Friday, January 27, 2012

Update on Macdonald Court Appearance

We were sent this a few moments ago:

Shawn MacDonald's court appearance delayed till 1:30 pm today (same courtroom 307 at 222 Main). He has plead not guilty to the hate crimes and they are setting trial dates (he elected for a judge and jury). His lawyer is infamous/notorious far-right libertarian Doug Christie who has a history of defending white supremacists and neo-Nazis (Keegstra, Zundel, Collins, Fromm etc).

In addition to this, the individual who originally posted this message also stated she received an email from someone trying to intimidate her into being silent.

From what we know about this woman, that ain't happening. For the benefit of our bonehead readers, does the term, "chew you up and spit youu out" mean anything to you?


Anonymous said...

check out this article on vancouver media coop concerning MacDonald's court appearance Jan 27, 2012:

Anonymous said...

Here's a story about how it went down:

Anonymous said...

Here's a video from today, the one being interviewed from about 2 minutes onward is believed to be Jesse Rankin:!