Wednesday, May 02, 2012

American Neo-Nazi and 4 Others (Including a Child) Dead. Murder-Suicide Suspected

Not Canadian news (though he had the support of a lot of boneheads who knew him up here) but this is one of the reasons we keep track of these individuals:

PD: 4 adults, 1 child killed in Gilbert shooting

Posted: 05/02/2012
Last Updated: 24 minutes ago
GILBERT, AZ - Sources tell ABC15 that a prominent former neo-Nazi is among five people shot and killed Wednesday in a Gilbert neighborhood.

Gilbert police Sgt. Bill Balafas says the victims in the Wednesday shooting are two men, two women, and a young girl between 1 and 2 years old.

Sources say J.T. Ready, who was running for Pinal County Sheriff, was involved in the shooting, however it is not clear if he was the gunman or a victim.

Ready was known to be a member of the National Socialist Movement who advocated using violence to stop people from crossing the border. In a 2010 interview with ABC15 he discussed his beliefs and showed off his cache of high-powered weapons.

Authorities have not yet confirmed the identities of the victims and suspect.

Air15 video from the scene near Cooper and Warner roads showed a portion of the street blocked off by police crime tape Wednesday afternoon.

Nearby Mesquite Junior High School and Gilbert Elementary School were placed on lockdown for a short time but that has been lifted, according to a district officials.

The shooting happened around 1 p.m. Wednesday.

Police say a man fatally shot four people before being found dead in what is believed to be a domestic situation. Police have not yet confirmed if the shooter committed suicide.

Police say officers recovered two handguns and a shotgun at the scene.

The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force has responded to the scene to assist Gilbert police in their investigation. Ready's connection to the home where the shooting happened isn't entirely clear at this time.
A motive in the shooting is unknown.

Check back for updates on this developing story.

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Anonymous said...

so... when will the "zog" conspiracy theories start circulating?

Nosferatu200 said...

They started minutes after the murders were covered in the news.

Anonymous said...

The NSM are clowns to begin with.

SiegFail said...

Yes, ANOTHER racist asshole kills children, again. It seems JT Ready, Anders Breivik, and Shauna Forde each share several strong and recurring common themes--it's hard to pick just one: Whether it's appointing themselves as patriotic warriors in their deluded minds, or creating official 'groups' complete with official-sounding names to stroke their own entitled sense of authority. Or being rabidly right-wing and ultra-nationalistic. Or spreading hysteria specifically towards non-white immigrants, and holding dehumanizing and cold views towards their targets. Or even parallels such as being self-important blowhards convinced of being 'well-informed' based on so-called 'facts' derived from hysteria-driven sites. And most certainly being racist, intolerant, jingoistic, bigoted, xenophobic, pseudo-patriotic cowards with a hero-complex who ultimately reveal their true 'heroism' by heartlessly killing harmless and defenseless children.