Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Ron Banerjee: A Racist Walter Mitty

It is almost impressive how shameless Ron Banerjee is.

ARC has covered Banerjee, a supporter of Hinduvata, for a few years now. To suggest that he is anti-Muslim, anti-Sikh, and violently misogynistic would perhaps be a bit of an understatement:

His most recent appearance was at last week's anti-racism Town Hall where he and others disrupted the proceedings. However he has also unsurprisingly insinuated himself into the case of the 11 year-old child who made a false claim about a man cutting her hijab. In what is beginning to look like a bit of an AstroTurf campaign, a group of conservative Chinese-Canadians have been protesting since late January demanding Justin Trudeau apologize for his then condemnation of the attack while carrying professionally-made signs that imply that Muslims are a threat; their largest rally was in Ottawa and was joined by members of La Meute, Proud Boys, Canadian Combat Coalition, Northern Guard, and other similar groups.

When this group first began protesting, Banerjee showed up with his megaphone....

.... and implied that HE had organized the protest and that the Chinese-Canadian group were members and supporters of Rise Canada:

Banerjee has made a lot more self-congratulatory posts to his Facebook page up to and including those concerning the Ottawa rally, however given some of his comments concerning the cultures he considers inferior, his praise for the Chinese-Canadian group AstroTurf group might prove a bit awkward.

Back in July, for example, Paul Fromm spoke at an event hosted by "Students For Free Speech" who came out in support of the members of the Proud Boys in Halifax who were facing disciplinary action from the military. Since the Proud Boys describe themselves as Western Chauvinists, and Banerjee believes that Hindu culture is actually superior, Banerjee gloated about how the event attracted Paulie.

He also included comments he previously made in which he mentions the Chinese-Canadian community among others. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Paulie himself soon interjected himself into the discussion and Banerjee continued to write about "third world" cultures that should not exist in "first world" nations:

Yep.... Ron sure does respect Chinese-Canadians:

And once again, Ron Banerjee is the hero of his own story.

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