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Anti-Muslim Hate Rally on Parliament Hill: Updates

SUMMATION: There will be additions to this article after this, however a summary of the events was provided to ARC by a journalist friend who was in attendance:
  • There were roughly 500 Islamophobe protesters to 150 counter-protesters (UPDATE: ARC has also received numbers as low as 250 and 80 for the Islamophobes and counter-protesters respectively as well as a high of 350 for the counter-protesters.... counting heads may not be the forte of any side it seems). Of the 500, approximately half appeared to have come from the contingent of Chinese-Canadians who organized the event. Some NDP delegates who were attending their national conference in Ottawa also came by to show support to the counter-protesters.
  • Both sides were separated by a wide distance. There were six arrests witnessed, three on each side. On the Islamophobe side, Proud Boy member Brandon Vaughan was arrested as was a bald man and another individual whom we don't know.
  • The groups that showed up in addition to the group of Chinese-Canadians who organized the event include La Meute and their English counterparts, Storm Alliance, Northern Guard, Canadian Combat Coalition, Suffragettes Against Silence (Lynn Redden's group), and the Proud Boys. The more militant of the groups, including the Northern Guard and some La Meute members, wore badges designating themselves as security. 
  • Individuals who appeared included someone who may have been Brandon Myles Wallingford (who was caught in the act of putting up alt-right racist flyers on a university campus recently), Nick Gallant of the Northern Guard (UPDATE: mistaken identity), former Northern Guard member Eric Brazeau, Steven Myatt, Brandon Vaughan (arrested), Proud Boy members Robert Jones and Damion Bates, Sandra Solomon, Lynn Redden, Greg Renouf, Dan Dubois, Bryan Trottier, former Storm Alliance president Dave Treggett, and the JDL's photographer who's name is unknown to me but who has attended events in the past. Also present was Brian Lilly as well as David Menzies of Rebel Media who interviewed the producer of the hate documentary "Killing Europe" Michael Hansen (also in attendance):
Word is three counter-protesters were taken into custody, though at least two were released immediately.
Three individuals involved in the hate protest were arrested, including Brandon Vaughan

Brandon Wallingford, Brandon Vaughan, and Damion Bates

ARC will update this page as information is both gathered and received. Prior to the protest on February 17, one of the CDN Wolfpack moderators posted the following which contains a rather interesting statement:

A sponsor, eh? That is a rather interesting claim.

Yesterday ARC and one of ARC's friends engaged in a discussion with CDN Wolfpack head Bryan Trottier (who's Twitter handle seems to honor the murderer of a Greek anti-fascist) who along with others in La Meute plan on participating. We asked if the Canadian Combat Coalition and III% militia-types would be welcomed to attend:

For clarity, ARC asked again:

I'm just going to say that Trottier might consider letting the CCC they aren't welcome because they plan on coming as well as Quebec La Meute members that they aren't supposed to be friends with CCC because someone appears to have missed the memo:

Also a bit awkward:

And regarding those small number of Chinese-Canadian protesters, there is an increasing sense that this apparent outrage might be just a bit of a political astroturf campaign:

We also have a good idea where the contingent from La Meute is meeting up before they proceed to Parliament Hill:
As of 1:00 Ontario time, Myatt claims that 200 people have assembled at the parking lot, though the photo he provides doesn't suggest that large a number (there may be other groups not pictured):

Middle-age Proud Boy Robert "Arrested Development" Jones provides these photos of some of the participants and their escorts:

There also appears to have been a verbal confrontation between those participating in the hate protest and those who came out to oppose them. Tweets are not embedding properly so I will simply post the links for now:
We also have word of our first arrests, including a member of the Proud Boys is being cuffed as I write this:
The Proud Boy member who was arrested has been confirmed to be Brandon Vaughan, a friend of Steven Myatt.

Vaughan had posted a video after his arrest and subsequent release:

At approximately 1:45 pm the La Meute group Myatt was with began proceeding to Parliament Hill:

Storm Alliance vice president Colin Oleary posted another video at the same time indicating a large group of La Meute and Storm Alliance members as well as another group of Chinese-Canadians were marching to the staging point. It isn't 100% certain if this is the same group Myatt is with, though it seems likely:

Robert Jones has also been very helpful in providing photographs of the people attending as well as estimating the numbers in their group. Including the Chinese-Canadian contingent, it looks to be in the area of 500 or so, give or take 50. Last time ARC looked the counter-protesters were around 150 and this number seems to be unchanged:
Myatt of course has claimed the number is in the range of 600 people which seems less likely given the source:

Still, for all their effort, not an especially good show for the Islamophobes especially with their numbers bolstered by the anti-Muslim Chinese-Canadian group considering the numbers they claimed would be attending and that they had to pull individuals to attend from across the country:


Just received confirmation that Northern Guard members are in attendance providing, "security":
Also Dave Tregget decided to make an appearance:

And as Dan Dubois and members of his Canadian Combat Coalition are also present, it would appear that they were not quite as banned from attending as CDN Wolfpack leader Bryan Trottier had suggested.

David Menzies of Rebel Media seen talking to some La Meute and Storm Alliance members:

Dubois spills the beans on the true agenda here:

Dubois finishes off the video by throwing around the "shit hole countries" comment and longing for a Trump-like leader for Canada as well as demanding Trudeau resign as leader because roughly 500 malcontents don't like him:

That pretty much completes ARC's coverage of the day's events in Ottawa. If there's anything else that comes up I'll update as appropriate.

Postscript: MSM has reported on the event.

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