Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Brad Love Convicted

One of Paulie's buddies, Brad Love, has apparently been convicted on, "all 7 counts of 'breach of probation" yesterday. Brad Love is known for harassing groups and individuals he, for some reason or another, isn't pleased with.

We'll post more about this soon, but in the meantime, the wild histrionics of Paul Fromm:

NEWMARKET, May 28, 2012. Will the Canadian judicial system send an inveterate letter-writer back to prison for expressing his opinions in apparent contravention of a judge's probation order that might have served as a model for the Red Chinese for silencing dissent? The answer must wait until a sentencing hearing on Friday, July 13.

Former political prisoner Brad Love was convicted on all seven counts today in provincial court this morning for breach of probation. Two of the charges dealt with failure to report in person to his probation officer in Ontario after Mr. Love moved to Alberta to take a job in the oilpatch in the Spring of 2006. However, five of the charges dealt with packages of material Mr. Love had mailed to the York University Students' Union, Hillel, the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith and the Canadian Jewish Congress in conjunction with End Israeli Apartheid Week in March, 2008.

The charges stemmed from a February 13, 2006 order by now retired Mr. Justice Hogg who ordered three years probation for the letter-writing dissident. One condition, that effectively gagged Mr. Love from expressing his political opinions, ordered Mr. Love not to send any material by mail, FAX, electronically or in person to anyone, except by request. Thus, even a letter of complaint to a credit card company for a disputed charge might be a breach.

Madam Justice Kelly Wright rejected Mr. Love's evidence that he had called the five groups and said he'd read some of their recent views and asked for permission to send them his own. All, he testified, gave him permission. However, the judge stretched the words of the ruling even further and ruled "permission would have to have been directed to him perersonally. In his calls he did not provide his name or a description of the type of material he would be sending."

One observer in Court commented after the judgement that the judge had "bared her fangs" today.

She said: "I am unable to place any weight on Mr. Love's evidence." She denounced his manner, "his disrespect of court and the justice system, his attitude of impertinence."

While noting that "the content of the material [sent by Mr. Love to Hillel] is not relevant," she immediately denounced it as "offensive and anti-Semitic."

The Crown indicated she'd be seeking a prison sentence. A pre-sentencing report will be prepared and the case goes back to Court July 13 for a sentencing hearing.

Mr. Love was first convicted under Canada's notorious "hate law" (Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code) in 2003 for sending non-violent letters critical of immigration to some 20 politicians. His parole conditions were successively tightened from not writing to those 20 politicians, to not writing to any elected official, to Mr. Justivce Hogg's ferocious prohibition against writing to anyone, presumably even his own friends, without their express consent.

Outside the Court a disgusted Paul Fromm of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, which has championed Mr. Love in his eight year ordeal, said: "A couple of weeks ago the press featured wall to wall coverage of Chen Guangcheng the blind Chinese dissident who was being kept under house arrest for his outspoken political views. The press cheered as he somehow managed to scale a six-foot wall, walk several miles to meet an associate to be spirited away and then seek shelter at the U.S. Embassy in Peking."

"Yet, the Canadian press has studiously ignored Mr. Love's plight," Mr. Fromm charged. "Once again as free speech is being butchered," the press is nowhere to be found. There is no difference between Mr. Chen and Brad Love. Both men have criticized politically powerful elements in their society and both have suffered punishment and state efforts to gag and silence them."

"Somehow," Mr. Fromm, who has told the Brad Love story to incredulous U.S. audiences, concluded, "our press finds it easier to expose and denounce the silencing of dissent when it occurs on the other side of the world than when it occurs right here at home."

We still find it really weird that, in writing his own articles, Paulie quotes himself as an authority. Ego much?


Anonymous said...

Does Paul Fromm run upto himself and shove a microphone in his own face?

"Paul Fromm! Paul Fromm! What do you think of these developments?", asked Paul Fromm.

Paul Fromm replied, "Well, Paul Fromm, I plan to write a strongly worded opinion piece on the interwebz!"

Anonymous said...

Can I ask about the source of this faux news release?

Or did Fromm just post his own quotes and bile from his own website?