of the new fellahs and I was happy to see a step in the right direction (the protests, flyering, etc) until this garbage. I don't care about being labelled a nazi and I sport 3rd reich/odinist tattoos, including on my hands, but I am most certainly NOT a Nazi and neither is anyone alive today under about 80 years of age for that matter. I am a proud White Nationalist. That was not a shot towards the NSPC, NSM, or any other nazi-related group by the way. Don't talk about what I have and haven't done. I live in one of the most multiculti cities in the bloody word, by common opinion I mean, not the actual immigrant/non-white population. There are very few supporters of the movement here and those who are are older, family sort of types. When we flyered nationwide for after the passing of David Lane I went completely alone and endured plenty of harsh criticism. I've gone out to bars/shows alone in which 90 percent of the people there were commie/anarchist types and have a few scars as a result. I do my part, but I use my brain too. I don't go looking for trouble where trouble isn't due, but I'm not going to be afraid to go out somewhere because I might have a conflict. And if others were willing to band with me for the proper goals, I would do even more...

ARYAN BROTHER FOREVER: I have never heard that one about any of the guys saying that the girl in the film was non white i have met her and she looks perfectly white to me. And at the time of the video this Kyle character and his Mrs. were not together at the time and I am sure that the video was made to sell so he could make money off it give your heads a shake and get the facts straight instead of bull****ting.

rippler2k3: Well, that's what I said. But then I was told by multiple people that it was concluded she was non-white. Maybe AG just says that about everyone they wanna get rid of? Yes, it was a professional made video for the purposes of profit.

KillerTomato: I would ask that a moderator not lock this thread. I think this discussion needs to happen. It sits below the surface for so long and I think this is a chance to clear the air. But I will understand if it does end up locked.

Megs: I vote to lock this thead. This discussion should be taken up in PM, or even better yet, real life, with memebers of the AG and Kyle. This is not a public issue. End of story.

White Pioneer: I agree, Megs. This is outrageous. This thread should be deleted ASAP.

KillerTomato: I disagree. Yes the initial post could have been dealt with in private, however it has spawned a conversation that needs to happen and is something that plagues this entire movement.

rippler2k3: Please don't try to censor me, Megs. Freedom of speech is also at the heart of our beliefs as White Nationalists. Besides, OdinPatrick granted me permission to make this post provided I followed forum policy and I have.

14Forestman88: It is my firm believe that the girl in question is White. Kyle would NEVER commit the act of race traiting, and anyone who knows him knows this is the complete truth. As to the issues of Kyle and his girlfriend and this situation, I am not one to speak for him; when he is available I'm sure he will be more than happy to explain to you the allegid situation. Grow up and stop going around spending your time making false accusations against White Nationalist individuals.

rippler2k3: Not according to AG testimony she's not, [14Forestman88]. I won't name names because I don't want someone to be the target of some of AG's lunatics and because OP does not want people to be identified on the threads (and justly so). None of my accusations were false.....

wpcalgary: So rippler2k3, you go crazy. Over what, a girl told you? I know who is saying all of this. Remember the night in Falconridge??? Ask her about that, or better yet what you did that night... Give me a break. I assume she didnt tell her boyfriend about what you did? Try and remember, Mr. non drinker WN. You know my #, (I assume) if not, you know how to reach me. You could have talked to me or numerous other people before you had to go ranting on SF.

rippler2k3: Hmmm? I'm not sure where Falconridge is but I'm guessing you are referring to that day I came to visit you guys in Kensington (sorry, I'm not familiar with all the different areas of Calgary). Please, elaborate, tell me what I "did that night"? I hereby give you permission to disclose....Do you mean joking around with C? It was joking around and just that. We did NOTHING and you know it because you slept in the same bloody room as me that night. And don't bring her into this, I haven't spoken to her in at least a week I reckon. I don't have your number and excuse me for telling the bloody truth...

William_Tell: I have a real hard time believing this. First the information is coming from someone who admits to be anti-Aryan Guard so the source has to be suspect. Second the story seems so outrageous that if I were told the same story about Shane Ruttle I'd have some very serious doubts. And even so this should have never reached the point of being posted on Stormfront.

OdinPatrick (MODERATOR): People, do not fight, this is what our enemy wants. I may have made a mistake in letting this thread continue. This thread should be in sustaining membership forum away from our enemies eyes, but not all parties involved have a sustaining membership, so it wouldn't be fair. I let this thread stay because I thought it would give the accused a chance to explain his side of the story revolving around the highly suspicious (libelous) accusations from an untrustworthy source(ara). it appears he is not able to access a computer at the moment, so this thread should cease until he can defend himself.

rippler2k3: OK [OdinPatrick], but will you agree to re-open the thread when he is available to speek?

Vinlandwiseguy: What is the point of this thread? ....really, Id like to know....

rippler2k3: Read the opening statement if you want the point [Vinlandwiseguy]. It's about cleaning up.

White Pioneer: OdinPatrick, the Anti-Racist Action must think that we are idiots. Please delete this garbage thread ASAP.

rippler2k3: This has nothing to do with ARA. This thread is closed until further notice as per OP's decision. STOP POSTING...

KillerTomato: It sucks that the conversation was deleted but I understand the reason and I respect it. I just feel like this infighting happens all the time. In public and in private. I was seeking to at least have some form of closure.

hellacat: This kinda crap always happens. It always will. As soon as there is some number of people involved, rumors start, and next thing you know everyone hates everyone else and the whole thing collapses. Basically I think, who cares what this guy wants to do in his off time. But you know, "if you eat with the crows......", ya' know. Dragging it all out online doesn't accomplish much. BTW, there are good people out there. You just have to find them. I say have your own great morals and values, and try to uplift the people around you, other than that......there's not much you can do but wait for stuff to get played out. I guess the point is, don't invite it though.

White Pioneer: rippler2k3 should be banned from the White nationalist movement.

rippler2k3: What does my statement about user against-aryan-guard have to do with my eligibility as a member in the White Nationalist movement?

KillerTomato: He should be banned for posting something you disagree with, White Pioneer?

Canadian caucasian: My posts were deleted. Interesting. Did I offend a certain Tomato? LOL This guy has not done a thing. Except promote infighting between WN and NS groups. TO piss off the NSPC Aryan Guard and KKK it takes a special kind of moron. Especially all in one day.

KillerTomato: My posts were deleted as well if you had not noticed. You have not offended me. Only reassured me of which direction I need to take and who I should associate with. The AG and the NSPC both know my intentions. I have messaged them personally.

Canadian caucasian: I could care less what you say Killer Tomato. You are finished with Canadian WN groups. And NS groups. Also KKK groups LOL. Your bridges are already burnt. I am laughing pretty hard to see what your next move is.

rippler2k3: What makes you think that you represent the whole of the Ku Klux Klan, the NSPC and the Aryan Guard, Canadian Caucasian?I'm going to bed. It's 2:30AM on the east coast and I have things to do in the morning. Happy to chat later...

Newfie_bull: in response to a post made yeesturday about a video on the net i talked to the accuseed and it turns out that the video was made in a time of break up between him and the mother of his child and the chic involved was not a mudd so i stand by the acussed fellow hes a good guy in my eyes

rippler2k3: So I was lied to for some reason by AG members about her ethnicity and the people who told me were just spreading rumors then? Even though I heard of this rumor long before this video incident? I've also heard accusations by AG members of quite a few other people being rumored to be part native and such, were those lies too? Maybe that's just something some of you guys pull out of your rectum whenever it's convenient to make someone you don't want around at the time "go away". I can think of a few people that follow under that category, many of which seemed to be of more noble character than some AG members, but OP has forbidden me to identify people on the forums. And I'm still waiting for "the accused" to make a statement....Yes, this clears everything up [Newfie bull]. Great post NB. [sarcasm]This is why it would be nice to still have the bloody thread with all of the information (I have it logged however) so this issue couldn't just be brushed off with a few shorts sentences by one of "the accused's" chums...

Vinlandwiseguy: Since there are good people im Alberta that know of these guys and if they see this as a problem, Im sure they can deal with it. If not...then everyting is alright. I myself, dont care for the members of AG or this "James" the post was about, but you need to STFU about someone else's business. Youre in NS, they are in AB...take care of your own back yard before you start pointing fingers at someone elses. Or do what I do and fly there and kick some ass instead of posting it publicly on a msg board for everyone to see it.I have zero tolerance for internet drama and so do most people in this scene.

rippler2k3: Point taken, but I agreed to leave this off the forums, the old thread was closed, and I'm not the one who opened this particular thread remember. I didn't say there was no solid people in Alberta, just not all of them. As far as I'm concerned, any corrupt or unethical actions that happen within our movement is everyone's business, not the AG's. When you take on a name like "Aryan Guard" and preach family values and White Nationalist ideology, you are expected to uphold a certain standard, wouldn't you say? I'm in NS but I'll be in the western provinces before Christmas. Drama was not the intent.

German_Pride: Guess what [rippler2k3], you think you are so sure of yourself? Well i guess you wont have a hardtime explaining all of this to us in person the next time you are here. Stop trying to be an internet warrior, it makes you look rediculous!

rippler2k3: No, spelling "ridiculous" wrong while telling somebody they look ridiculous makes you look ridiculous. :P I'm no internet warrior GP and you know that. How many of the AG guys fought you like I did?

Newfie_bull: on note of the waiting for the acused to speak his [Kyle's] computer and stuff was stole about a week and a half ago by some people and he belives to know who but thats besides the point and on the matter of the part native within the ranks hes no longer there from what i hear and he is one of those who looks white and you never know hes not white untill its to late and somone tells you one of those guys you look at and in the back of your mind you wonder if he is really white but why would you wonder he looks white acts white is covered in swastikas and such so why would he not be white? but yet still somwere in your head you wonder is this guy really guy white and from what i heard about the break in of the acussed house whoever went in there knew where the stuff they wanted was beacause they only took the acused computer some digital camera and guns nothing else although there was easyier to carry more valuable items in the house so yes i do think there are some AG turncoat traitors with in the ranks or so it would seem wouldn;t it? so dont belive everything you hear without actually talking to and knowing where it is comming from and getting the entire story you really woluld do well t5o live by the mantra of " belive none of what you hear and half of what you see" because it seems to me you beleve in what you hear to damn much and even without confronting the acussed first

rippler2k3: Anyone smell that? *sniff sniff*. Yep....bulls**t. And there are no AG "turncoats" (who's creating disunity now?), or at least none that I know, but people have loose lips.

pitbull-A.G.: Ok so there has been alot of stoory flying around about alot of diffrent thing as of late so I wanted to just let every one know the facts here. Ok I'm Busted you all found out .... I have sex.Now as far as this girl in the photos she [Caila] is an exgirl friend of mine who I have met both of her parents who are white and her grandmother on her mothers side who is white and her unmothers brother who is also white and all of them have talked of being a white family to me so I have taken there word for it and haven't gone so far as to dig up the graves of the rest of her family tree for testing. I figured it was pretty safe from what I have seen to asume that she is white. Now you might wonder why I have taken so long to reply to all of this and it is because my girlfriend has just given birth to my daughter as well as the fact that my house has been broken into and my computer has been stolen so that has also slowed things down also I couldn't really give two ****s what you **** talkers have to say. I have had a few people that were unsure of the facts and just asked me for them. So I told them! Now about me cheating on my pregnant girlfriend. This I can understand if you were un informed being said. but again any real man would have just asked. No I didn't cheat on my girlfriend. We were haveing some problyems in our relationship her hormons were all messed up and I didn't know how to deal with it so one night when we where arguing she told me it was over and that I needed to leave. I did and then the next day after work I called her to see if we could talk and try and work things out and get back on track she told me there wasn't anything to talk about and that we were over. I know that being the type of person that I am I would never have won custedy of my daughter so I had just lost her and the girl that I love more than anything. So I went on a drinking bender where I screwed my exgirlfriend and thats where these pictures came from. should I have done this? No. I should have given it more time and then seen how things were with my girlfriend. but that is not what I did. the pictures sure that might have been a scumbag thing to do but oh well thats what happend. So is this girl white? yes she is. Did I cheat on my pregnant girlfriend? No. although I should have given her more time and been alittle more understanding in the first place. Have I started a carier in porn? no I have not. But think wht you want I don't really give a ****. If you are all on a hunt for people to **** talk than feel free to let it be known where your source of info came from. So I can show everyone who it is that broke into my house stole my computer my camera as well as a few others and some weapons. then sent these pictures to my girlfriend after we had gotten back together and then when they had seen that that did nothing sent them around to some other big mouths so that they didn't have to be directly linked to it. I think that there is plenty of **** to be talked about of people that would wait till you go to work break into your house send pics like that to a guys girl friend give a copy to antifa and all the wial smile in your face and say white power. these people are antifa but I don't need to name names on here. Bad things happen to bad people. it's karma. but for all you people that do nothing but **** talk and didn't even have the balls to ask me about it then why don't you do what you do best and hit some keys and let me know who it is I won't tell anyone who it was that told me you have my word you chicken ****s! if there is any thing I didn't cover feel free to ask. or shut the hell up.

14Forestman88: Well said brother. A lot of people need to grow up and start thinking like respectable individuals. The level of maturity I have seen as of late by apparent White Nationalists on this board; in terms of pointing fingers at fellow whites and making false accusations towards them, talking ****, and believing anything someone behind a keyboard says has put my respect and faith in many individuals on this board to a massive decline. I like to think everyone has massive potential, even the internet warriors; but when you can't even have respect and trust within your brothers who are fighting the same fight... what potential does that leave? People we need to think of what matters and think of the future, we need to stop pointing fingers and start working together as a unified movement; a movement for our people, for ourselves, and for our families. Enough is enough, and I think we all have had enough of fighting and bickering; lets take this as an opportunity to do a revision of ourselves, and get in the right direction.

White Pioneer: pitbull-A.G., Congratulations [on the birth of your daughter].

Raghnall: It's best not for anyone to get involved in something that's none of their business. And many of us are getting involved by gossiping, blowing the issue out of proportion and just making the story more appealing to trash talkers.

Supreme Rage: Well, it's good to know that you aren't some sort of race traitor or something. Glad you're safe and all. And congratz on your new baby.

pitbull-A.G.: The way I see it is people can infight and fight amongst our selfs all they want but I will have no part in it. I will continue to fight the good fight and maybe we can fight along side each other but the people who want to infight will be left to do so and in the end no one will remember who they are nore care who they were but thoughs who stand up and fight will be remembered as heros. I might be remembered as a slightly pornografic hero but oh well what can I do. I think this is some of the funnyist sh*t ever. I mean who who hasn't gotten really drunk and done something retarded? and if I was anyone else no one would care. but because Antifa and people calling them selfs "white nationalist" but are really nothing more than another fourm of antifa and they will make a big sean about this and try to break down a good thing that we have going as to try and put a stop to our efforts. but oh well if these people just want to sort my friends for me then have at it at least it dosn't leave me trying to figure out who is solid and who is not.

Yagsinamraw: Congrats on the daughter. I hope all is well. Pitbull - You shouldn't even have to explain your situation to everyone on here. Those pictures are private and nobody business but your own. Your relationship status is also your own business and you shouldn't have to explain it for anyone. I have been around long enough to know that the movement is full of trouble makers and posers. Don't flatter these types with a response.

Newfie_bull: like my deleted thread said i talked to the man himself and got the facts and those who want to believe the bull can go right ahead they are useless in the real fight anyways

Tiptop28: In my eyes the people responsible for this crap of posting and slandering are no different then antifa themselves ''it's making me sick''.

Our Race Is Our Nation: I'm Glad you decided to tell people whats what, I think the majority of people on here didn't believe half of what was being said about you. congrats on the kid hope she is healthy

Anarchore: Have you thought of switching to mj?

wpcalgary: I sort of laugh at the whole situation. Why people feel the need to air out they're personal grudges and such on a public forum is beyond me. These people could have asked you about the situation directly, instead of believing anti-fa rumours. What a joke.

Folkwise: Pitbull, you showed very poor judgment through this whole thing. This is not how a leader of people should behave. I don't know whether or not the woman you committed adultery with is fully white or not (and you did commit adultery in my opinion despite your excuses - isn't she married or in a committed relationship with someone else?) but worse you had the poor judgment to photograph yourself in flagrente and in filthy conditions to boot. Should white leaders by copulating in public, in the dirt and filth, like animals? Why should anyone have any respect for you?

pitbull-A.G.: Well you are right [Folkwise] I did make a bad call but hey I'm over it. yes she was still legaly married but they were also broken up at the time and maybe that dosn't even make a diffrence. I wasn't meaning to come across as if I was makeing excuses for what I had done but only explaining what I had actually done and the senarios around what was going on in my life. I don't think it was a good idea as I felt I expressed. Maybe I don't meet up to your S club 7 kind of standards but I'm not actualy to conserned about that. Why should any one respect me? I never sead they had to but if anything I would hope that people would at least respect the fact that I took the time to admit to what I have done and corect the story to fact instead of antifas story. Also maybe people respect the fact that I will actualy stand up for what is right and don't just play keybored camando and slag people for things I don't know any thing about! But I'm not to worried about antifa running with this story I can run with it to. they can show as many people that video as they would like. All the kids will just see that skinheads know how to party. LOL. just a joke but oh well. and thanks to everyone that has decided to move on from this but for thoughs of you that decide to hold a gruge than thats fine to but I just ask that you only hold it against me and I hope that now that you have someone to try and look better than you might also try and do one up on me and get involved in more real activisim!

Yagsinamraw: He [Kyle] is young and young people make mistakes. I've made many myself in my youth. Don't badger people over their personal mistakes because it accomplishes nothing. Were they not private pictures? Don't you [Folkwise]have anything productive to do? In my opinion sitting on a computer complaining about some young mans mistakes or lack of judgement isn't productive. Get a life. The better question is why should anyone have any respect for you? Are you even active in the movement or do you just taking swipes from your computer?

Our Race Is Our Nation: So you've never made a bad decision in your life [Folkwise]?

Folkwise: That sort of liberal attitude is a lot of the reason why our society is in a malaise [Our Race Is Our Nation]. There is such a thing as character and this sort of incident shows a severe character failing. Moreover, it doesn't seem to me that Kyle has taken responsibility for his actions.

Our Race Is Our Nation: Get over yourself [Folkwise], Who am I or any of us on here to judge what pittbull has done? no one on here hasn't made some sort of mistake in our lives. If you want to talk about someones character maybe you should take a look at yours, what have you done for our cause or our race that puts you on some pedistal to judge a fellow WN? and yes he took responsibility for his actions.

Megs: I said it before and I'll say it again, this is not a topic for public discussion, and it never should have been. Quite honestly, we all have bigger fish to fry, do we not? Can we PLEASE lay this to rest now?

Just to remind everyone, this is one of the first things you read when you go to the Aryan Guard website.

We are family orientated folk with strong family values and goals.

We'll let the readers be the judge of that claim.


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And by their own word you will know this outstanding "ARYANS"

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Aryan guardd sex scandal lol. Sounds like an Enquirer headline!

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A riveting read. Better than any soap opera.

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Quoting from the Aryan Guard's "88 Precepts":

"36 Sexual pornography degrades the Nature of all who are involved. A beautiful nude woman is art; a camera between her knees to explore her private parts is pornography."