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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Wanting (Or Thinking) of Getting Out of the Movement? Read This Please

We had known about Jan for a number of years even before his association with the Aryan Guard, then Blood & Honour, had become known. At the time we first came across him, we only knew him by his photo and the the online handle, "boy white."

We had always tried to learn what his surname was. We never once thought we would find out what it was via this way.

Putting a name to a face humanizes a person (just as putting a face to the name does as well) which isn't to say it makes that person appear any better or any worse. It does mean that the person in question is no longer just a photo of some person seig heiling or marching in a rally. They have a real identity, history, most importantly they have a family, some of who's members might have no idea what their loved one has gotten himself or herself mixed up in.

Jan's mother posted the following message on the blog today. It deals with a theme that we have dealt with in the past, but given the circumstances we think it bares repeating again. We were given permission to reprint this here in the hopes it might help someone make a better choice in the direction of his or her life:
Jan was another angry young man that as a teenager on an unfortunate trip to Germany was recruited into whatever skinhead group happened to be near his fathers house. He had gone to connect with his birthfather and as that had gone very badly he was easy prey for a group looking for angry, blond and blue eyed members. Jan fit that bill perfectly at the time and that was the first time I lost my son. Now I have lost him forever. There is no connection to blood & honour with Jan's death and he has no real friends there. Friends don't send anonymous emails that cause incredible pain to a friends family, spreading ludicrous stories of targeting and hate crimes. Friends don't try to swoop in and cover their own tracks and connections after "a comrade falls", friends care and help out. Turns out Jan did not have any friends like that in the city. He was, however, connected to that group, but more of a closet racist, one that didn't live his "convictions" out-loud and proud 24/7, but rather hidden away for the most part. The recruitment and brainwashing still happens all over the world like it does with any other cult and the recruits are still all looking for whatever it is in the individual cases. Other angry, young men will replacing my son and other mothers will be heartbroken......... Jan was also an adored, big brother, a loved and loving son, grandson, cousin, nephew and friend to those of us that actually knew him. 
If you are thinking of getting out of the racist movement, we are willing to help you do so. And if you are a fence sitter, please consider what you have just read. You have no idea how many people might be devastated by your decision.