Saturday, August 26, 2017

PEGIDA Canada Rally in London, ON

As a result of their first public rally where they were swamped by those who opposed them PEGIDA Canada had been until today very quiet about their protests, instead opting for "flash protests" where the time and location was never announced and disseminated only among participants. They decided to change that strategy announcing a rally to be held in London, ON today. The good people of London, including multi-faith groups, organized to oppose them.

Well, much like the attempted WCAI rally in Vancouver last weekend, there seems to be a substantial number of counter-protesters in London opposing PEGIDA Canada:

In fact it appears PEGIDA Canada and their III% allies are outnumbers approximately 10 to 1:
Most of the people at City Hall were opposed to PEGIDA​. CBC News reporter Amanda Margison estimated there were 40 PEDIGA supporters and 400 counter-protesters.
It does seem however that at least some members of PEGIDA Canada showed up as did some of their ideological allies. For example, III% Ontario member Spencer Polap was apparently present....

....and was apparently arrested:

An arrest appears to be confirmed by the CBC, though they only state the person arrested was from the "anti-Islam side" without providing a name.
UPDATE: It has also been brought to my attention that Spencer Polap is leading this effort to raise money for Kevin "Poodle" Johnston's camera man and blaming an independent journalist for the attack, despite evidence and eyewitnesses placing that journalist at an entirely different location and in other witnesses who in fact call into question Johnston's entire story:

Perhaps our readers would like to contact the police while Mr. Polap is in custody (1-519-661-5670)? And maybe ARC readers will help take this page down?

Other supporters of PEGIDA who showed up include Eric Brazau, Arthur Smitherman, a few members of the Canadian Combat Coalition, Lynn Redden of the Suffragettes Against Silence (an anti-Muslim group she created), and Charlene O'Farrell:
Charlene O'Farrell of Canadians United 4 Canada was present and made a video in which Christopher Hayes of the WCAI (also convicted of threatening the prime minister) and Kevin Goudreau commented.

The comments left on another of O'Farrell's videos are most enlightening as well:

CBC London is covering the event on twitter:

As the event ended, the PEGIDA Canada members and their supporters were lead out by the police:

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