Monday, December 18, 2017

Pam Geller and Ezra Levant Event In Toronto: A Brief Who's Who.

By the time this article is published, the JDL sponsored event featuring Pam Geller and Ezra Levant may very well be in full swing. As such ARC decided to remind the readers who is and who claims they will be attending the event.

First of all is our buddy Steven Alexander Blair Kelley Newton Glass Gregory Myatt and Georges Massaad were among the first to provide footage of the venue:

So Myatt is in charge of the Northern Guard's public affairs bureau, eh? Sounds pretty fancy. It does remind this reader though that the Northern Guard, along with La Meute/CDN Wolfpack, Proud Boys, Threepers, and of course the JDL, are according to Wolfpack head Bryan Trottier providing security.... though apparently this is news to the organizers.

In any case, as the head of the Northern Guard's public affairs, perhaps Steven would like to discuss with Pam and Ezra why there are so many anti-semites in the Northern Guard, including the founder and president of the national chapter:

Or, for that matter, other members in positions of leadership such as Eric St. Cyr who is an administrator for the Northern Guard national Facebook group.... well as the Saskatchewan Facebook group where I suspect he may be the provincial chapter president.

We've already learned about Eric's affinity for the KKK:

But recently we've become aware of some of his beliefs regarding Jews:

Actually the Saskatchewan chapter of the Northern Guard might warrant some more looking into in a future article based on this pair of father and son:

Also planning on making an appearance is Ronny Cameron:

As ARC's readers well know, Ronny has latched on to the overtly racist "white genocide" myth (see here and here). He's also started to more aggressively dehumanize Muslims on social media:
Oh, and before I continue, I'll first post the discussion where these self-evident "facts" come from:
And thus, the hate is justified:

So as ARC's readers can see, Pam and Ezra are already attracting some quality people. 
However, these folks aren't all.
Another person who is likely to attend would be one Ron Banerjee and perhaps the rest of Rise Canada:
Now THIS might be especially fun since Rise Canada and Banerjee are engaged in an ongoing and increasingly acrimonious feud with Ronny Cameron over who the JDL loves the most:
While Banerjee may very well show up, another who says he will be going most certainly will not:
Kevin "No-Show" Goudreau has made a habit of late of making grandiose plans and not carrying through.
Wait, I wrote "of late." I actually should have written that he always makes grandiose plans and never carries through.
But, on the off chance he actually does manage to make his way to Toronto, this is the kind of person who is attracted to the likes of Geller's and Levant's message: 

I actually tweeted these screenshots to JDL Canada to get their input, however they failed to reply:
And they are now unlikely to reply via twitter since they, along with a number of other hate groups, have been purged.
Still, talk about the company one keeps, eh?

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