Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Backanded Compliments and Unintended Comic Relief

Free Dominion has evolved.

No, really. Let us explain.

There was a time, in spite of any evidence to support the claim, that some members accused us of supporting violence against our ideological opponents. We provide the following example:

In fact, we were not just accused of being violent, but we were all but accused of being an organized terrorist cell:

FYI, 20 years prior to Mark writing this commentary, the eldest member of ARC at the time would have been 12 years old and the youngest 5. And if anyone would like to learn about more than 30 years of violence, political and otherwise, might we suggest a perusal of "A History of Violence" which our Free Dominion friends dismiss out of hand because it does not conform to their particular worldview.

But evidently, perhaps in an acknowledgement that they don't actually have any proof for what is claimes about us (and they will never find the proof because there is none), at least one Free Dominion poster has jettisoned the whole "ARC is violent" accusation:

Maikeru is still wrong about most things he writes about (for example, we initially set up shop to monitor and report on the Calgary-based Aryan Guard, not for the purposes for which he suggests). But at least there's an acknowledgement that we are not a violent organization. Kudos to you, Mr. Maikeru for being a broken clock at the right time!

He even compliments us on our recent (and continuing) series on Doug Christie...

access to obscure news clippings indicates long standing organizational prowess

... as well as two articles (here and here) in our Lemire series...

indicates a mature, professional, guiding hand

Well golly don't you know how to make a girl blush!

But then he actually isn't complimenting us. He seems to be ascribing our work to someone else:

We're not sure if Maikeru quite knows how Google works. You see, there's an archives option in the News section that allows users to look at old newspapers. We can even take screen shots and post them here for our readers. No need for an ancient cabal working in the shadows. Rudimentary web surfing skills are really all that is needed.

No Maikeru, our lead writer wrote that article and compiled most of the media sources provided. That said, we did get some help from a friend of the blog... who happens to be Harry.

Hey, we said that Maikeru was like a broken clock, which logically means that he would have to be correct twice.

We would very much like to thank Harry Abrams for his input into the articles. You made the job a lot easier.

Now, we wrote those articles in response to a number of white-washed tributes to Christie in both the mainstream and fringe media, however we found one that we're quite sure even his biggest supporters would cringe at, if only for the abysmal production value.

The Goudreau likes to claim he has a great deal of influence in the movement. He also claims to know everyone who is of significance.

If such were the case, one would think he could at least get basic biographical facts correct. You know, like what political affiliation Doug Christie is VERY well known for promoting (hint: he wasn't a member of the Conservative Party)?

Oh, we hope the Goudreau continues to make us smile.

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Well that was a shitty fireside chat.