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Sunday, November 24, 2019

November 2019 Bits and Bites: Defamation Suits, Vanderweide, CNP, and Endangering Lives

Our research into Canadian members of Iron March based on the leaked forum information is ongoing. Suffice it to say we've been finding some especially interesting individuals who will be profiled here on the blog in time. However November has been an especially eventful month so I thought I'd do a quick write-up on some of the smaller bits of far-right news that we haven't discussed (this will not be a comprehensive overview and we plan on an article on the events at York University as well)

Perhaps one of the more significant stories is the defamation suit filed by Richard Warman and Evan Balgord of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network against Barbara Kay, Jonathan Kay, and Faith Goldy:

This isn't the first time that Jonathan Kay has been a subject in a Warman defamation suit. And based on what I've seen over the years prior to and during my time writing on the ARC blog, Mr. Warman doesn't file these kinds of suits unless he knows he has an especially strong case.

The responses from mama and baby Kay have been somewhat muted thus far:

Surprisingly, Faith Goldy has been absolutely silent on this matter so far which given her character might be a bit surprising.

Rather than commenting on being the subject of a defamation suit, Goldy has been promoting her latest project, a series for the white nationalist VDare:

Real life Avengers, eh?

Yeah, when I think Tucker Carlson, Nick Fuentes, and Vincent James Foxx, I definitely think Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. /sarc

As a bit of background, there's a small group of white nationalists who don't think the current Republican Party (they who put children in cages, btw), is far-right enough and they are attempting to move it even further to the right. Goldy's new series appears to be an effort on their behalf. She's also promoting the characters she's planning on profiling on her Telegram channel and including comments that are becoming more overtly anti-semitic:

For those unfamiliar with these individuals might I draw your attention to the following links?

Nick Fuentes:
So yeah.... talk about the company one keeps.

Goldy did get a bit salty as to why she was focusing her efforts on the United States when challenged:

Goldy certainly has her admirers in Canada though including one Chris Vanderweide whom our members have gotten to know quite well since this past summer when he achieved fame (which has absolutely gone to his head) for using a helmet as a weapon and sucker punching a person counter-protesting anti-LGBTQ fanatics:

So yeah, I sort of trolled him on Twitter. I find that one learns a lot of interesting things when engaged in an online discussion with a person who thinks himself brilliant but who in fact might have the intellectual capacity of a protozoa.

For example, here he suggests that he is no longer living with his surety as was a requirement for his release:

And here he is claiming that the charges against him were dropped:

Well, for someone who likes to accuse people of being liars online, Chris doesn't have an especially firm grasp of the truth himself:
Now if he isn't living with his surety that would mean he is violating the terms of his release, however as he lied about the charges being dropped it calls into question his surety claim. Also, he's not especially consistent in maintaining his lie about charges being dropped:

Chris also has a rather toxic understanding of what it mean to be "a man":

As I mentioned later on this thread, people who are truly strong don't need to brag about their strength or try to convince others they are strong. That simply comes across as desperate, sad, and very weak.

In the meantime, Chris continued to give his lawyer a headache:

I should also briefly mention the other person in this thread appears to have participated in the Toronto Pegida rally that culminated in an assault at the Eaton's Centre. I don't think he's helping Chris' cause much:

Moving on to the Canadian Nationalist Party, it appears party founder, leader, and suspect in violent assault of two women in Regina that resulted in their transport to a hospital Travis Patron has soured on electoral politics:

I mean, it couldn't possibly be because he and the two other CNP candidates finished with less than 1% and last place in the three riddings they were contesting, right?

Given that we learned on the CNP form that Patron had claimed to have purchased property in a rural location in anticipation for a societal break-down, this other bit of information should also be unsurprising:

Interesting. A two of the people posting replies include an individual using the leader of the American Nazi Party George Lincoln Rockwell and Dara Graham known on this blog as "Nazi Mom."

Again, the company one keeps.

Turning now to the inevitability of the far-right eating itself, we see more infighting between Ronny Cameron and his supporters and Alex Van Hamme and his supporters:

Ronny can't stop himself from the airing of grievances:

In the meantime Ron Banerjee has decided to push the narrative that Ronny is an "antifa" plant because of course Banerjee would do that. However Canadian Combat Coalition vice-president Roger Rowen thinks Banerjee is full of it:

Joey Deluca of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam also jumped into the fray again:

Back on Ronny's profile he continues the beefing:

This comment though was interesting:

Dan Dubois, president of the Canadian Combat Coalition, is certainly takes a very different view of Cameron than does Rog Rowen, the vice-president of the CCC.

Trouble in paradise perhaps?

Finally, and more seriously, we see that our detractors are making lists and not checking them at all:

The speculation concerning the creator of this list didn't remain speculation for long:

Now while we can certainly laugh at how ridiculous these people are, it does become far more serious when they start erroneously identifying people on the list:

But here's the kicker. They are editing the screen shots of the young woman so that she appears to be their target:

And because this has been shared extensively, there are a lot of unhinged people who have it including this guy:

Finally our friends and fellow ARC members Yellow Vests Canada Exposed provides us with yet another example of the dangers of the far-right. I offer this thread without comment:

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