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July 2017 Bits and Bites Part I: More Proud Boys, Fromm and Goudreau Antics, and Hamilton Shooting

Well it has been a few days since ARC first published the story on the Proud Boys who disrupted the memorial in Halifax and who happen to be members of the Canadian Armed Forces.... for now at least. As much as ARC would like to take the credit for the story becoming as big as it eventually did, the real credit goes to the Anonymous group who published the videos on YouTube first as well as those who were present and wrote about the incident on social media. They are the ones who deserve all the credit.

Still, ARC certainly did get a lift for a few days in terms of readership over four days:

Seems that people were pretty interested in the story. It will be a bit anticlimactic to go back to ARC's usual 900 to 2500 hits per day after having one day reach 116,000+ hits.

Not surprising, the Canadian contingent of the Proud Boys were paying attention as well and were initially pleased as punch to receive the recognition. Then they realized that freedom of expression doesn't mean freedom from consequences:

No, real news, and your boys are the stars.

They're also getting support from people who claim that there are more of these dude-bros in the military:

But it might be of some interest that the Proud Boys seem to have taken issue with First Nations' asserting themselves predating the July 1 disruption:

It is rather amusing that Jonathan should bring up the Spirit Cave Mummy brought up as ARC wrote about a similar issue at one time. It's also funny because Tabatha Southey called this in an article that was published yesterday:
“This is a British colony” one of the bros, apparently a lost time-traveller, asserted, and, almost predictably, one of the ceremony crashers asked triumphantly and repeatedly if this was Mi’kmaq territory “before the land bridge.” 
This says so much: To those educated primarily by the Department of Comment Thread at Dubious Site U, the mention of a land bridge is assumed to be geographic-Kryptonite to Indigenous people. One just has to say “land bridge” a few times, and all land claims magically vanish like tears in rain, the theory goes. Because “LOL, everyone moved here, you see.”
For this observation and well as the rest of the article, Proud Boys Canada offered this particularly erudite observation:

They further undermine themselves when they celebrate when Muslims going about their day are attacked:

And it doesn't help when guys like this....

.... come out in support of your movement:

It also doesn't help when people like the Goudreau and Paul Fromm offer their support:

Speaking of Paulie, he has been fairly quiet the past few weeks. Well, not so quiet as boring. But he has provided a bit of entertainment at last.

The same week of the ill-fated WCAI/CCC June 24 June 25 MEGA Patriot Rally in Calgary, Blood & Honour held a much lower key meeting and they too had a special international speaker. Unlike the WCAI, the Blood & Honour event didn't publicly announce their quest to avoid issues with border security and he actually did manage to get into the country.

Paulie of course spilled the beans early as per usual:

Our readers were perhaps first introduced to his sister Monika Schaefer however Alfred Schaefer, a Canadian ex-pat living in Germany, has been an active Holocaust denier for a longer period.

A few days ago, the police raided Alfred Schaefer's residence in Germany which given Holocaust denial is illegal in the country, shouldn't really be a surprise at all:

The photo seems to clearly be from the Calgary event with McKee sitting in the front row, right hand side of the photo.

Should I mention that ARC and others have been actively providing information to the German authorities concerning Schaefer's tour in Canada? I certainly appreciate that Paulie provided this particular photo. Most considerate of him.

Getting back to the Gourdreau, he still seems to be taking the fact that the "Nazi Mom" had been supplying ARC with information for some time, though not as much as he seems to think (the Goudreau really is the best source of information on the Goudreau and he leaks more than a sieve):

The exchange continued on Facebook where we also learn something interesting about the drummer from the RAC band Vinland Warriors:

Back to Stormfront, Noble also posted another photo which even I have to admit seems shady as hell:

Now while the Goudreau want's to think this is evidence of high level CSIS involvement, Noble is probably much closer to the mark:

Finally, a contribution from a reader.

In Hamilton, a man has been charged with shooting someone he alleges was a home invader. George Harbottle was arrested at the scene when he came out of his home announcing, "I'm the shooter."

I'm not going to discuss whether the shooting was or was not justified; people are legally able to defend themselves, but the defence must be in proportion to the danger. However this line from the article is especially interesting:
Neighbours described Harbottle as a man with strong opinions and a sharp tongue, who ran unsuccessfully for a Catholic board school trustee position in 2014.
As the reader who found what looks to be his seldom used Twitter account learned:

Okay, so he's a wee bit anti-Government, or at least anti-Liberal government.

Oh, he also seems to be a wee bit homophobic and antisemitic:

Now according to a CBC article, Harbottle was arrested on charges of aggravated assault, discharging a firearm with intent, unauthorized possession of a firearm, careless use of a firearm, and possession of a dangerous weapon.

But according to the folks posting on the III% Canada Facebook group, his only crime was not hiding the body:

Never a dull moment.

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