Monday, April 22, 2013

An Interesting Development in Our Identification of Boneheads

Yesterday we started publishing the unidentified boneheads, some of whom are found in this picture:

One of the guys we were wondering about was this fella here:

Hey, nice Schutzstaffel you got on your collar buddy. Sort of something that might be able to use to help identify you. Or at the very least pick you out of other pictures.

We mentioned that this guy was known to have attended a meeting in Toronto recently. It wasn't so much a meeting as it was a memorial. Paulie had helped to organize a memorial for Doug Christie in Toronto. A source mentioned that they saw this guy there, but we didn't have any evidence other than her word (which, by the by, has always proven to be solid).

Guess what? We now have evidence. And boy oh boy is it a humdinger!

Not sure why we just turned into a grizzled old Forty-Niner. We'll just cut to the chase:

So, here we have our mystery man decked out in his red suspenders, White Pride badge, and Nazi insignia. Along side we have the following:

Malcolm Ross, a Christie client and former teacher notable for his denial of the Holocaust and general douchbaggery.

Michelle Erstikaitis, Bernardo fan the Crown recently sought to declare a dangerous offender, and a Paulie project (much to the chagrin of his fellow travellers) but one we didn't think he was still associated with.

Marc Lemire, who's associations we've well documented here.

Oh Marc.... the company you keep.

Thanks for the tip C.L.

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