Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ruud Plans On Protesting Gay Pride Parade In London

The folks in London, Ontario celebrates their Pride Week a little later than most cities, but by all accounts it's a rocking affair. Of course it does attract it's fair share of protesters, but they've sort of become part of the show as they stand along the side of the street with their homemade signs that contain some well used rhetoric (i.e. wages sin yadda yadda yadda) calling on the parade participants to repent of their wicked ways.

In our experience, the parade participants are usually either quite pleasant to the protesters or mercilessly mock them because, well, they are sort of funny in their impotence.

One of the groups that has protested the parade in the past have been our good friends in the Northern Alliance and the Canadian Heritage Alliance, as well as some of their hanger-ons. Last year, they didn't show up. Couldn't get the numbers they wanted we guess, though they really have never been a large group at these events.

This year however, Stormfront user and Northern Alliance member, "For Honor" promises a return performance in the protester sideshow event:

Perhaps it would be useful to remind our readers who, "For Honor" is:

Yep, it's Dave Ruud. This picture was from a few years ago during another Pride Parade protest. He's also the go to guy in the Northern Alliance now that Jason Ouwendyk has dropped out of public.

Some of Ruud's fellow travelers aren't comfortable with his public announcement on Stormfront however:

Yep, Tom Winnicki, pictured at yet another Pride Protest in London, feels that Ruud has said too much:

But that hasn't stopped Ruud from providing other useful information:

The people involved in organizing the protest (i.e. getting people to show up and hold a sign while helplessly being the subject of pity and ridicule) are at great pains to stress that those who do participate are to leave their Nazi flags and symbols at home:

But we thought you were PROUD to be white? And by saying that this is a, "clean protest" is that a tacit admission that there is nothing, "clean" or particularly honest about, "White Nationalism."

Well we are shocked! Shocked we say!

But then considering the affinity of the Northern Alliance to Nazism, that might be more a self-reminder than anything:

That last picture includes Canadian Heritage Alliance leader Melissa Guille who has also attended the London protests in the past.

In fact, Ruud has a rather odd obsession with the London Pride week parade. We could post dozens of screen shots, but we'll limit it to a couple:

The protests also have attracted an odd group of people. Sort of like this guy:

So, who is Wayne Kellestine? We'll let Ruud explain:

Wow. Talk about the company you keep.

So who's going to be coming out? We think that we could start with those who attended the last protest in 2008. Ruud will be there of course and maybe Winnicki. We think that Guille might make an appearance as well:

Perhaps Randall Linton will show up:

It wouldn't be a protest without Tyler Chilcott:

And finally, this Northern Alliance member who's name we still aren't sure of (but would love to know):

As for this year's events, if you bring a camera, be sure to keep this humble blog in mind when you consider sharing.


Anonymous said...

If Randall shows up, least the NA guys will know where CSIS is.....

nos200 said...

Really? Do tell.

Anonymous said...

Bunch of fools, not only is the gay marriage debate long since dead in Canada but they're like 10 people max going against a parade of hundreds of thousands, nobody is even going to notice them nor their poorly done signs. And that one idiot forgot the second 'E' in 'heterophobe,' not to mention the stupid amount of hypocrisy that's involved in a neonazi calling a homosexual a heterophobe.

Anonymous said...

Check a hilarious counterprotest that happened last year at London Pride:

V. Igra said...

Kyle's logic is flawed. I would bet he would group all non-white people together as lazy and good for nothing, completely disregard the hard working people, and yet he states that they should fight for all white people regardless of whether or not they are lazy and jobless and whatever. Fascism is completely based upon deciding who is okay and who isn't, white or not (i.e. white homosexuals and white lazy good-for-nothings); his last statement is defending a point of view he is supposedly against. Fuck, I hate these people for their hypocrisy and idiocy almost as much as I do for their racism.

chantel said...

you alliance guys are all cowards,alone you will run and hide,your just like bikers, ..chantel toronto tgirl

Anonymous said...

hey dave,,what does pat n joe think of you now?? ragnar would roll over in his grave if he seen your stupidity,,,pic up a bible dave,,start searching for the truth,,,NOT THE LIES YOUR CONSUMED WITH

Anonymous said...

dave,,we grew up together,,we never had any indifferences with black or white people,,even your sister had a black friend i remember,, she was always nice to you,, now your brother,,hes another story,,,you were always considered the number one son cause rick could not stay out of jail,,now look,,your below ricks level on many fronts,,,wake up dave,,,truth will set you free from all this crap instilled in your brain-your time is shortening with each day and each lie you hurt human beings with,,,adding your thing with these idiots,,, the creator GOD jesus will forgive and protect you from your fears,,you only live like this cause your scared,,,i know your childhood like no one else does,,your scared and you need to grow up now dave,,let satan not controll you any longer,,get brave and fight his lies,,god bless you david tomas ruud and happy birthday