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Free Dominion and JT Ready: Missing the Point. Again.

It didn't take too long for one of our most faithful readers to report back to our friends at Free Dominion regarding our post on their reaction to the JT Ready murders/suicide here:

And here.

And the reaction? Inevitable:

Click here to see the screen shot more clearly.

NOTE: Concerning those claims that no one on the right has rationalized or justified Anders Behring Breivik's murderous rampage, well, might we suggest the following links?
And on this side of the pond:
We could post more (including posts from Stormfront, a forum frequented by Marc Lemire in the past and Paul Fromm as recently as yesterday) but we might suggest instead looking at some of the posts made by Free Dominion's Ed Kennedy in the past which could, in our opinion, have been taken directly from Breivik's manifesto.

They even created (yet another) thread about us that includes the requisite Edward Kennedy murder threats/fantasies that we've come to expect (those could be read more clearly here, here, and here):

That last one is sort of ironic coming from a website that claims to support freedom of speech above all, though not as ironic as this post made by Ms. Fournier in another thread .....

.....but we continue:

Now when we posted the article in question, it wasn't intended to claim that the folks on Free Dominion agreed with or justified Breivik's actions (though, again, we invite our readers to examine Ed Kennedy's posts in the years and months prior to when the tragedy took place) but to comment on their tendency to jump to conclusions that fit their ideological bent. Certainly we're all capable of doing this and that reality doesn't know political ideology, however Free Dominion members have a tendency to pat themselves on the back about how they would never do that themselves. Some of our friends made that point clear much earlier than we did (see here and here).

But "Shiva" doesn't seem to understand this point:

Just to be clear, this is the thread that "Shiva" complains we haven't provided a link to:

Oslo explosion & shootings: Over 90 dead, dozens injured

Trust us, the context doesn't make you all look any better "Shiva". In fact, it actually makes you look even worse.

And to be further clear, "Shiva" believes this post, made soon after the information about the massacre was first hitting the news....

.... is equivalent to this, after more information about the murder and the suspect had been made public:

But back to JT Ready. When the murders/suicide first occurred, the folks on Free Dominion didn't want to comment until all the information came out. Fine, though a little online research would have indicated that Ready was everything he was described as. But many were willing to jump to the erroneous conclusion that the massacre in Norway was the result of Islamic extremists  immediately and continued to hold onto those beliefs even after the facts disproved those earlier beliefs.

But we have been afforded yet another opportunity to examine the claim that those on the right don't jump to erroneous conclusions due to their political ideology.

Not long after the murders/suicide occurred, this article was posted to our blog:

Exclusive: Arizona – Two Carloads of Shooters Escape, Survivor Witness Found.

The individual who posted this link accused us of covering up the murder of the, "heroic" JT Ready who died defending himself and his family whom he dearly loved.

Reading the article, we became a wee bit suspicious, especially when we read the other articles penned by the writer Mike Harris:
So we decided to do a little research on Mike Harris. We found his Facebook profile where he discusses his breaking news:

Hmmm, not willing to say who his sources are? Suspicious, though not as suspicious as the fact that Mike Harris knew JT Ready, something not made clear in any of the articles he writes:

Curiouser and curiouser.

A little more research resulted in more photos. We know that JT Ready was a member of the NSM, a neo-Nazi organization. Guess who else has been associated with that group of Nazis?

Harris also participated in the NSB's Myspace clone, New Saxon:

All of this might cause a reasonable person to doubt the claims of a government conspiracy to silence JT Ready. But the most damning information proving Harris to be motivated by an agenda is found on the 911 audio.

Harris claims there was a survivor who was being kept hidden by the police because she knew the truth (that family was murdered by a Mexican drug cartel and that the government was covering it up). This is partially true. There was in fact a survivor, however this was information made public before Harris' article. And she does know the truth.

This first recording (found here) is of Ready's girlfriend calling into 911 to report a domestic dispute:

The second, longer recording is of the survivor. A word of warning: this is difficult emotionally to listen too:

It took us very little time to establish that Mike Harris was not being truthful.

So how would our friends at Free Dominion respond to the Harris article?

In at least these cases it seems they would respond with complete credulity.

You know what they say about pointing fingers, right "free_life2"?

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Anonymous said...

it really pissed me off when Edward kennedy (on another thread) said that Trayvon Martin 'got what he deserved'!

these people are pure scum!