Friday, January 06, 2012

Alleged Racial Assault Caught on Video; Macdonald Suspect

First, we're going to play Devil's advocate for a moment because some of our readers have noted the last sentence of the article:

MacDonald has not been convicted of any of the charges. He also has no proven association with the Blood and Honour organization.

Seems patently ridiculous when, well, we look at this:

But we think that we all need to consider that any allegation needs to be proven when the case goes to trial, even something as seemingly self-evident as Macdonald's group affiliation. So we're going to cut the CBC some slack here.

There are two videos in the following article. The first is a 24 second clip of the assault itself and a bit of the aftermath. The second part of the video provides the background of the story and includes more photos taken from the ARC blog:

Warning: violent content

CBC News has released a video showing a black Vancouver man being beaten by an alleged white supremacist who has since been charged in connection with a string of apparently racially motivated attacks.

A CBC News videographer happened upon an apparent road-rage incident while on duty on Vancouver’s West Side in December 2008.

The videographer, who has asked not be be named and has been subpoenaed to testify at an upcoming trial in connection with the assault, said he saw a Caucasian man beating Papi Ngoqo on a city street. 

The faces of the two men are difficult to see because the incident took place at night and is brightly backlit by the glare of headlights. 

But Ngoqo, believed to be of South African descent, is later clearly seen shaken and bleeding from the mouth as bystanders try to lend him aid. 

The Crown accuses Shawn Donald Finlay MacDonald of a racially motivated assault. 

When announcing the charges in December, police said they believe MacDonald, 39, and other men charged in separate attacks are members of a white supremacist group called Blood and Honour. 

MacDonald also faces two other charges stemming from an assault on a Hispanic man and an aboriginal woman in 2010. 

Two other members of the group are facing aggravated assault charges for allegedly setting a Filipino man on fire as he napped on a discarded sofa.

Possible South African link

Alan Dutton — the chair of Canada's Anti-Racism and Education and Research Society — has been tracking neo-Nazi groups for 25 years and viewed the CBC News videotape. 

“Blood and Honour has been around Vancouver and [Vancouver] Island for some time,” said Dutton.

“They’ve had concerts, practice sessions using techniques, martial arts.… We’ve been concerned about them for a number of years.” 

Blood and Honour has chapters all over the world, and its B.C. members have international ties, Dutton said. 

“In B.C., it would appear Blood and Honour is more associated with people from Volkfront and with some of the South African racists,” said Dutton. 

Dutton also said he suspects an attack on a black South African might not have been random. 

“They're out hunting people of visible minorities,” Dutton said. 

MacDonald has not been convicted of any of the charges. He also has no proven association with the Blood and Honour organization.

With files from the CBC's Natalie Clancy

With this turn of events, the case against one of the suspects appears to be much stronger now.


Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, just looking at the photo, I thought these looked like a couple of road rage types. Not surprisingly, the racist blind sides his victim and then runs like a coward before any form of security can arrive.

Tip to you neo-Nazis reading this (and we all know you stalk this page like hawks, because you have no life): When you're "tough" when blind siding someone and run before anyone can do anything in retaliation, you're not tough, you're a coward.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who said:
"... and run before anyone can do anything in retaliation, you're not tough, you're a coward."

I don't know about about you but standing there after an assault and waiting for retaliation is kind of...well....stupid, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Unless, you know, you've got a pair... Attacking someone and running is pathetic unless you've inflicted serious damage in self-defense, which is patently not the case here. Shit like this is why I hate boneheads. I don't care about their misguided beliefs, but I will not tolerate cowardly attacks upon innocent people.
Shawn MacDonald is a disgrace, both to humanity and to any martial discipline he may claim.
If you need a reason to hate, look in a mirror...