Sunday, May 14, 2017

Infighting Amongst Canadian Islamophobes: Part 5 - Troubles With Edmonton Rally

You know, I had fully intended on writing a few other articles this week primarily focusing on the upcoming anti-government/Islamophobe rally scheduled for Ottawa on June 3 as well as the WCAI event (which is explicitly anti-Muslim) planned for June 24 in Calgary. I also have a great article that was submitted by the reader who provided ARC with the fantastic article on the SoO in Ottawa. And I WILL get to those eventually.

However, sometimes karma is good to me.

A few days ago, this article came out:

So Begins the Alt-Right Purity Spiral

Basically, the article details the factionalism that has been occurring within the alt-right which is something this blog as also been reporting on. And much like the fist fight between fellow bigots Ronnie Cameron and Eric Brazau that occurred on May 6 in Toronto, this article includes and example of internecine violence as well:

Even before I began this series of article on the infighting occurring between anti-government and anti-Muslim groups in Canada, it was clear that there was significant fracturing beginning due to the egos (and, let's be honest, stupidity) of the leadership and members of these groups. The low to middle level bickering has continued since the commencement of this project, but today, well, things became somewhat nuclear.

A group going by the name of the Alberta Citizen's Council has organized a rally in Edmonton to protest the legislation and actions of the federal and provincial governments. The Alberta Citizen's Council is also associated with the Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens (CCCC) which organized the anti-M103 rallies across the country which met with varying levels of success. As such there is some overlap of folks that ARC keeps tabs on, including Joey Deluca of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI)

In fact, ARC has Joey to thank for this article, since his lax concern for security and compulsion for self-promotion has made it all possible:

Joey shared this with 89 individuals, at least some of whom may or may not be mutual friends of one of ARC's sock puppets which means I got to see it as well as these people:

And their friends also got to see the shit storm that resulted, as alluded to by Deluca in a video he uploaded after the day's events in which he further trashed his erstwhile fellow travelers:

I'm often rightfully accused of being pedantic, so I'm just going to cut to the chase. What follows is a thread that occurred over a series of hours and deals with a dispute over the WCAI's unwelcome involvement in the June 3 Edmonton protest organized by the Alberta Citizen's Council. It is very long and while I may have missed a few comments, it is probably about 95% complete.

People of note involved in the thread:
  • Joey Deluca: Founder of WCAI, vanilla and cherry Coke aficionado and resident of Calgary.
  • Dena Gallant: Facebook administrator (perhaps) of the Alberta Citizen's Council and, according to Deluca, beneath him (edit: fine, I'll behave, but could I make fun of his giant head still?). Upset that the mere possibility that WCAI might be involved in the protest has frightened off "legit big name" speakers whom she does not name, though she does imply Brian Jean.
  • Jeff Sharpe: Seems to be the head of the Alberta Citizen's Council who is upset that his rally has been ruined! Ruined he says!
  • Christopher Hayes: Formerly associated with SoO, now Saskatchewan rep for WCAI. Currently inconvenienced by criminal conviction involving threats towards the prime minister because Chris is a classy mofo.
  • Mike Waine: Co-organizer of Ottawa rally on June 3. Threatened this writer in a reply to a post he doesn't think I saw. It was adorable.
  • Steven Alexander Gregory Myatt: Robert Edmund Theophilus Horncastle  Netherwallop Jr. Co-organizer of Ottawa rally on June 3. One of our newest fans.
  • Stephen Garvey: Leader of the National Advancement Party. Finished dead last in most recent Alberta by-election in Calgary (worse than even his previous dismal result) which by some strange calculus that I am unfamiliar with, probably counts as a great moral victory..
  • Jesse Wielenga: WCAI member from Manitoba and antisemitic dickhead.
  • Devon Mannix: Kellie Leitch supporter and full-on white nationalist who, to his credit, doesn't pretend that "old stock" Canadian isn't about white Canadians.
  • David Troute: Formerly a leader in the SoO, now the president of the Guardians of Alberta (GOA). Not actually a fish. 
  • Ryan "Alberta" Dean: Formerly of the SoO, formerly vice-president of the GOA, not president of the Canadian Combat Coalition because (a) these people seem to have a problem with commitment and (b) they appear to be running out of words to describe their personal vanity projects.
  • Karyn Draper: Not a fan of Catholics either, Karyn has attended a number of anti-government/anti-Muslim rallies.... she should find a more productive hobby
  • And assorted conspiracy nutters, bigots, and hotheads.
Come for the petty squabbling and insults. Stay for the giant egos and threats.


Thanks for the show kids. 

It was very entertaining.


Anonymous said...

How many hours of your life do you spend copying and pasting Facebook shit... pathetic...

Roberts Weiss said...

Klanberta is still living up to its reputation as the most racist backwoods province in the country. Always has been. Always will be.

Kurt Phillips said...

Anonymous: Not as long as you might think. I have nimble fingers.