Monday, July 10, 2017

Peace Out Ya'll!

Well, at least for about a month and a quarter.

I'm going to be stepping away from the blog for a while because I was convinced by a sibling that I should take a vacation with her, in part because she thinks I need a break from work but mostly because she doesn't want to travel alone.

Where are we going? Trekking in Tibet? Taking a felucca down the Nile in Egypt? How about a trip to Peru to visit Machu Picchu?


An all-inclusive stay at a resort in Turk And Caicos where she has a friend who got us an extended stay on the cheap.

Ugh.... I should have asked about the destination before I agreed to this. Beaches are boring and one can drink only so many fruity cocktails with tiny umbrellas. I shouldn't be viewing this trip with dread but, here we are.

Be that as it may, I'll be gone from the point that this post published to the middle of August when I've used up a good chunk of my banked days off from previous years. In the past ARC could continue to publish while I was away because there actually WAS a collective, but as such is no longer the case I have scheduled some article to self-publish during my absence meaning that by the time you see them they will be incredibly out of date and probably of limited relevance.


Enjoy your summer folks and see you again on August 19.

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