Sunday, July 25, 2010

Paulie Speaking At American Racist Gathering Along With Racist Teabagger

We've been watching Paulie a lot lately mainly because of his current (and inexplicable to us and even his fellow travelers) infatuation with Michelle Erstikaitis. Oh, by the way, he's now promoting her, "art" and an autobiography he's claiming she's writing:

In any case, Paulie isn't just promoting Ms. Erstikaitis' cause. He's also continuing to speak at meetings of organized, violent racists:

According to Billy Roper, Paulie is one of those guest speakers:

Ah, yes. Blood and Honour. Here are a few examples of the fine folks Paulie will be speaking to:

Hey! That's Carolyne in the last picture (one of the targets of the bombing in Calgary last November). Looks like she's moved on quite quickly after her relationship with Sturrup ended. We wonder if immigration officials are aware of her down in the United States?

We've mentioned Billy Roper, the founder and leader of White Revolution, a few times on this blog now. Roper is also currently running as a write-in candidate for governor of Arkansas. He's also someone who claims affiliation with the Tea Party movement and believes that a large number of disaffected White voters will look to him to stem the time of the Black/Hispanic/Jewish menace that he seems to believe exists.

Recently the NAACP have called out leaders within the Tea Party movement to disavow and condemn racist elements that have been attracted to the anti-government rhetoric. In response, some Tea Party activists are claiming that the NAACP is actually the racist organization (as evidenced by the now widely discredited Shirley Sherrod non-story) and have stated that the movement they represent is not racist.

Perhaps ironically, Billy Roper and his followers agree with the NAACP, though instead of believing that racism should be condemned, Roper etal believe it should be (and is in many cases already) embraced:

Bro Ryan is an interesting character as well. Here are some of the tattoos he's talking about that have received compliments:

And a few other interesting screen shots too:

Sadly the pictures aren't very large so we can't see a lot of details, but we would sure like to see a picture of that state senator in the second picture.


bigcitylib said...

What's the date on the pic of the sovereignity rally?

nos200 said...

It was uploaded to his profile on June 30 of this year. Not sure when the rally took place though

bigcitylib said...

One took place in Missouri in Jan. Weather might be a bit too nice for that time of year, but in Missouri who knows.

Anonymous said...

hahaha oh Carolyne, you are such a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

As an avid follower of American politics, it doesn't surprise me at all that the White Nationalists have strong ties to the Tea Party Movement.

nos200 said...

Missouri is a good bet. Perhaps Virginia as a candidate?

Anonymous said...

"once u are labeled racist there is no turning back..." says the guy standing in front of a giant swastika flag. It's as if he has no idea why he should have received that label in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Jesse Labrocca, AKA GuiltyOfBeingWhite of the white nationalist legion is getting exposed today. This is him. That nazi devil!!

Davegeek said...

I really like those thumb tattoos. Those will really impress potential employers. "It's so when I'm playing Nintendo everyone will still know I'm WP".