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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

October Bits and Bites (Halloween Edition): Ronny Cameron and Taxes, JDL Targets "Your Ward News," WCAI Sad Face, and "The Goudreau"

In a previous this writer posted a screen shot of Ronny Cameron promoting the formation of an "elite" protest team:

Well a few days ago we learned third hand what that "elite team" would entail:

  • The groups would consist of at least 20 people in the GTA or who are at least committed to traveling to the GTA since the "elite team" will only function within the GTA.... presumably because Ronny can't afford bus fare to leave the city.
  • It will not be a separate group like the Northern Guard or Proud Boys.
  • They will attend events that they deem worthy of their presence, again so long as Ronny can be home at a decent hour and doesn't have to travel beyond the GTA because Windsor is scary and ain't nobody got time for Thunder Bay!
My personal favorite part:
  • "We will wear protective attire and arm bands to identify ourselves."
That apparently is a real thing, at least as of when ARC received the information.

Erich Fromm would no doubt find all this very interesting.

But little Ronny Cameron isn't satisfied with just public protests. He's eager to start something bigger:

Sure, in a later video he admits he doesn't know what a tax revolt really is or how to initiate it....

....but they all should definitely consider it!

Canadian Combat Coalition president Dan Dubois uncharacteristically acts as a moderating voice here:

That all said, others are all for it and have claimed to have already started:

One even suggests one particular guru might have the answers they are looking for. That guru is someone very familiar to ARC readers:

Dean Clifford.

The Wolverdean!

Sovereign on the hate site Stormfront.

And as our readers are well aware, someone who spent a great deal of time in jail for his creative tax avoidance among other crimes.

However, my favorite thread has to be the one where "I'm not a racist!" Ronny Cameron suggests that everything good is the result of white people, including music:

Uhm, does anyone want to tell Ronny who invented the guitar (or the evolution of the stringed instrument)? I'm not sure how well he'll take the news.

Over to the Jewish Defence League, JDL leader Meir Weinstein has decided that after several years of James Sears and "Your Ward News" promoting antisemitic bull shit, that he would now bravely take a stand against them (you know, after folks like Lisa and Warren Kinsella and their supporters have done the heavy lifting). The exchange goes as expected when YWN writer Lawrence McCurry adds his $0.02:

Actually, if there's one thing with which this writer might agree with a JDL supporter, it is that Lawrence McCurry is an asshole. That said, what does it mean to deal with someone with "JDL language?" Oh, I know the answer already, but perhaps you want to share it with your friends in groups like the the Northern Guard, Soldiers of Odin, Proud Boys, and Worldwide Coalition Against Islam who claim to be free speech absolutists what you mean.

Speaking of the WCAI, Joey DeLuca posted a video promoting the November 4 protest in Regina. In the video he states that this event will be the last rally until the summer. He also wavers from the bravado and arrogance we've come to expect to despondency about decline in numbers and support. Let's just say that long gone are the days of the MEGA Patriot Unity Rally braggadocio:

I'll leave ARC's readers with some comedy in a long series of screen shots featuring Kevin Goudreau. In one he praises the October 21 event in Toronto and in another he tries to promote his own. He hits a snag though when he is attacked but this handsome fella:

Yes this will be long, but it is a fun read:

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