Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Hate Groups Claim To Be Acting As Security For Pam Geller and Ezra Levant Anti-Muslim Event Hosted By Jewish Defence League in Toronto; One Group Promotes Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories

Posted to Facebook on October 30, 2017

A few weeks back ARC noticed the following post by Bryan Trottier, the head of the Ontario branch of La Meute and someone who is facing charges of domestic abuse:

Trottier is referring to the film, "Killing Europe," and especially vile piece of anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant propaganda that had originally been scheduled to be played at the Ottawa Public Library . While the Ottawa Public Library cancelled the screening, it did take place at a more private setting:

Now it wasn't only the Ontario chapter of La Meute present. So were some of our friends from the Northern Guard including the leader of the Toronto chapter Lee Down who had his photo taken with Michael Hansen, the writer, director, and producer of the propaganda film:

And Lee is a classy son of a gun:

Now the Wolfpack and Northern Guard, along with the Proud Boys, Storm Alliance, the Jewish Defence League, and III% militia, are planning on attending the speech by American Islamophobe Pamella Geller who, along with Ezra Levant, will be speaking at the Canada Christian College in Toronto on December 18.... maybe:

Rabble has published the following:
Pamela Geller just issued a statement on the vandals of Bloc Identitaire found guilty of destroying the building of a mosque in France. The Far-right militants were convicted and received suspended sentences and a major fine for their racist actions against the Muslim community. But Pamela Geller, opens her statement with "Far-right militants? Hardly. These are young people who care about the future of their country." We are approaching the one year anniversary of the horrific killings in a mosque in Quebec. Do we want this kind of hate spewed in our country? 
The Jewish Defence League (JDL) has invited Islamophobe propagandist Pamela Geller to speak in an event on December, 18, 2017 at the Canada Christian College in Toronto. She was refused entry in the United Kingdom in 2013 and given her ramped up hatemongering, Canada should deny her entry later this month. 
The Groupe de recherche sur l'extrême droite et ses allié-e-s (GREDA) has been leading the charge to keep her out. They have some great information and tools on their website. Send letter, call your MPs and let's show Pam that she has no place in Canada.
In a series of posts Trottier claims that his Wolfpack and the Northern Guard will be "providing security" at this event should it actually take place:

The comment by Lee Down in the previous screen shot as well as that next by Eric Brazeau confirm the involvement of the Northern Guard:

And if our readers wish to be reminded of what classy, erudite, gentlemen the Northern Guard are, here is a message from their founder and leader which he posted yesterday:

I do have to note though that the Northern Guard and the Jewish Defence League working together is a rather odd pairing considering.....

Yeah, pushing anti-Jewish conspiracy theories doesn't seem to be all that helpful.


Anonymous said...

"who has been charges with domestic abuse" - you should make that "facing charges"

Anonymous said...

Trottier tags "Frank Ryerson" in several posts. That would be Frank Nyitray, a flunky of internet troll Greg Renouf's. Both of them are known for stalking left wing rallies and photographing people who are there.

Iraj said...

If all those posts talking about working alongside the cops are true, that's more proof that the police are deeply in bed with these thugs. I think the public might be interested to know that the police, who are supposed to be impartially protecting everyone, are allying themselves with violent far right racist white supremacists. Nothing good can come from such an alliance.