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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Blood & Honour Canada News: David Goodman and James Brooks Sentenced

Paul Fromm (far left) pictured with Kyle McKee, Natalie S., Lee
Ebel, and other members/associates of Blood & Honour in Calgary
Hey, remember last March shortly before the epic failure (which, in Paulie's mind, makes it an unqualified success) that was Blood & Honour's "White Pride Day" march? Four members/associates of Blood & Honour in Edmonton had been handing out flyers promoting the event, after which they decided to have a little fun, by which we mean harassing people and attacking people, including women.

One, James Brooks, claimed the story was blown out of proportion and that he was just misunderstood:

Guilty by association is always the case. A horrible night in which I am now deemed something that I am not by a night of drunken stupidity by me and some newly acquainted individuals, of whom I decided to partake in drink with. Then we have the twisted facts and over embellished stories by the media and others there due to what was said.

Those responsible were caught. Today two, including Brooks, pleaded guilty and were sentenced to lengthy jail terms:

Two men connected to white supremacist group sent to jail for racist assaults in Edmonton


John Lott said...

These nazi skinheads are COWARDS! I have yet to come across a single instance of a lone nazi skinhead attacking a Racial Minority one-on-one. They only attack in packs like hyenas and jackels. Miserable Gutless Cowards!!! So much for the Master Race!! Just a bunch of LOSERS!

Anonymous said...

Who are all the people in the picture?