Saturday, July 29, 2017

WCAI and CCC Coming to Terms With Their Ineffectiveness

Still away of course and knowing myself as I do, at this point in my vacation I have probably desperately tried to locate a museum, art gallery, or library and have threatened my sister with great bodily harm for pestering me about going shopping for the umpteenth time at the exact same generic mall one could find in any god forsaken suburbanite hell hole. Fear god, I'm probably doing something touristy now too. If I come back with my hair in cornrows and a henna tattoo, I hope someone in my life will rightfully shame me in public.

Sometime today, unless something has changed since my absence, the Canadian Combat Coalition will be holding an event in Edmonton followed by, so Ryan Dean claims, an event on a nearby private property:

One however can't help noticing in all of their announcements leading up to this event that the bravado that preceded the June 24 June 25 MEGA Patriot Rally in Calgary isn't quite there any longer.

Although both Dean and Joey DeLuca of the WCAI initially desperately tried to spin it as a success, their MEGA rally was a dismal failure. They have started to admit as such now publicly, though they can't blame their own incompetence as reason. No, there has to be a scapegoat:

Screen shot from June 5
Yeah, of course it was going to be Nenshi. Dean also claims to have sent him another letter in which he says the "fiasco" was due specifically to Mayor Nenshi's personal interference. Dean also seems to think the position of mayor allows the occupant of that office to wield far more power than is actually vested in the position:

Gee, I hadn't realized that the Mayor of Calgary was also responsible for border security and customs. The man has swag!

Also, Dean has a very flexible definition of the concept of terrorism. Evidently, not providing a permit is an example of terrorism.

Though I hasten to mention the mayor's office does not get involved in the issuing or event permits, is Dean suggesting that he was terrorized by not being allowed to have a pig roast and listen to garage band quality live music? Also, how did anyone stop the CCC and WCAI from exercising their freedom of expression rights? They were escorted by police to a spot where they ranted as a group for more than an hour and a half.

Wow, talk about a snowflake.

At roughly the same time Dean was ranting about Mayor Nenshi, his partner in planning the June 24 June 25 MEGA Patriot Rally fiasco, Joey DeLuca of the WCAI was also coming to terms with the reality that a large membership in a Facebook group does not necessarily translate into boots on the boots.... er.... on the ground:

His rant continues in other posts:

You mean you couldn't do a food drive because you couldn't have a bouncy castle and balloon animals? Pretty weak excuse dude.

This last one is of special interest as it provides some insights into the decline of the Soldiers of Odin as a national force:

Interesting to see that Bill Daniels is, as of at least July 6, no longer national president of the Soldiers of Odin after the coup took place replacing Joel Angott. Also interesting to see him run down both the organization and the people he once proudly represented not long ago.

Soldier of Odin 4 Lyfe, eh?

I guess that means there is no national leadership and that there are only loosely linked provincial and regional chapters of the SoO.

Also, DeLuca and the WCAI seem to be further jettisoning any pretense that they aren't a racist organization as they perpetuate the "white genocide" myth:

So, are we taking bets on how long it will be before Dean and DeLuca have a falling out?

I'll give it a year.

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