Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Marc Lemire: Summary of Information

Over the past few years, we've taken a look at the claims made by Marc Lemire and his supporters regarding his ties to the Heritage Front. In the process we have done a pretty good job of proving that he was a member (and based on the evidence likely the leader for a time), worked closely with Ernst Zundel and held views that most of society would view as objectionable (though not necessarily illegal).

These articles can be used as a resource to truly examine Lemire's claims, though we would urge our readers not just to take our word for it and to do their own research. But the resource isn't useful if it isn't readily available and as it is one would have to actively search for these documents.

So, as we have done with our timelines, we are going to compile the list of articles we have written here and then add the link to our permanent links below the blog header. We hope that this will be more useful to our readers and other researchers who wish to test the veracity of both Lemire's and our claims.

And here are a few other related articles:

As always, we will update as necessary.


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