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Saturday, December 30, 2017

La Meute Kaput?

Not long after Pamela Geller and Ezra Levant spoke at a Jewish Defence League event in Toronto, Bryan Trottier of the Canadian Wolf Pack (the chapter of La Meute outside Quebec) celebrate what he and the participants considered to be a successful presentation and thanked those whom he claims made it all possible:

Many of those who Trottier called out by name are featured in this photograph taken with Geller:

They are indeed a classy gang, ain't they?

Really, I have no idea why adults think flipping off a camera is edgy these days.

In any case, while the English chapter of La Meute seems to be pleased, it is really small potatoes when compared to the much larger Quebec chapter, and it seems that the Quebec chapter is in a whole heap of trouble.

The first indication of this trouble was alluded to in this post:

What soon became apparent upon further investigation is that there had been a complete breakdown of leadership with numerous resignations occurring over the holidays:
Scission au sein de La Meute après le départ de trois administrateurs 
Trois des administrateurs, dont Sylvain « Maikan » Brouillette, ont quitté le mouvement jeudi
An English Google translation of the above article states the following:

The right-wing identity group La Meute has lost in the last few days three of its directors, including the spokesperson and figurehead of the Sylvain Brouillette movement. Internal struggles are at the origin of this split, which leaves the movement in uncertainty. 
Sylvain "Maikan" Brouillette confirmed to the Journal Thursday his decision to leave La Meute, a choice made "in the interest of the group," according to him. "I'm convinced that as long as I'm in the group, he'll do anything to destroy it," he says of Éric Proulx, one of the other four leaders of the group. 
The latter would have taken absolute control of the pages of La Meute on social networks, according to Mr. Brouillette, eliminating at the same time the access of other leaders to different groups. 
"We were five leaders on the board, and on December 24th, I do not know what took him, but he decided that he was taking a hit. He took control and we all went out, "says the former leader, without being able to detail the reasons for this decision which, in his opinion, resembles" a war of power ". 
By doing so, Eric Proulx took the members of La Meute "hostage", denounces Sylvain Brouillette. 
For his part, Eric Proulx says he slammed the door before the other two, following a conflict on December 25. He refutes the accusations of Sylvain Brouillette and claims today to have left all the pages of La Meute by himself, leaving the management to others.
The article goes on to suggest that the two remaining board members of La Meute might be able to maintain leadership and see the gang continue, however ARC has seen this time and time again. Once there is a substantial amount of dissent within such groups, the end is usually not far off.

As ARC's readers are well aware, my intel gathering in Quebec, though improved, is still pretty poor owing in large part to a language barrier because SOMEONE decided taking Classical Greek in university rather than French would be useful. What can I say? Youth is wasted on the young. However one of the sources this writer has come to rely on for information on La Meute is found on the twitter account of Le Troupeau who has the best information of the collapse of La Meute:

Le Troupeau has also made some interesting observations of the cobbled-together leadership of La Meute currently trying to right the ship:

It is always a good thing when a group such as La Meute collapses, however as ARC noted when the Soldiers of Odin collapsed as a national organization (leaving a handful of city chapters primarily in BC and Alberta) some of the people who were members of La Meute will drop out completely having become disillusioned, however a number will likely gravitate to other groups. My best bet would be the Storm Alliance will pick up members as will the Quebec chapter of the Northern Guard. Both these groups have a shelf-life as well and may last a couple more years before internal tensions spring up and start to tear them apart and continuing the cycle.

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