Friday, April 05, 2013

Update on Kitchener Assault: McKee's Name Mentioned

First, if any of our Edmonton readers know anything about this story, please give us a heads up:

Racist grafitti on house focus of hate crimes probe

We don't know if it's one of the usual suspects, someone we aren't aware of, or a random act of idiocy, but we would like to find out.

But in the meantime, we have an update on the assault that took place in Kitchener, ON for which Jessie Lajoie, Eric Marshall, and M.K were arrested.

Max Hynes

Even though we were told that we could legally print the name of the victim, we didn't feel comfortable doing so until we saw it published elsewhere (that, and we still were not sure what his real name was). Max Hynes, currently a leading member of the new Southern Ontario Skins and formerly associated with Kyle McKee's Blood & Honour chapter, was allegedly attacked in August 2012. A better image of Hynes can be found below as he celebrated New Years with Paul Fromm a few years back:

Referring to Hynes as the victim, while legally accurate, seems strange given his advocacy of violence. As a leader of the new Southern Ontario Skin, Hynes has been posting photos of people he believes to be anti-racists and is in the process of organizing a second march in London (despite the epic failure of the first).

The local news provided an interesting update:

Attack in local park linked to neo-Nazi group in Alberta

Brian Caldwell, Record staff
Fri Apr 05 2013 17:16:00  

KITCHENER — An armed attack in Victoria Park last summer has alleged links to a white supremacy group led by a former Kitchener man.

The incident in August involved a 20-year-old man who was slashed in the stomach and hit in the head with a metal object by two masked men.

Arrests in the case weren’t made until February, when police picked up Eric Marshall, 25, of Calgary and Jessie Lajoie, 24, of Lorette, Man.

Also facing charges is M.K, 23, of Kitchener. All three suspects have since been released on bail.

Marshall and Lajoie are accused of an aggravated assault on Max Hynes, conspiring to commit an aggravated assault and wearing masks.

M.K is charged with aggravated assault and conspiracy in the park incident, as well as obstructing justice and public mischief for allegedly giving police false information in the investigation that followed.

The latter charges include an allegation that M.K gave a statement falsely accusing an innocent man of the assault.

Under the terms of their release on $25,000 and $35,000 bail respectively, Lajoie and Marshall were ordered not to have any contact with Kyle McKee.

McKee, 27, is an outspoken leader of a Calgary-based neo-Nazi group called Blood and Honour, which has been tied to several violent incidents in western Canada.

He grew up in Waterloo Region and caused an uproar in 2005 by flying a Nazi flag from the balcony of his rented house on Margaret Avenue in Kitchener.

McKee and roommate Nathan Touchette eventually took the flag down, but threatened to fly it again in honour of Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

Soon after that incident, McKee headed west and settled in Calgary because of its strong skinhead scene. He has since had run-ins with both police and anti-racism activists.

He was charged a year ago in connection with an attack by three suspects on two Sikh men outside an Edmonton liquor store.

A search of McKee’s home in Calgary in that case turned up a cache of weapons including shotguns, rifles and numerous knives and machetes.

The court orders against Lajoie and Marshall also prohibit them from going on the website of Blood and Honour, which has staged high-profile rallies in both Calgary and Edmonton in recent years.

The three suspects in the Victoria Park incident are all scheduled to make court appearances later this month.

Hynes was treated for his injuries and released from hospital.

We find it especially interesting to read that McKee's name was brought up in this article and that the police have ordered Lajoie and Marshall not to have any contact with him.

Will McKee now have this, in addition to his other concerns, to contend with?


Anonymous said...

Yet another cautionary tale. One never knows where you stand one day to the next, or who is gunning for who, or who your friends are, when you are in the "movement." One day Jessie loathes McKee, thge next he's his lap dog.

Anonymous said...

Jesse only supports Kyle when he (Kyle) is locked up.