Monday, May 01, 2017

Infighting Amongst Canadian Islamophobes: Part 1

This past Saturday ARC reported that the Canadian chapter of the Soldiers of Odin had broken away from the Finnish parent organization because after basically two years of being presented with evidence that the founder of the Finnish chapter was a neo-Nazi and that much of the membership were neo-Nazis, the new Canadian leadership who had previously denied this reality had come to realize that the Finnish founder of the Soldiers of Odin was, indeed, a neo-Nazi.

Also, a lot of Canadian members didn't want to pay membership dues to Finland, so money was an issue.... probably the real issue.

As Stewart Bell observed in Monday's edition of the National Post however, this break has resulted in a schism within the Canadian movement:
TORONTO — The far-right group Soldiers of Odin has splintered in Canada after the two main factions turned against each other in a dispute over whether to remain aligned with their racist namesake in northern Europe.....The Finnish leaders of the anti-immigrant group responded by expelling Daniels and banning him from using the name Soldiers of Odin. The Quebec branch then said it was also splitting away from the Daniels wing. 
“There is indeed a disconnect between SOO Quebec and SOO Canada,” said the Quebec chapter president, Katy Latulippe. “As the provincial president, and with a unanimous vote, we decided that Quebec would dissociate Canada.” 
The Daniels faction “will no longer be allowed to wear the colors of the Soldiers of Odin,” she said. “It is important to know that more than 50% of the divisions in Canada do not agree with Bill Daniels and also wishes to continue their activities under the banner of the SOO.”
One wonders what the Canadian Finnish loyalists would do should they come across anyone associated with Daniels' SoO wearing the colours of the SoO in defiance of the Finnish order?

That this is all happening isn't all that much of a surprise. ARC has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous hate groups which have broken apart due to personality conflicts within the group itself. And the SoO isn't the only anti-Muslim hate group to find itself in this position in Canada either.

For example, Stewart Bell has also observed that Ron Banerjee's vanity project Rise Canada has broken with Sandra Soloman who has become the most visible personality in the Canadian Islamophobic movement:
Banerjee alluded to the breaking off of ties with Soloman, though he didn't refer to her by name:

I suppose there is some irony in that Ron Banerjee, a misogynistic bigot, has been trying for years to become a relevant player this movement. His Canadian Hindu Advocacy was a transparently one man show that made him look pathetic and Rise Canada was really nothing significant until Sandra Soloman became associated with it. But although Soloman helped to raise the profile of Rise Canada in some quarters, it resulted in Banerjee, a man desperate for attention, to become marginalized within the group that he founded because people were more interested in a woman than they were in him.

Man, Ron must have absolutely hated that.

But though she's out with Rise Canada (and a few other groups it seems), she's still #1 with WCAI Canada:

Yes, who is supporting who?

It's becoming a bit hard to tell:

As much as they hate Muslims, liberals (and Liberals), and a lot of other people, they really don't like each other all that much either.

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