Monday, July 26, 2010

London Pride Parade Goes On Without A Hitch

Earlier this month we wrote about David Ruud and the remnant of the Northern Alliance effort to stage an anti-Pride protest this past weekend.

By most accounts, it went pretty much as we expected.

Now this isn't to say that no one showed up. Perhaps they did, however no one we've spoken to or who have contacted us saw hide nor hair of them, which sort of misses the point of a public protest.

Of course the usual suspects did show up with their poorly made signs quoting biblical texts condemning homosexuality. At this point they're just a part of the spectacle right now and are as entertaining as the parade itself. Still, there were those who did confront these protestors in a manner that we in the Collective can respect and would hope others would emulate.

Derisive mockery.

The following were borrowed (shamelessly stolen without asking permission but hoping that the subjects and photographer don't mind because they're really funny) from some of those protesters. We especially like the look of anti-pride protester who doesn't quite seem to get what's going on in the last photograph:

Other photographs from another person attending the event can be found here.


Anonymous said...

This post makes me all kinds of happy. In fact, you could say it makes me all kinds of gay.


Right, well then... You gotta love it when the protest protesters have better signs then the protesters themselves.

Anonymous said...

ok I love the signs...these are almost as good as the ones from Comicon


Anonymous said...

Check out Paul Fromm's facebook page, where on Sunday he commends "youth leader" Kyle McKee on being a totally awesome for standing up for white rights! It's in regards to an apparent incident at a convenience store.

The wording and pandering is just so fucking hilarious.