Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Boneheads in Trouble: Reitmeier and Erstikaitis

Not much of a story to start out, but we thought our readers would like to see a recent photo of Robert Reitmeier who, along with Tyler Sturrup, is accused of murdering a disabled man (Reitmeier is also dealing with forcible confinement and sexual assault charges as well):

Hey, that's a good look for you Robert!

Anyways.... in unrelated, though still criminal justice related, news....

It's been about 10 months or so since we last wrote about Michelle Erstikaitis, the troubled young woman who Paulie inexplicably went to bat for by claiming she was in trouble because of her, "White Nationalist" views. And we certainly were not the only one's scratching our collective heads on this one, as his fellow travellers also frequently asked, "wtf?!?"

At one point we thought that Michelle was using Paulie, but we later came to the conclusion that the reverse was more likely. However, Paulie spent a lot of, for lack of a better way of putting it, political capital and lost a lot of credibility in the WN community (a community which we sort of envision as having a lot of rusted trucks on blocks in the front yard if the double-wide).

In the end, "political prisoner" (Paulie's words) Michelle was released after being sentenced as a long term offender and was put on probation for 10 years. Not long after, she went to work for a Conservative candidate in Toronto, but after being outed (hi!) threw her support to Paulie's ill conceived campaign in Calgary.  But then, not surprisingly, Michelle began acting in an irrational manner.

We know! We were shocked too!

Michelle also went as far as to taunt her former supporters in the WN movement and Paulie sort of stopped taking about her. We guess he usefulness to Paulie, whatever that might have been, was at an end so he dropped her.

Well given this report that was sent to us on January 16, Michelle might be able to use Paulie's help again

Michelle Erstikaitis was in custody on charges at the College Park courthouse today. It wasn't clear what the charges were, but the Crown said they were "serious" and indicated that it would be asking for a sentence of 2 years. It was also indicated that she had been in custody since October. 

Erstikaitis then proceeded to explain why the charges were "not serious" (according to her she was simply caught with a joint), but then consented to the 2 year sentence and insisted on pleading guilty then and there. Everyone in the courtroom was a bit shocked, and the judge told her that things had to be handled more carefully than that and put the matter over for one week. Erstikaitis was not pleased and proceeded to explain to everyone how she had volunteered for the Conservatives.

So, anyone curious to know why Paulie has yet to go to bat for her one more time?

That's right. He doesn't care. He never really did.

Perhaps Ms. Erstikaitis will be able to start receiving the mental help that she desperately needs.


Anonymous said...

Jail agrees with Rob, if his churlish grin is any indication.

Anonymous said...

I'd like you to know that Robert Reitmeier is is jail right now comparing his charges to other people's saying "i got his charges beat" like its a competition or something.You freak you beat a handicapped man to death. He considers himself to be an internet phenomenon and thinks that when he goes to court that he's competing fot the top spot in the newspaper. Like that guy has something to smile about. Wait till he goes to the penn someone will knock the smile right off the cry baby's face!

Anonymous said...

looking good rob enjoying your time PC

Anonymous said...

The Neto shooting SHOULD rest on Robbie boy's conscience, just as much as Warawa's.

Remember Rob saying this little chestnut?

“It’s just unfortunate they didn’t get him before ... I give my best wishes to the other guy that got shot,” he said at the time, offering condolences to Jose Neto.

Anonymous said...

Murdering rapist scumbag. I knew one of his victims Rob is a monster not a human.

Anonymous said...

He'll get his, that's for sure.