Sunday, August 27, 2017

August 27, 2017: Calgary Anti-Muslim Rally and Counter Protest

I'll try to update this as often as I am able to.

I'll start off with the plans of the III% Alberta "security" detail:

If the numbers hold, it looks like there will be between 30 and 60 members of the Canadian Combat Coalition North American Freedom Fighters, WCAI, and III%ers. I'm guessing members of the Street Church may also make an appearance and perhaps some SoO members. On the other side, it looks like there may be 80 - 200 counter protesters based on social media posts. Of course no one will know until the event takes place.

In the meantime, the wit and wisdom of who I and others suspect is Ryan Dean:

Truly, the hallmarks of a superior intellect.

UPDATE 1: Well, it's the "big" day. 

I don't think the III%ers, WCAI, or North American Freedon Fighters are enjoying themselves though:


In the aftermath of another failed rally, Joey DeLuca, posting on Tom's Facebook page, attempts to minimize his involvement in the day's event:

Well, one might argue that cynically using an elderly veteran and national anthem as props would call into question your integrity, but that would assume you had some integrity to begin with since you have once again suggested people be murdered by speeding cars: 

Oh. So NOW you acknowledge the racism and antisemitism that you continuously denied and lied about despite all the evidence? And nice how you throw members of the group you created under the bus. I wonder how Jesse feels about that? 

It's also cute that he seems to think that a splash of new paint and a public adjustment of his message will fool people: 

Hmmm, Joey writes he wants to rescue people fleeing oppression by extremists. Well, conveniently Canada is doing just that. They are referred to as refugees, although Joey had, until today, referred to those same people he now desperately wants to save so that he could eat donairs while lighting up some hash from the the Moroccan Rif as "human sewage" and "parasites."

Joey will forgive me for questioning his Road to Damascus moment here. 


Anonymous said...

L O L military cosplay is RIGHT!!!! Rejected sons of anarchy LOLOL. Bunch of losers who couldn't get into any of their dream jobs/clubs. Lol doing "security" in the safest city in the world to protect themselves against a handful of frighteningly calm and educated canadian university students. Lol what a joke. Lose the tinfoil hats ya racist army wannabe nerds

Anonymous said...

These fools are a disgrace. The real patriots of Canada would do well to distance themselves from them all. These morons are a complete joke