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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Gavin McInnes and Others Respond to Halifax Proud Boy Incident

Based on Rear Admiral John Newton's tone in during his press conference, I didn't hold out much hope that there would be serious repercussions for the "Proud Boys" who disrupted a Mi'kmaw memorial remembering MMIWG in Halifax.

I might however end up being pleasantly surprised:
Armed Forces members who disrupted Indigenous rally could get the boot 
'Their future in the military is certainly in doubt,' says Gen. Jonathan Vance, chief of defence staff 
The members of the Canadian Armed Forces who disrupted a protest organized by Indigenous activists in Halifax on Canada Day will be removed from training and duties as the military investigates and reviews the circumstances, says the country's top general. 
"We are the nation's protectors, and any member of the Canadian Armed Forces who is not prepared to be the defender we need them to be will face severe consequences, including release from the forces," Gen. Jonathan Vance, chief of defence staff, said in a statement Tuesday night.
It has been heartening to see that the actions of these five men (as well as a sixth individual whom I suspect but won't confirm unless I know for certain) has met with, in general, universal disgust:

Gavin McInnes, founder of the Proud Boys, correspondent for Ezra Levant's alt-right Rebel Media, and man who was not too long ago condemned for his antisemitic remarks (though he claims that he's not an antisemite) has rushed in to defend his acolytes:

Sort of. He kind of does it rather half-assed.... or maybe no chinned?:

And my favorite:

First, how was it their job to disrupt a memorial?

And second, McInnes' decision to start the Proud Boys and ramp up violent rhetoric directed at those beta cuck leftard snowflake sjw's is in part the cause of the mess these five are in now. McInnes owns this as much as the five who disrupted the ceremony.

Now while McInnes is trying to cram the genie he let out back in the bottle, other "alt-right" and over racists are celebrating the actions of these men.

Such as the folks at Stormfront:

Members of the anti-government III% militia:

New groups like the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam, including the Saskatchewan "captain" who was convicted not to long ago of threatening to harm the prime minister....

.... as well as Canadian Action Party Alberta "leader" (and WCAI ally) Devon Mannix who isn't even subtle in his racism:

Even old relics like Canadian Nazi Party founder John Beattie is excited:

So, word of advice to Gavin McInnes.

Stop trying to help.

You've already screwed up enough lives quite enough.

Oh, and on that note, more of McInnes' Kids in San Diego.


Anonymous said...

If they do get the boot they should lawyer up and sue you for libel.

Nosferatu200 said...

Well, considering I haven't written anything other than what they did based on witness reports and have posted their own words, that might be a bit tough. And wouldn't being dismissed from the Canadian Armed Forces be definitive proof that they engaged in the bahavior that they are accused of? Sort of a stretch.

Still, thank you. I appreciate you putting the lie to the claim that your side are simply in favor of "free speech."

Jay Farquharson said...

Thank you for your continued reporting

Anonymous said...

How can Gavin happily work for/with a Jew (Ezra), but also be antisemetic?
And how can Rebel be both Alt-Right racists, while being owned by Ezra?

Anonymous said...

trying to talk educated your a gearbox lol