Thursday, July 15, 2010

Craig Cobb Apparently No Longer Canada's Problem

It had been reported a while back that Craig Cobb had been arrested in Vancouver where he had been living since being deported from Estonia last summer. Later we learned that he may have been released. At the time we weren't certain of the reason for his arrest, though given his extreme rhetoric and association with Podblanc (which is still offline as we write this article), we figured that it had something to do with violating hate crime laws.

Last week we received a note stating that Cobb was now in Montana. Unfortunately we were a bit busy and didn't follow the lead up until today (anyone interested in being an ARC Collective intern?), but it seems that may be the case. Glenn Miller on VNN has apparently been in contact with Cobb and wrote a post providing some details last week:

At the same time, we received several messages from people who wrote that Cobb had posted a lengthy account of this arrest and his, "escape" from Canada on a racist blog. We won't post a link to the blog, but we will provide his account in full in all it's paranoid glory (spelling and grammatical errors left as he wrote them, though we included some links):

On Thursday, June 17th, I was arrested by Corporals Faulkner and Terri Wilson of the RCMP, the latter being the head of the Hate Crime Unit--and himself an unindicted murderer co-conspirator of Jeff Hughes of Nanaimo. Wilson's female partner on the "hate sqaud" [sic] had emptied her weapon into the unarmed Hughes at distance. I subsequently made a video calling the two murderers and taunting them. Doug Christie, the most renowned free speech lawyer in Canada was kind enough to consult with me from the Vancouver jail. He explained that the B.C. attorney general had to accede to the charge against me--the willful [sic] promotion of hate--which he/she eventually apparently did do...the charge, Christie stated, being considered as serious as murder nor [sic] rape in Canada, though (I believe) with merely a 3 year penalty.

Subsequently I was released and immediately began making plans for successful flight. On Dominion Day, July 1, 2010, I commenced a 30 mile cross-mountain/alpine meadow line-of-sight compass trek from Elko, BC after a 16 hour Greyhound bus trip. I arrived at Roosville, Montana border crossing at 8AM, July 3rd, having escaped from Canuckistan, The Jewish, Chinese, and East Indian People's Dominion.

It is my general belief that senior "last gasp" White elements of the US Customs and Borper [sic] Protection, Secret Service, NSA, CIA, FBI et al must be generally sympathetic--partially, tacitly aiding WN political autonomies, even without our commonly accepted knowledge. I cleared customs in between 30 to 45 minutes. There were no political questions whatsoever...just a very professional and courteous backward/spread legged disarming from my belt-hatchet--which I of course informed them I was carrying, having been on a woods trip.

Richard Fadden, the 58 year old head of Canadian Security and Intelligence Services, two weeks ago stated that foreign elements were unduly influencing/controlling provincial level and municipal level officials in multiple provinces. Later he specifically named China, and it is widely believed India and Israel are the other two manipulating nations. There are 600,000 ethnic Chinese in metropolitan Vancouver and 500,000 ethnic East Indians. Whites are a factual numerical minority.

Fadden was immediately excoriated by Bilderberger attendee BC premier Gordon Campbell and Prime Minister Gordon Campbell [we assume he meant Stephen Harper], despite Fadden's perfect reputation as a particularly conscientious cabinet level federal admin. It should be noted that known conduits to the ADL, SPLC, and AIPAC-- the Canadian Anti Racists Action-- had made online statements that Podblanc and myself were under investication [sic] by Fadden's CSIS. If this is correct, it is entirel;y [sic] possible that Fadden and/or his staff were in part inspired to release the truth of foreign control of high level Canadian officials by incisive Podblanc teaching videos.

During last week's G-20 meeting in Toronto, Ralph Nader stated on the CBC that a billion dollars had been spent on security for the few-days event--over $100,000,000 more than on security for the Vancouver Olympics, itself an outlandish sum. Nader went on to state that the event could have easily been held at a remote castle-like mansion outside of Quebec City. However, the shrieking, domineering pomp of the Rothschild Jewish mega-billionaires cabal could not have been achieved by such relative anonymity; hence, the Orwellian demonstartion [sic] of utter, overwhelming planetary dominance.

Jeff Hughes' unindicted murderer Terri Wilson of the RCMP seized, in a search of my unserviced garage hideout behind the 30-some story Plaza Landmark Hotel on Robson Street, my Macbook, two other laptops, my primary religious text, Nature's Eternal Religion, 4 cameras, a large LED spotlight, 2,250 year old swazi coin rings from the long extinct Tocharian Yuezhi and Kushan-Kunindas civilizations, the English language transcript of my Estonian trial, my US passport, and a legal woolly mammoth tusk on which I had stated in one video I planned to carve swastikas as had been found on a 10,000 year old wooly mammoth tusk in the Ukraine. I had suggested in the video I might present one of the carvings to Jeff Schoep and NSM for their highly public street work work against Mexican invaders.

During interrogation, I stated "five words" to Wilson and Faulkner approximately 150 to 250 times. Wilson told me that I "had been arrested because of the Jews". As a quick afterthought he added--"and to a lesser degree because of the blacks...and other races". He was inordinately concerned that I "wanted to found a White country".

So far, four nations have either tried and convicted me for hate speech crimes (Kingdom of Sweden convicted in absentia and Estonian in-person trial; Finland and Canada arrested and remanded for trial). We hate that which threatens that which we love. Or as Linder puts it: "The term 'racism' is genocide. It is the attempted mass murder of Whites".

I will most probably take a lesson from Terrible Tommy Metzger and Glenn Miller and run for Congress from a northwestern Montana district in an internet/door-to-door campaign in 2012, by which tuime [sic] unemployment will surely have hit Weimar 35% levels. I will run on James Bowery's 3 point platform with the simple additions of outlawing the Federal Reserve, AIPAC, ADL and SPLC. The SPLC will be investigated and its members and cash contibuters [sic] will be convicted as the bombers of OKC. As well, I will support unilaterally transferring/converting all the USA's Jewish and part-Jewish citizens into global Israeli citizens. In other words, their American citizenships [sic] will be officially changed into deported "dishonorary" [sic] and actual Israeli citizenships [sic] (whether or not Israel approves)--a service for which the White American taxpayers have pre-paid many times over through decades of extreme monetary gifts to Israel.

It is fantastical that loud-mouthed. cocksure [sic] of himself, terribly homely Jew Ken Feinberg has been named the Obama BP oil spill payout-control czar for the southern gulf states. This is roughly equivalent to Dr. William L. Pierce being appointed to admin a NYC/CT area ecological disaster. Who can forget that aged Jew Henry Kissenger [sic] was originally slotted to sanitize the Israeli 911 attack and Jew Philip D. Zelikow finally executed that lie?

I want to thank the Montana militiaman and his Jesse James-descended wife who picked me up 60 miles into my walk just outside Olney, MT. There is no public transport up here; my knee and foot were swollen.

The Podblanc team will of course work to get Podblanc onto new servers ASAP. Thanks to the Podblanc team. If anyone cares to write me: Craig Cobb, General Delivery, Kalispell, MT 59903 (I think the zip is correct) I will try to read any personal messages here on ***** *********.

Craig Cobb
Kalispell, Montana,
July 6th, 2010

So on the one hand we're pleased that the BC Hate Crimes Division dealt with Cobb, we are disappointed that a trial seems to be out of the question right now given he's out of the country.

Cobb later added more information regarding his, er... political aspirations:

Turns out there is a sole US representative for all Montana, so I may as well run for US Senate from Montana in 2012.

Also, one Andrew J. Bonfield--a probable Jew [lawyer] who I peered at through the glass without my glasses was curious about Creativity. I told him that we live in a soft Jewish dictatorship in which they can no longer crush our testicles with special pliers as the Jews did to Whites in Lithuania in WWll. His voice immediately became ebullient: "It's pretty good, isn't it!"

It takes two to three weeks just to upload Podblanc's almost 20,000 videos to new servers. Maybe we will use Metzger's server company. I am not yet in touch with the Podblanc cell. You Tube has been online 5 years; Podblanc 3 years--we will be back to culturally influence the world. We certainly could use help with server costs.

New contact phone and address for media or personal communications:
Craig Cobb
124 9th Ave. West, Kalispell Montana 59901
Friday, July 9th, 2010
Phone 406-257-5801

The phone number and address are for a homeless shelter in Kalispell which Cobb also mentions later in a further paranoid post on the blog:

I am Craig Cobb; I think there is a good chance that new signup "Andrex" on VNNF is RCMP Terri Wilson, one of the two primary murderers of WN Jeff Hughes. I had googled "Andrex" and saw it to be a Brit toilet paper brand too. Even in their "investigations", these esteemed-up shabbos "Unitarian" racial moralists can't resist judeo crissed-insane based slurs. At least, Andrex is likely an anti.

My new email is craigcobbpodblanc@*******.com Anyone can phone me at that VNNF telephone number too. I'd like to find April Gaede and her husband Mark Harrington.

The shelter I stay at accepts is federally funded. My religion is Creativity which differs from theirs. All my political and journalistic works are seminally, religiously informed and predicated.

I just read an interesting story in April 2010 Wired mag about Gerald Blanchard, a Canadian master thief who served less than 2 years and is currently in a Vancouver halfway house. Blanchard served less time than several "thought criminals" in the Jewish, Chinese and East Indian People's Dominion of Canuckistan.

I did NOT write these two paragraphs which Andrex melded into my WR Blog posts:

One thing you have to laugh at is Taylor Bowles' blog. Everytime they expose him a little more, he runs over and starts belching out more generic white power essays. It's like he thinks that increasing his pro white act will sway anyone coming to his site. It's more transparent than window glass.

Now he's over there comparing how communists run candidates the right way and white nationalists do it all wrong. You ran for president and blew tens of thousands of dollars, you fucking idiot. Where do you have to stand and tell anyone about politics? Notice how the communist run for realistic offices that they are likely at least somewhat qualified to hold? I bet he blew at least 50k on his campaign. And then he'll turn around and bitch about the NSM selling records to people.

So, what was once our problem is now, sadly once again, our American friend's problem.


Anonymous said...

While I am thrilled that he's out of Canada I am a little dismayed that he came through the Kootenays. It's nice here, we don't need him coming through here.

Also as an FYI for Craig there are a lot of places out here that would have made for easier crossings than walking from Elko. Places that are closer to the border and not as mountainous. But I guess the relatively easy walk from Creston would have lacked the overly romantic martyr quality that coming through the Rockies has.

Anonymous said...

He is at it in Montana.. Kalispell specifically. Here is the ad that was placed in the local trader newspapers:

STOP THE ADL HATE: Jewish videographer David Cole interviews Dr Franciszek Piper on non-fictional history of Auschwitz. Sponsored by Creativity Religion and Craig Cobb, not Flathead County Library. Showing September 9, 7 PM, Kalispell Library. Phone 260-1396. 3-35