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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Doug Ford and the Proud Goys: Yet ANOTHER White Nationalist Connection

ARC has already published articles that connect the Progressive Conservative Premier-designate Doug Ford to a host of white nationalist groups and individuals.

A few such examples include Faith Goldy:

Kevin "Poodle" Johnston (who is currently facing a number of legal entanglements including hate crime charges.... based on a recent post on Facebook, it seems all is not going so well for "The Jackal"):

Self-proclaimed ethno-nationalist and white nationalist Ronny Cameron:

And, of course, the Proud Boys:

Well we can now add another group that Doug Ford inexplicably (if one wishes to be generous) doesn't seem to mind being associated with:

Readers may remember the last article ARC wrote about regarding the Proud Goys, a short-lived breakaway faction of the Proud Boys. On July 15, 2017, members of the Proud Boys attended a rally in support of the military douchnozzles young gentlemen who disrupted a First Nations' ceremony in Halifax on July 1. And among the other participants was Paul Fromm who managed to waddle to the nearest megaphone because Paulie has to promote Paulie:

On a side note, Fromm endorsed Tanya Granic Allen, one of Ford's rivals in the Progressive Conservative leadership race:
The Proud Boys as a national group were faux shocked and faux outraged by Paulie's presence and faux denounced him publicly:

This so-called disavowing of Paulie led to the Proud Goys being formed:

It all seems to have been window dressing however as these Proud Goys appear to have been quietly welcomed back into the fold as if nothing happened. In fact as discussed in the ARC article on the Hamilton march that resulted Ronny Cameron and a number of drunken Proud Boys attacking antifascists, at least one of those Proud Boys is found in the photo above:

Now while the Proud Goy Facebook group hasn't been active in some time, the Twitter account has. There is a suspicion that James Sears of "Your Ward News" may very well be involved in that account; his connection to the Proud Goys is already well established:

So.... yeah.

It has been suggested that perhaps Ford follows the Proud Goys because he follows anyone who follows him on social media. That may or may not be true, but even it it is then I think it is fair to question his judgement and given that he is soon to be leading the largest province in the country and the nation's primary economic engine, this is no small concern.

Then again, the Ford family does have past connections with while nationalism:

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