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Friday, May 04, 2012

Free Dominion Reaction to JT Ready Murder-Suicide

Before we get to the meat of the article, we thought we would share something we found when looking at a link posted by BCL:

It doesn't say who are the ones who are making the requests, but given the word choices, we might suspect that it is our good friends at Free Dominion.

But hey, we could be wrong.

Speaking of Free Dominion, some of their members chimed in on the JT Ready murder-suicide which occurred yesterday. In response to original post which stated Read was neo-Nazi, FD member "shiva" posted the following:

The relevant sections are as follows:
Terrible. My condolences to the families.

Now, on to a frank discussion if we might.

My first question (and it is a question since I readily admit knowing nothing about this man other than what is in this story SmallL posted); is the "White Supremacist" attribution a proven fact?
I see nothing in the Facebook post which directly suggests this is a race issue for this guy although of course it could be.

As for his Facebook post, tell me which part of what he said here doesn't have some truth to it? 
We have traitors in office, an apathetic population, hostile media, narco-terrorists, cartel invasion, narco-insurgency, street gangs the size of armies, vicious prison gangs - if not fight back now while we have a chance then when? The decent patriots will arise and take the helm if we lead the way. Long live the Republic!" 
Same as I said when Breivek committed his horrendous massacre in Norway, I offer JFK's quote, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable". 
To be clear SmallL, by making this comment I am NOT saying this justifies what he did but am remarking on the fact that when politicians are not responsive to the people when they are being reasonable, they will give crazy people like this guy the justification for extreme actions.
Followed by:
Since I'm the kind of person that prefers to know more before I speak (unlike our friend(s) on the left), I followed some of the links SmallL provided. I found this article both touching and telling as it appears that already the media is trying to paint this a certain way.

The man who made this statement, Russel Pearce, appears to be a former Arizona state Senator and a Republican of course:
Hey, a healthy skepticism is a good thing. And someone should absolutely check into things before making a snap judgment (and if one were to check into JT Ready, one would note that he was, indeed, a White Supremacist as well as an anti-Semite). However it is more than a bit disturbing that "shiva" uses this tragedy as a means to make two claims:

1. While murder is not justifiable, JT Ready's "reasonable" views should be acted upon.... or else we might expect more of this.
2. "Conservatives" like shiva and (we presume) the folks on Free Dominion would NEVER make snap judgments. Only leftists ever do that.

On the second point, we ask, really?

Our friend "shiva" here mentions the Anders Breivik thread on Free Dominion. Hey, seems like a great place to look at Free Dominion members not jumping to conclusions.

Uhm.... this is going to take a while. Might as well pour yourself a coffee:

Yep, that was a long slog.

If you didn't manage to make it through all of them (and really, who could blame you?) here is a brief summary:
  1. Members automatically jumped to the erroneous conclusion that the perpetrator of the Norway was a Muslim terrorist ("RedDog's" comments about the perp being Lutheran was a funny little sarcastic jab). They openly laugh at the reports that there was a blond, blue-eyed suspect since that was obvious "lamestream" media spin to cover for what was obviously a Muslim extremist.
  2. When the report came out that the person who committed the act was Norwegian, there was more ridicule as OBVIOUSLY a Muslim (even one born in Norway) isn't really a Norwegian. Nope. 'Dem Islamics did it.
  3. Uhm, it WAS a blond, blue-eyed Norwegian that committed the act? No problem. He was a Muslim convert. It is clear to everyone that this has it's roots in the Middle East and Islam.
  4. Okay. It was a blond, blue-eyed Norwegian who hated multiculturalism and Muslims in particular AND who identified as a Christian. NOW our Free Dominion friend are skeptical. Nope, it must have a connection to Islam in some way. By the way, why doesn't the "lamestream media" EVER talk about Islam on the news? They're covering for Muslim extremists!
  5. Okay, it was the White dude. But he wasn't really a Christian even though he identifies himself as such. Christians would never do something like this. And even if he was a Christian, it is fundamentally WRONG to tar an entire religious community as being complicit in such a terrible crime. This was clearly the work of a lone crazy and his actions do not reflect on the larger community of Christians worldwide. Oh, and we still aren't convinced yet that the Muslims didn't have anything to do with this. It was an isolated case. Has never happened before and never will again.
  6. Oh, and why have Muslims never condemned terrorism? Their silence is deafening! Don't confuse the issue by providing evidence that numerous Islamic groups HAVE condemned terrorism. Such groups are, in fact, lying and they really DO support Islamic extremism in spite of what they claim in public.
  7. And why were those kids at a socialist camp? Being brainwashed into a leftist ideology that accepts multiculturalism! Leftists use their children and indoctrinate them from birth so clearly they are complicit in this tragedy (conservatives would NEVER send THEIR children to a camp such as this). Also, and not to justify this, but Breivik would never have committed this act of murder if only Norway had put in place an immigration policy that would preclude Muslim immigration. So, it really is the fault of leftists that this happened.
  8. Finally, if Norwegians were all armed like Americans are, this never would have happened either (we'll not mention that Norway also has one of the lowest homicide rates in the Western worldwhile that in the United States is, well, not one of the lowest in the Western world). In the end, this mass murder is the fault of leftists.
And so on....

One thing we noted is the disappointment of the Free Dominion posters as they realized that they were incorrect and had jumped to an erroneous conclusion. They are truly projecting when they lament that the massacre in Norway was somehow a victory for the left.

What kind of twisted, demented, mind would ever think of this as a victory? 77 people were murdered, and the folks at Free Dominion want to talk of winners and losers?

THAT is truly odious.

But they are nothing if not consistent. We return to the JT Ready murder-suicide. Note the similarities when compared to the Breivik murders:

And it wouldn't really be a Free Dominion thread without Ed Kennedy threatening someone:

"Principled" conservatives, eh?


Anonymous said...

oh man
I read Shiva's comments

remember nos, its *not* racism if blacks/jews etc *really are* inferior

its just fact


Anonymous said...

Good job tracking those dufeses, Nosferatu200.

It goes to show that for all their $20 words, they are just a bunch of idiotic hicks..