Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Paul Fromm Goes to Bat For.... Michelle Erstikaitis???: Part III

When we published our last article detailing Paulie's efforts to spring Bernardo groupie and arsonist Michelle Erstikaitis from jail, we mentioned that no where in any published document concerning her long record has there been any indication that she harbored far right beliefs (aside from her infatuation with McVeigh) and that she herself had never indicated any political views.

Hey! Guess what? Paulie has published a letter on Stormfront (as well as the Facebook group he set up in her name) in which Ms. Erstikaitis claims she's in detention because of her political beliefs:

Well that was certainly convenient.

Paulie has had to acknowledge some inconvenient facts about Ms. Erstikaitis' past. Previously, he had only mentioned that she had written a letter to Timothy McVeigh, the terrorist who murdered 168 people (including 19 children) in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. That actually wasn't a problem, as a considerable individuals in the, "White Nationalist" movement are either sympathetic to McVeigh or even support his actions. However, problems sort of arise when people actually throw this woman's name into a search engine and learn that not only did she have a thing for Bernardo, but she also tormented the mother of one of his victims (including saying she would kill the mother and yer young son). And the time she tried to burn down her apartment which put at risk a number of other residents.

But don't think for a moment these are actually a big deal. Writes Paulie:

As you can see from the wording of Sec. 753, the Dangerous Offender Law, the state may effectively lock up a person so designated and throw away the key. What is so mystifying in Miss Erstikaitis case is that her crimes have been relatively minor, except for arson, actually a suicide attempt, in her troubled teen years. She has currently been warehoused at the Vanier Detention Centre in Milton for 18 months and counting, without bsil [sic]. She’s been imprisoned longer than any conceivable sentence even if she were convicted for assault where no one was hurt. It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that she’s being punished and jailed for her VIEWS not her relatively minor DEEDS. -- Paul Fromm. Director, Canadian Association for Free Expression

Sadly for Paulie, people aren't falling into line simply because he has asked them to. As in the first article we published concerning this issue, people are beginning to ask questions, including some of Paulie's supporters.

The first image is of a screen shot of Paulie's Facebook group set up to support Ms. Erstikaitis. One of the individuals is not a racist, but a good friend of the ARC Collective who's name and picture we've redacted (though we're sure this person would be okay if we published the original document):

This post in the discussion board has opened up a great deal of discussion on the group's wall, even as Mr. Free Speech Paulie continues to remove posts that don't toe the line and do damage control (each of the next three screen shots are essentially the same, but you'll notice that Paulie removed posts found in the first screen shot when you look at the second):

The discussion about Ms. Erstikaitis and her past is also occurring on Paulie's own profile:

Paulie's supporters are even talking about their concerns off-site:

As much fun as this is for us, we imagine it might be a little embarrassing for our, "White Nationalist" readers. Perhaps those readers would like to share their thoughts about Paulie's efforts on Ms. Erstikaitis' behalf?


Meghan G. said...

I still stand by my original statements about this troubled woman which were shared in a previous article of yours about her. In addition to that, Michelle's apparently in need of long term HELP. Evidently, she appears to be very incapable of living a life of responsibility and stability in any sense. At this point, it seems fair that she continue to be separated from the general population until she has demonstrated, for a substantial amount of time, that she is capable of living among reasonable, stable and responsible human beings who have the right to public safety. Many of our communities are currently quite dangerous already and far too many chances are taken which endanger vulnerable members of our communities today.

"Her actual crimes are relatively minor compared to many Jamican [sic] gunmen in and out of jail for armed robbery and assaults."

There's no need to compare this person with anybody of, what some may call, a criminal and/or "third world" mentality, and suppose that she is the lesser evil and therefore, acceptable. LOL...
In my opinion, criminal behavior/mentality is criminal behavior/mentality, and that, to any degree, should not be acceptable. Of course, in this day and age, what is perceived as "criminal" does vary from person to person. However, this person has demonstrated that she is a danger to herself and to other people who associate with her. In all fairness, freedom with responsibility is for those who can demonstrate that they are capable of utilizing that privilege. I wish her the best...

Anonymous said...

Most nationalists don't like Paul Fromm. Only Aryan Guard and Web types.

Anonymous said...

So Paulie, if we are letting her off because of a 'bad past', should we let all criminals off that have a 'bad' past? I am pretty sure that would let alot of immigrants out of our jails.

Anonymous said...

I can see it now, Paul Fromm pulling a fork from his arm while his house burns around him. "How did this happen?"