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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

CBC Discusses Nazi Hack

We alluded to this in the previous post. This evening an investigative report by the CBC has helped to expose the views of the boneheads we cover here. The focus of the story was on the hacked emails and websites that were published not long ago.

We were sent some of these files independently by our friends in Europe and North America. And while we don't plan on publishing anything from those files right now, they certainly have resulted in a number of new lines of inquiry. Here are a few initial observations:
  • The racist movement in Canada is fractured as hell. There is even more infighting and paranoia than we had thought there was (and we already knew there was a lot). Members of even the same groups turn on each other at the drop of the hat. Yeah, we know that it doesn't seem like we're telling our readers anything new, but it really is far more prevalent than even we had expected.
  • For all their talk of family and the "14 words," the racist movement is rife with infidelity, domestic abuse and cheating the system (i.e. welfare fraud)
  • Violence and support for violence is endemic. In spite of (or perhaps because of) the factionalism that exists, these people are extremely dangerous.
  • On a specific note, we know that when Kyle McKee was on the run from the police that he was eventually picked up in Winnipeg. What we learned confirmed our suspicion that the person he was staying with was Bill Noble.
And Bill, you really aren't helping your case all that much when you do interview but please keep it up because it makes our job a lot easier.

Hacked neo-Nazi websites reveal Canadian connections

Data exposes people associated with Blood and Honour and Volksfront
CBC News
Posted: Feb 1, 2012 5:57 PM PT 

The names of dozens of alleged white supremacists in Canada are contained in files leaked by computer hackers in Europe intent on exposing hate movements, CBC News has learned.

The alleged white supremacists' names were revealed earlier this month by members of a loose-knit group of hackers called Anonymous on a website called, which is now offline.

In addition to emails and secret websites and blogs, the hackers uncovered photographs of children giving Nazi salutes at a gathering in Missouri, confidential legal documents and displays of Hitler tattoos.

The exposure is a huge blow to hate groups that organize online across Canada, said Helmut-Harry Loewen, a University of Winnipeg sociology professor and a member of the Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society.

"We can now begin to piece together a more accurate picture in terms of the distribution of these types of racist groups across Canada," Loewen said.

Among the information hacked were the names of 74 Canadians — with associated street addresses, email addresses and passwords — who are members of Volksfront and Blood and Honour, along with 142 emails from people who had joined Blood and Honour's Canadian online forum.

Alleged members charged

Attention has been drawn to Blood and Honour since the arrests in December of three alleged members of the organization who have been charged with attacks on five members of visible minorities in B.C.'s Lower Mainland.

The names of two of the accused, Alistair Miller and Robertson De Chazal, show up in the files uncovered by the European hackers. Miller, 20, and de Chazal, 25, are charged with an attack in which a sleeping Filipino man was apparently sprayed with a flammable liquid and set on fire.

Anti-racist groups hope the work done by Anonymous hampers online recruitment by white supremacist organizations.

"[These organizations] are going to have to be even more careful in terms of who they trust, who they associate with," said Loewen. "They're going to have to look over their shoulders. The police will have access to this info once it becomes more widespread. Employers, neighbours and so on. As soon as somebody sees a poster or a flyer with 'white pride' on it, they're going to call the police.

Supremacist angered

Another name uncovered by the hackers was that of Bill Noble, who in 2008 was convicted in B.C. of wilfully promoting hatred.

Noble is upset thousands of emails concerning his white supremacist views, legal woes, infidelity, and even some details of his online dating were exposed.

"If it can be determined that any of these individuals carried out these acts, because they were fully aware that they were interfering with the survival of an endangered race, then they should indeed be exterminated," Noble said in an interview with CBC News via Skype from a location he would not reveal.

"Obviously someone is really trying to harass me and cause problems for me," said Noble. "It's annoying as hell and it's probably compromised a lot of private information."

With files from the CBC's Natalie Clancy


Anonymous said...

So why isn't Bill charged with hiding a fugitive? Kyle was hiding there. When the cops raided the house that night to get Kyle they knew who Bill was right? So why wasn't he taken into custody as well? Bill should actually be in jail for alot things. Not paying taxes because he's a so called freeman. What a joke. He's never filed a tax return in his life and i'm paying for this prick to live? Something isn't right here. Hiding a known gang memeber. All his wesites should be shut down. Funny though he has the money to pay to keep them up and running.

Anonymous said...

Is Bill Noble living in Winnipeg now?

Anonymous said...

Why not just release the entire list or post a link to where the list is found?

Is this the list that was got well over a year ago?

Anonymous said...

Noble has been living in Winnipeg for 2 years now. And he's another white guy that doesn't support his kid. Way to go WP idiots. I however do as a TAXPAYER.

Anonymous said...

Its truly a very sad day for Nationalists.Having a freak "representing" their movement.Bill noble needs to shut the fuck up and take a shower

Anonymous said...

People of all political persuasions need to be very cautious about this sort of thing.

I would observe that a list of "white supremacist" or neo-Nazi contacts might include all sorts of people including government agents who have infiltrated groups, casual contacts who do not share the core philosophy, even Richard Warman doing his research!

And beyond that, there's the question of citizens of a foreign country invading the privacy of Canadian citizens and residents for a reason that is essentially political in nature. It might occur to Chinese or Iranian hackers to publish lists of persons opposed to Chinese trade or Iranian influence in the Middle East. It might occur to conservatives to publish lists of Canadian communists. Who's to say what is worthy of being exposed, and what is not fair game? And what recourse is there for persons smeared by association that is either incidental or not prohibited by law? For example, lawyers who defend alleged neo-Nazis are often themselves accused of being sympathizers, yet we have a well-established principle in our common law of the right to a sound defence. This is overlooked or ignored at our peril. And it does no good to have two sets of rules, one for the far right, and one for the far left. Many believe these are equal scourges on a free society.

Also, there is the simple question of relevance. The law should be applied to actions, not to beliefs or opinions. The implication of these exposes would be that anyone on the list is likely to commit some kind of offence, but until they do, this kind of interference is nothing more than invasion of privacy.

Communists have killed a hundred million people since 1917. I would ask some of you this, are you about to kill somebody? I didn't think so -- but it's the same logic being applied against you.

-- Peter O'Donnell

xeron said...

Anon 2 February, 2012 11:19 AM: There were several earlier leaks. The one CBC is working from is from Operation Blitzkieg and contains the names of 75 members and contacts of Blood and Honour in Canada.