Saturday, April 13, 2013

London, Ontario: Today's Bonehead March in Perspective

They had been planning this for a while (goodness knows they had to make up for the disaster that happened last year) and though we expected it soon, we didn't know when it was going to happen. But today, Max Hynes and others associated with the Southern Ontario Skinheads (as well as Paul Fromm) held a march and rally in London, Ontario.

But there were not any dramatic confrontations despite the claims of the boneheads they would, "smash" the anti-racists next time they met.

As one of our friends noted, they decided to keep the march and rally a secret, then rallied in front of a closed government building and empty street while most people were at home eating dinner. And all the while, most had their faces covered.

"White Pride" indeed.


Anonymous said...

So that's who the boneheads are? My god are they ugly. And no wonder they're losing.

Anonymous said...

I love how Max gathered all "skinheads" who are the same size as him. haha. MIDGET POWER!
He should just stop it, it's all for attention, nothing else. I do think it's hilarious that he kept it a secret though, and didn't even have the balls to have the "march" on it's proper date, March 21st.

Anonymous said...

These pictures gave me a good laugh. Notice how Max always runs up on front of everyone and tries to make himself look bigger?